What Perseverance Means to Me

By Lexy Vreeland Well, we made it to 2021. I think if we learned anything in this last year it’s perseverance. Life has a way of testing us. Just when things seem to hard or impossible, we find a way to overcome and grow. To me perseverance is the ability keep moving forward, even when times get tough. I believe personal growth occurs during tough times and times of adversity. The path to my goals has not always been easy, but I persevered. Goal setting becomes very important during times of hardship — it’s the cliché “light at the end of […]

Build a New Home for Yourself Through Education

By Stephanie Marchetti In more than a decade working in higher education, I’ve always told my students that an education is one of the few things in life no one can ever take away from you. Earning a degree, no matter the level, has the power to instantly change your life. Your degree will not just offer you career opportunities, but also a sense of pride and empowerment that few other things in life can grant. Your degree does not just show that you have mastered a field, but it also expresses the power of your determination, the strength of […]

Getting Higher Goals in Higher Learning

By Stephanie Marchetti Over the past dozen or so years that I have been employed in higher education, I have always worked to build strong lines of communication with my colleagues. This became increasingly important as I refined my career goals toward a college presidency position, because it keeps me in the loop with important topics throughout each area of the institution. On a daily basis, I make sure to respond quickly to requests from outside offices and check in with colleagues who may have events or workshops coming up to see how I can assist in their programming or with advertising their programming. On a weekly basis, I […]

Fitness Tips to Improve Mood, Focus, and Overall Mental Health

By Lexy Vreeland Stress levels are at an all-time high in 2020, because, well … it’s 2020! In addition to the environmental stressors that are out there, we also face our own personal struggles and stressors. I am currently transitioning from being an ICU nurse to an emergency room behavioral health nurse while also studying in the psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner program. I am so excited about my new position and being a graduate student, but man, can it get stressful. I manage this stress through exercise and dedicating time to being active. A healthy way to lose the stress and find clarity I have learned that taking care of my mental health improves […]

Finding motivation and purpose through Maryville Online

By Lexy Vreeland A “why” serves as a beacon of light, guiding you toward your dreams and success. Establishing your why will help guide you through difficult times. My why stems from my childhood. I always admired my mother (who is also a nurse) and her passion for the nursing profession. The care she showed for her patients was contagious, and I never considered another profession. I knew that nursing was my calling. What I didn’t know as I was completing my undergraduate program was my love for psychology. I grew up helping my parents care for my autistic brother, […]

Moving forward in your career takes focus, determination, and education

By Greg Hampton As working professionals, we know there are many different methods for self-improvement. If we want to get in better shape, we start working out, and if we want to enhance our cultural experiences, we can travel. But what can you do to grow in your career? I returned to school to not only enhance my professional career, but to also take on different responsibilities within my organization and explore different career opportunities. After spending the past 13 years in sales, I always wanted to dig deeper with the data we collected and help further our corporate analytics. Doing this I realized my team could be more […]