Bachelor's in Communication

How to Communicate Effectively in the Hybrid Workplace

Organizations that previously relied on traditional communication methods must adapt to support both virtual and on-site collaboration. Innovative companies are using communication strategies that are more effective in remote and blended work environments. Now more than ever, business leaders need to understand the importance of strategic communication and hire graduates with expertise in hybrid workplace communication. How Do Employers Communicate Effectively in the Hybrid Workplace? With so many companies switching to hybrid work models, organizations are becoming more strategic about their communication tactics. Experts say that merely calling for “more communication” falls short in organizations that struggle to understand the underlying challenges […]

How to Boost Employee Morale

Employee attrition rates climb when morale is low and leaves many companies wondering how to boost employee morale. Experts say that effective communication between employers and employees is one of the most important tools for boosting morale, which in turn improves productivity and employee job satisfaction. Effective leaders need to have a strong background and experience in strategic communication to promote these changes in their organizations. What Is Employee Morale, and Why Is It Important? Employee morale refers to the motivation of a group of workers to reliably pursue shared goals. Employees with high morale have an upbeat attitude at […]

Maryville Professor Named a “4 Under 40 Emerging Marketing Leader” by American Marketing Association

Dr. Dustin York, an associate professor of communication at Maryville University, has been named an American Marketing Association (AMA) Foundation 4 Under 40 Emerging Leaders Award winner for 2022. The award celebrates individuals who are impacting the profession and have the potential to shape the future of the marketing industry. “I feel so lucky to be in an industry that continues to ignite my curiosity,” said York. “Whether it be new marketing strategies on TikTok, branding in the metaverse or storytelling through influencers, I’m really just a big kid asking way too many questions who gets excited to share what’s […]

Navigating Social Media Trends: Benefits of Influencer Marketing

While influencer marketing may seem like a new trend born of Instagram, Kardashians, and TikTok dancing, it’s actually an ancient practice. Champion Roman gladiators endorsed products, and the British royal family has allowed its suppliers of goods and services the use of certain royal imagery to indicate the sovereign’s favor since the 15th century. Looking to others for recommendations on what to buy, eat, wear, read, and watch is human nature. Today’s influencers are more than just trusted friends and coworkers; they’re expected to represent a $13.8 billion market in 2021, according to Influencer Marketing Hub (IMH). Integrating influencers into […]

What Is Mainstream Media?

Tables of Contents What is considered mainstream media?What are the different types of media?What is alternative media?Mainstream media vs. alternative media In today’s multifaceted media environment, exactly what is mainstream media? Until about the early 2000s, mainstream media, which simply refers to where most Americans get their news, generally included a person’s local newspaper, local TV affiliate, and one of three national broadcast news programs. Nowadays, the media landscape is more complex. It has broadened from traditional news sources (print, TV, and radio) to video, AM/FM radio, podcasts, satellite radio, and social media. It also now includes news producers and […]

Maryville Online Bachelor’s in Communication Information Session

This recorded webinar provides an overview of the online Bachelor’s in Communication program at Maryville University. This includes: An overview of the program including curriculum informationThe Maryville Online learning and student experienceAdmission and tuition informationQ&A with faculty and an enrollment advisor going over questions such as: How intense is the workload? What are some examples of the latest client-based projects? How often do industry certificates change within the curriculum? What happens if my GPA is below the minimum requirement? Transcript Jessica Sa’d: Here is what we will cover in today’s session. First we will introduce the speakers and share a little […]

How Technology Has Changed Communication

Since the earliest applications of the printing press, journalists have used the written word to share news about political affairs and public interests, reports of war and corruption, comics, editorials, obituaries, classifieds, and horoscopes. In time, newspapers evolved into a medium that enlightened, educated, and entertained. Johannes Gutenberg’s printing press of the 15th century laid the blueprint for printing technologies for hundreds of years, but the love affair with and thirst for news in print have been gradually changing since the 19th century, and as the ways we consume news have evolved, so has the public’s relationship with the media. […]

How to Start a Social Media Marketing Agency

Tables of Contents Starting a Social Media Marketing AgencyManaging a Social Media Marketing TeamSocial Media Management StrategiesSocial Media Manager ToolsWriting an Effective Social Media Management ProposalEstablishing Fair Social Media Management PricingMarketing for the 21st Century Social media is a convenient way for people to connect with each other and share thoughts and ideas. For marketers, the concept represents a gold mine for potential customer engagement opportunities, and with good reason. There were roughly 3.04 billion active social media users worldwide in 2019.The average user spends about two hours on social media every day.Ninety percent of these users connect with brands […]

6 Media Planning Strategies to Grow your Marketing Efforts

Tables of Contents What Is Media Planning?Media Planning StrategiesSteps to Developing a Media PlanMedia Planning vs. Media BuyingMedia Planning and Marketing You’ve probably heard it before: “The medium is the message.” But who said it? Why does it matter in the world of media planning? The declaration comes from Chapter 1 of Canadian communications scientist Marshall McLuhan’s 1964 book, Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man. McLuhan helped illuminate the power of language, images, and the mode of message delivery to influence human thought and behavior. Marketers and professional communicators must know how to harness that power to deliver messages to […]

Choosing a Career Path: Communication vs. Business Degree

The worlds of business and communication are clearly intertwined, often occupying complementary roles. People with a background in business have knowledge of marketing and statistics, as well as a strong grasp of financial forecasts and cash flow. Communication professionals may examine the results of business initiatives and relay that information both internally and externally. These two different sides of business operations require different skills on a daily basis, though teams in either discipline often collaborate on communications and messaging to drive the overall success of a business. The path to a communication career differs from that to the business world; […]