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Guide to Small Business Grants in Missouri

Types of Small Business Grants The main grant types in the U.S. are federal, state, local, and corporate. These grants often focus on a specific group of people or industry or are general funds awarded through a contest. Sometimes grants are only offered once, but they are often awarded annually. Federal grants come directly from the U.S. government. They may be given to a state, region, or county that will then choose individuals to award. These grants may also be awarded directly to an individual or business. For some federal grants, only nonprofit or community-run organizations are eligible, so it’s […]

IT vs. OT: Differences and Similarities

Technology has transformed nearly every aspect of our society — everyday communications, how and where we work, and the way products are made. In the digital age, developing and implementing technology has become a top priority for businesses of all sizes in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. For example, as of 2021, an estimated 90% of companies used some type of cloud service. This trend of maximizing technology is expected to continue for the foreseeable future across nearly every kind of organization and industry. Today, interest in information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) is growing. Both fields are helping businesses […]

Startup vs. Small Business: What are the Differences?

If you asked someone the definition of entrepreneurship, you’d likely get a range of answers. For many, entrepreneurship means innovation or being your own boss, while for others it defines a rebellious attitude toward blazing a new path in the business landscape. However, at its core, entrepreneurship is the act of creating, owning, and marketing an idea, a product, or a service while taking on the risks and benefits of carving out a potential new business. Entrepreneurs typically form a small business or startup to begin their business ventures, each with unique attributes. Those seeking advanced business degrees need to […]

How to Reenter the Workforce: Moms Going Back to Work

Reentering the workforce after a long absence can be particularly difficult for women who took time off for motherhood. The longstanding challenges that hinder women in the workforce even before they have children are augmented with new issues revolving around getting hired after a long work gap. Because of this, mothers seeking a return to work need to build a solid strategy to overcome these unique roadblocks and get back to work with full confidence. To learn more about how to reenter the workforce, check out the infographic below, created by Maryville University’s online Master of Business Administration program. The […]

Brand Engagement Guide for Your Business

The six steps of brand engagement.

Tables of Contents What Is Brand Engagement?Brand Engagement Examples That Help Promote BusinessesHow to Build Brand EngagementBrand Engagement Marketing TacticsHow to Measure Brand EngagementThe Importance of Brand Engagement for Your Business A company’s success depends on the quality of its products or services, its customer base, and its sales and marketing strategy. A well-executed marketing strategy that includes brand engagement can be highly effective at winning repeat business and bringing in new customers. How does brand engagement work? Brand engagement invites customers to interact with a company or its products via social media and other forms of communication. It’s a […]

MSF vs. MBA: Differences in Degrees

As you prepare to enter the business world, earning an advanced degree can be highly advantageous. Not only will an advanced education equip you with the skills and expertise you need to succeed in your chosen field, but it can also help you develop an expansive professional network. Ultimately, advanced business degrees can provide you with a major competitive advantage throughout your career, helping you compete for more prestigious positions and command higher salaries. What Is an MBA Degree? The Master of Business Administration is an advanced degree that provides both theoretical and practical training for those who wish to […]

Entrepreneur vs. Intrapreneur

Tables of Contents Business Owner vs. EmployeeSuccess or Failure: Who’s More at Risk?Critical Role in Economic GrowthWhat Is Entrepreneurship?Principles of EntrepreneurshipLaunching a CompanyExamples of EntrepreneurshipWhat Is Intrapreneurship?Moderate Risk vs. Reward Almost every company in business today was started by someone who saw a market for a product or service and launched an enterprise to fill that need. While not every new business idea is innovative or industry changing, the entrepreneurial spirit driving new businesses is a marker of a healthy economy. Nowadays, the title of entrepreneur — and its counterpart, intrapreneur — is specifically assigned to business leaders who take […]

Global Supply Chain Management: Effects from a Pandemic

Tables of Contents What Is Global Supply Chain Management?Global Supply Chain Issues Caused by the PandemicGlobal Supply Chain ExamplesGlobal Supply Chain Management in a Post-Pandemic EconomyThe Skills Managers Will Need to Thrive in Tomorrow’s Economy The global supply chain helps make manufacturers and industries more efficient and profitable by reducing costs and encouraging businesses to expand into international markets. The goal of global supply chain management is to ensure that the international networks of manufacturers, vendors, warehouses, transportation companies, distributors, and retailers operate smoothly. An important element of that goal for business managers is to mitigate the risks entailed in […]

MHA vs. MBA: Which Is Right for You?

A strong leader can make a world of difference in any business or organization. However, learning how to become one can be challenging, requiring the foundational knowledge and practical skills to take on the job. MHA: Master of Health Administration Overview An advanced degree ideal for candidates interested in healthcare administration careers, an MHA prepares graduates to handle the day-to-day operations of medical facilities and make a positive impact through careers in healthcare policy. With opportunities to work in a variety of institutions, from medical facilities to private or public practices, in community clinics or government agencies, MHA graduates can […]

Versatile Management Development: Executive MBA vs. MBA

The speed at which businesses can grow and diversify in the 21st century is incredible. An entrepreneur can launch a startup in January, have a product on the market within months, and go international shortly thereafter. In that time, the entrepreneur could secure funding, hire an entire staff, and turn the startup into a profitable company. Within two years, that company could have several C-suite executives and a team of directors, managers, and other staff members overseeing business functions. Navigating that kind of growth requires education and experience. Business professionals who want to meet the challenges of development often find […]