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Online MBA (No GMAT)

Open for Business. Designed for You.

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Why choose Maryville for your online MBA?

Maryville takes a different approach to the MBA. Our courses are rooted in reality, not just research. Our instructors are passionate about teaching and advancing your career — not theirs. Everything about our program is designed to help you redefine your role in today’s workplace. If you’re ready to take the next step, we’re open for business.

  • Completion in as little as 1 year
  • No GMAT or GRE
  • 9 concentrations
  • 6 start times per year
  • 100% online
  • No required business experience
  • No application fee
  • Placed in the Top 15% in the nation for "Economic Value" - Educate to Career
  • Made the Forbes "Top Colleges" list for the past three years
  • Ranked a "Best National University" and "Best College for Veterans" - U.S. News & World Report
  • Listed as a "Best College Values 2017" school by Kiplinger's
  • Accredited by ACBSP and NCA

The Maryville Online MBA is Designed for you To:

Earn an MBA in as little as 12 months*

Nine Concentrations To separate yourself from the competition, think beyond your choice of concentration. We did. That's why five of our concentrations are designed to help prepare you for additional certification opportunities in your field of study. The more specialized you become, the more you can distinguish your talent.


Prepare for your CPA.


Prepare for advanced certifications such as the Security+, EnCase Certified Examiner (EnCE), Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), and Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

Financial Services

Complete a Series 7 preparation course.

Human Resources Management

Prepare for your Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR).

Project Management

Prepare for your Project Management Professional (PMP) credential.

General Management

Choose three courses from any concentration to customize your MBA.

Health Administration

Study health care operations, medical law, ethics, risk management, and population health management.

Information Technology

Study consumer behavior, interactive marketing, international marketing, advertising, and promotion.

*The general MBA program, without choosing a concentration, can be completed in as little as one year

The business world is all about connections. So is our MBA.

Why choose our student-centered MBA program? One reason is that we're focused on building your industry connections. The John E. Simon School of Business and the faculty of our online MBA program cultivate partnerships with companies from around the world in every business sector. Our connections improve your networking opportunities. They also ensure our program is addressing industry needs.

A Few of Our Business Partners
  • Ameren
  • Boeing
  • Centene
  • Centric Group
  • Edward Jones
  • Express Scripts
  • Maritz
  • Mercy
  • Rawlings
  • Scottrade
  • SSM
  • Suddenlink

Does an MBA pay off?

Average MBA graduates receive a salary increase of 36% from their employer, 70% through a new job offer, or 84% from their internship company, according to a 2012 survey by the Graduate Management Admission Council. With our online MBA program offering a one-year completion time, you can recoup financial costs faster than with many other programs.

Calculate the ROI of Your MBA at Maryville

Many students base their selection of an MBA program on price or prestige. We think you should focus on ROI. Our tuition is $27,300. That's a wise investment for the substantial opportunities that could come your way next. Take into consideration your pre-MBA salary, and then calculate your potential lifetime earnings with your MBA. Take a look at some of the top salary outcomes below and imagine what a specialized MBA credential can do to promote you in the future:

Top Salaries for MBA Graduates According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics


Financial Analyst


Financial Manager


Human Resources

HR Specialist


HR Manager



Marketing Specialist


Marketing Manager



Administrative Services Manager


Medical & Health Services Manager



Accountants and Auditors


What can you do with your MBA?

What is an MBA? Irrespective of the industry, an MBA is the standard qualifier for management, leadership, and advancement opportunities. In 2014, approximately 25.4%** of all master's degrees conferred were in business. Today's organizations expect that top applicants, potential managers, and leaders will have an MBA. Earning an MBA is a smart business move on your part.

According to the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) 2012 Survey:

Top 3 Reasons to Pursue an MBA:

  1. Increase your job opportunities
  2. Develop business knowledge, skills and abilities
  3. Increase your salary potential

Top Industries for MBA Graduates:

  • Energy and Utilities
  • Health Care or Pharmaceuticals
  • Consulting
  • Finance or Accounting


  • Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Government or Nonprofit
  • Products and Services

** According to the U.S. Department of Education National Center for Education Statistics


You can complete your online MBA in as little as one year. Start at the time that's right for you by choosing one of six admission points. Explore the courses for each of our nine concentrations below and develop specialized knowledge in your area of expertise.

Admission Prerequisite:

Eight Core Courses (24 credit hours):

This course focuses on legal issues relating to business relationships. The social and ethical duties of business are studied within the legal context. Analysis and evaluation are applied to legal problems to develop and understand the philosophies underlying the legal rules and regulations controlling business activity.

Accounting Concentration (12 credit hours):

Cybersecurity Concentration (12 credit hours):

Financial Services Concentration (12 credit hours):

Healthcare Management Concentration (12 credit hours):

Human Resources Management Concentration (12 credit hours):

Information Technology Concentration (12 credit hours):

Management Concentration (12 credit hours):

Marketing Concentration (12 credit hours):

Project Management Concentration (12 credit hours):

General MBA (9 credit hours):

Capstone (3 credit hours):

Maryville University's Online MBA Admission Requirements

Our business model is simple. We designed our MBA program to give open access to highly motivated individuals. That's why there are no GRE or GMAT entrance exam requirements and no application fee. You can start classes at a time that's right for you by choosing one of six admission points during the year. If you're ready to put in the work, we're ready to help you stand out. Admission Requirements