Master's in Speech-Language Pathology

Receptive Language Disorder Strategies to Improve Speech

Table of Contents What Is Receptive Language? How Do You Identify Receptive Language Disorder? Strategies to Improve Receptive Language Disorder Receptive Language Activities What Types of Receptive Language Therapy Exist?  Be Proactive in Addressing Receptive Language Disorder Children are born ready to learn a language — and, by age 5, most people can easily express themselves and understand others. However, for people with language disorders, communicating with others is a challenge that can lead to difficulties at school and work, during social interactions, and in overall well-being. One type of language impairment is receptive language disorder. Receptive language is the […]

Typical vs. Atypical Disfluencies: What Are the Differences?

Table of Contents What Are Speech Disfluencies? Typical vs. Atypical DisfluenciesTypes of Speech DisfluenciesAssessment and Treatment of Typical and Atypical DisfluenciesResources for Addressing Disfluencies and Fluency Disorders Fluency in speech refers to how smoothly someone forms sounds, words, and phrases when communicating. Maintaining a high level of fluency is crucial to conveying one’s thoughts and needs clearly when speaking. That makes speech fluency an important part of social and professional interactions. However, sometimes people have disfluencies, or nonfluencies, in their speech, such as adding pauses, sounds, or words, or repeating themselves. These disfluencies are common, particularly for young children who […]

Benefits of a Certificate Program

Students take an average of 52 months to complete a bachelor’s degree program in the United States, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. For professionals striving to stay current in their fields or seeking a career pivot, completing a certificate program can be a faster, more efficient way to gain the requisite knowledge and skills compared with a traditional degree program. As education changes, the professional landscape must evolve to keep up. Consider the benefits of a certificate program, such as flexibility and stackability, and learn why more students are opting to earn online certificates in place of, […]

Audiologist vs. Speech-Language Pathologist: Two Approaches to Communication Treatment

The complexity of our communication is one major aspect that separates human beings from the animal kingdom. We’re not the only species to interact with one another using sounds, facial expressions, and gestures, but humans communicate with complexity, using thousands of spoken languages, each containing thousands of unique words and sounds. We even can communicate in sign languages that rely on hand motions and facial expressions. When people can’t communicate with each other, it can be a frustrating experience. Audiologists and speech-language pathologists focus on communication challenges — helping people manage and overcome disorders that affect how they interact with […]