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Online Math Tools for Students

Students take mathematics classes from the time they begin elementary school through their general education courses in college, if not longer. If students need additional math instruction, it is essential for them to receive help, whether through tutoring or other resources. Math tools offered through a variety of online resources can be particularly helpful. With schools continuing to offer online instruction in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, online math tools may be even more important. Different tools are designed for students at various ages and stages in their education. Online math tools cover a range of subjects and are designed […]

Calculating Your Next Move: Mathematician vs. Physicist Careers

For millennia, humanity’s brightest minds have contemplated the nature of the universe. Over time, the concept of scientific thought came into being, with societies all over the world making major contributions to the fields of biology, chemistry, economics, anatomy, astronomy, history, and beyond. Those major areas of study have multiplied into countless subfields, each with scientists dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and advancement of humankind. But none of it –– those scientific fields, the great thinkers, or history itself –– would exist without the fundamental laws of the universe, the physics that drive interactions between every molecule, quark, atom, […]

Actuary vs. Underwriter: Using Math to Manage Risk

Insurance is a necessary part of life. With car, health, vacation, home, and life insurance all available, it’s hard to avoid purchasing it in some form. Most of us can’t afford major unexpected costs, such as emergency surgery, so insurance companies exist to pool money and payout to those who need it. Yet, insurance companies are for-profit businesses that must ensure the money they bring in will cover any payouts they make. Two types of professionals who help insurance companies determine whom to cover and for how much are actuaries and insurance underwriters. They figure out what a policy is […]

Behind the Numbers: Mathematics vs. Economics Degree

The influence of mathematics and economics is wide-ranging, often changing companies and even entire industries. If you love working with numbers, are data-driven, and enjoy finding creative solutions to real-world problems, either professional path may prove rewarding. Mathematics and economics degrees overlap in many ways that students may find exciting. In fact, many economic theories stem from mathematical models. While each of these important disciplines emphasizes data collection, analysis, and solutions-driven applications, there are some vital points where these two degrees — and their corresponding careers — diverge. If you are comparing a mathematics vs. economics degree, you should understand […]

Guide for Women in Mathematics: History, Scholarships, and Career Potential

Tables of Contents History of Women in MathematicsFamous Women in MathWomen of Color in MathematicsScholarships for Women in MathIncrease of Women in Math and Science Careers The accomplishments of men have historically dominated the conversation in the field of mathematics. The disparity isn’t as pronounced as it once was, but the fact remains that even today, women in mathematics remain radically underrepresented. The 2016 film “Hidden Figures” tells the story of the African American women whose math skills helped propel the U.S. into space in the 1960s. It says a lot that it took more than 50 years for their […]

Business Analyst vs. Financial Analyst

The business and financial world continues to grow every day. Large corporations merge with others, acquiring new workers, systems, and revenue streams. New companies enter existing markets, potentially affecting the value and direction of their rivals. Stock markets fluctuate second by second as a result of interactions with one another or global events. Corporations employ skilled specialists in many different fields. Such specialists include business analysts and financial analysts who help determine a company’s future, but what’s the difference between a business analyst and a financial analyst? Business analysts and financial analysts help organizations gain a greater understanding of operations, […]

Business Analyst vs. Data Scientist

Big data is at the forefront of discussions concerning business performance. While it isn’t a cure-all for a business’s woes, the proper use of analytics can help a company understand its customers’ needs and meet them efficiently. Business analysts and data scientists are both crucial to turning a company’s data into useful, actionable advice. These professions share similarities and differences, and individuals interested in a career in data should have a solid grasp of each before choosing to invest time and effort in one. What Is a Business Analyst? Business analysts use data to bridge the gap between information technology […]

What Is the Difference Between Content Standards and Process Standards for Math?

Mathematics isn’t just knowing that one plus one equals two. It means understanding why that’s true. To mathematicians –– and those in related fields, such as engineering and computer science –– numbers and equations contain a lot of meaning that those with untrained eyes might not be able to see. There are those who believe that our ability to process and understand math is innate; some of us are “math people,” and others are not. However, the way that elementary, middle and high school educators teach mathematics can make a difference in students’ ability to understand and process math. Teaching […]

Inspiring a Love for Numbers: Qualities of a Good Math Teacher

A middle school class is struggling with percentages and adding decimals. The teacher has tried explaining the concept in different ways, such as modeling it and using tools in class to demonstrate it visually, with limited success. The next step in explaining these complex ideas is making the concept relevant to the real world, so the teacher plans a field trip to a local restaurant. The students enjoy a meal together, and then the learning happens. When the bills arrive, the teacher explains how to calculate a tip in percentages, and then the students practice calculating their own tips and […]