Bachelor’s in Liberal Studies

From Blogs to Books: Exploring the Versatile Careers in Writing

Some people claim that technology is destroying the role of the writer in modern society. However, as technology evolves and online writing becomes more prominent, many versatile careers in writing continue to surface. The role of writing is no longer confined to pen and paper; careers in writing now range from authoring books to creating blogs. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there were over 123,000 jobs for U.S. writers and authors in 2018. Writers can work for a variety of industries and present their written words through a variety of mediums. They can take their careers in […]

Future Education Technology: How Digital Trends Are Shaping Teaching

Technology has rapidly changed every facet of our society, including the education industry. Today students grow up with internet-connected devices at home and in the classroom, which changes the way they learn. Future education technology will transform learning by giving teachers and students a variety of new tools to work with. While the future of education will be driven in large part by technology, ensuring the new teaching tools are put to use most effectively requires a new generation of educators who appreciate the importance of human interaction in educational settings. A liberal studies degree from Maryville University can lead […]

Trends and Skills for the Future of Research

Technological advancements have made it easier than ever for organizations to access large amounts of data. However, with this information overload comes the challenge of managing, analyzing, and reporting on the data. Organizations are increasingly relying on professional researchers and research analysts to turn these large amounts of data into information they can use to make strategic decisions that will positively impact business operations. Career Outlook for Researchers Career opportunities in the research field are diverse and span a variety of industries. A social science researcher may focus on areas like healthcare and unemployment, conducting interviews and surveys to collect […]

Bachelor’s in Communication & Bachelor’s in Liberal Studies Information Session

Transcript Angelica: Hello everyone, welcome to the Communication and Liberal Studies webinar. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to participate. My name is Angelica Frias, and I will be your moderator for today. Angelica: Before we begin, I have a few logistics that I want to cover. First, you are in listen-only mode, so the presentation is being broadcast through your speakers to avoid any background noise. Angelica: Second, please feel free to ask questions as we go. You can do so by typing into the Q&A box at the left side of your screen at […]