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Understand the numbers That drive the business

In business, success is measured in numbers — revenue growth, stock price, and expenses. That’s why accounting professionals who are able to evaluate and understand these numbers form the foundation of business.

With Maryville University, you can learn to be that foundation. Our online Bachelor of Science in Accounting program can help you develop the skills, gain the experience, and build the expertise you need to analyze and ensure financial stability in any industry.

Online Bachelor's in Accounting Program Highlights

Study 100% online with
no residencies required

Benefit from three early access courses, available to qualifying students and designed to apply toward a master’s in accounting degree

apply with no SAT or ACT scores

Benefit from a continuously
updated curriculum informed by professional leaders

Join a school ranked among the nation’s top universities (U.S. News & World Report) and on the "Top Colleges" list by Forbes for the past three years

Prepare for your Certified Public Accountant exam

Why choose Maryville for your Online Bachelor's in Accounting Degree?

Maryville University has a longstanding tradition of academic excellence that is woven into every aspect of the school, including our online programs. Our online bachelor’s degree in accounting is designed to help you develop a strategic blend of business and accounting skills to prepare for the field’s present and future. Maryville’s online BS in Accounting is ideal for ethical, analytical, and ambitious students intrigued by accounting, regardless of prior experience. If you’re ready to make your debut in accounting or advance your skills beyond your current level, we’re ready for you.

Accounting Career Opportunities

Business is always changing, but one constant is the need for expert accounting professionals. Due to the continuous demand, 142,400 new auditing and accounting jobs are expected to open between 2014 and 2024, an above-average growth rate of 11% (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). That translates to 142,400 opportunities. Our online accounting degree can open pathways to a wide variety of accounting jobs*, including:

Accountant and Auditor

  • Median Salary: $67,190
  • Number of Jobs: 1,332,700
  • Ranking: #3 in Best Business Jobs

Budget Analyst

  • Median Salary: $71,590
  • Number of Jobs: 60,800
  • Ranking: #5 in Highest Paying, Fastest Growing Jobs by Forbes

Financial Advisor

  • Median Salary: $89,160
  • Number of Jobs: 249,400
  • Ranking: #4 in Best Business Jobs

Financial Analyst

  • Median Salary: $80,310
  • Number of Jobs: 277,600
  • Ranking#13 in Best Business Jobs

Financial Manager

  • Median Salary: $117,990
  • Number of Jobs: 555,900
  • Ranking: #10 in Best Business Jobs
* U.S. News & World Report

See Your Accounting Degree and Skills Pay Off

In 2013, the U.S. accounting, tax preparation, and payroll services industry produced approximately $137 billion in revenue. By 2018, this industry is expected to generate $160 billion (U.S. Census Bureau). With our online Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree, you can take part in this multibillion-dollar industry and reap the benefits of your expertise. The demand for well-versed accountants means that those possessing the right skills and mindset are compensated appropriately. While financial jobs in general earn more than many other career paths, certain accounting roles have even higher ROIs. Financial managers are ranked No. 24 among the highest-paying jobs by Business Insider. Even with competitive salaries dominating the accounting field, starting salaries are projected to increase by 4.7% in 2016 (Robert Half, 2016 Salary Guide).

Direct Pathway to Expertise

A bachelor’s degree in accounting is a great way to start your career in accounting, but there are more options for students interested in adding additional skills to their toolbox. If you’re interested in becoming a real master of the accounting field, a professional degree could be your next step. Pursuing an advanced degree beyond the bachelor’s level demonstrates expertise and commitment to the accounting discipline and can increase your salary significantly.

Accounting professionals holding a master’s degree earn 37% more than bachelor’s degree holders*

Only 24% of accounting professionals with a bachelor’s degree pursued a graduate degree*

Median salary for master’s degree holders: $86,310*

Median salary for bachelor’s degree holders: $52,900**

*Georgetown University Salary Survey **NACE Salary Survey

What Does That Mean For You?

Our Bachelor of Science in Accounting is uniquely positioned to prepare you for your graduate degree, no matter your educational background. With three early access courses, qualifying students can apply up to nine credit hours toward a master’s in accounting degree with Maryville University. Students with a bachelor’s-level education in a non-accounting field complete a bridge program designed to help them make the switch. The online Master of Science in Accounting is a great opportunity to further specialize your career and increase your salary, all without disrupting your personal and professional life.

Bachelor of Science in Accounting Curriculum

With new financial laws and regulations in place, skilled accounting professionals are needed more than ever. At Maryville University, we offer online accounting programs designed for industry changes and demand. With flexible and industry-relevant coursework, our Bachelor of Science in Accounting online program can help you build your business acumen alongside strategic accounting and financial skills.

All students must complete the general education curriculum, major coursework, and any additional electives to meet the 128 credit hours requirement. Transfer credits earned from regionally accredited institutions are accepted based on individual evaluation.

Undergraduate students must satisfy the general education requirements and earn at least half of their required credits with Maryville.

* 60 credit hours required from a four-year institution

ISYS 100 Computer Applications 3 credits
BUS 150 Business Communications 3 credits
ACCT 210 Financial Accounting 3 credits
ACCT 211 Managerial Accounting 1 3 credits
ECON 201 Macroeconomics 2 3 credits
ECON 202 Microeconomics 3 credits
ISYS 241 Business Statistics 3 credits
BUS 280 Business Law 3 credits
MGMT 321 Principles of Managment 3 credits
MKT 360 Principles of Marketing 3 credits
FIN 312 Principles of Finance 3 credits
BUS 314 Operations Management 3 credits
BUS 491 Business Policies 3 credits
ACCT 310 Forensic Accounting I 3 credits
ACCT 318 Financial Reporting I 3 credits
ACCT 319 Financial Reporting II 3 credits
ACCT 409 Advanced Managerial Accounting 3 credits
ACCT 415 Accounting Information Systems 3 credits
ACCT 423 Auditing 3 credits
ACCT 413 Individual Income Tax 3 credits
ACCT 491 Accounting Theory 3 credits
EA1** Early Access Accounting Course 1 3 credits
EA2** Early Access Accounting Course 2 3 credits
EA3** Early Access Accounting Course 3 3 credits

**Qualifying students may apply early access courses toward a graduate-level degree. Accounting electives are also available to satisfy total credit hour requirements.

Total 128 Credit Hours

Accounting Accreditation and honors

Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission

Maryville University is a Military Friendly® School

The John E. Simon School of Business is accredited by the ACBSP