The Maryville ApproachThe Maryville ApproachThe Maryville Approach

Maryville does online learning differently. We operate with the belief that students in our online programs expect the same level of academic excellence that Maryville has offered since 1872: a students-first focus, intimate classes where professors know your name, and hands-on learning that helps you achieve your career goals.

Our secret to disrupting education for almost 150 years is straightforward: We’ve never departed from these values. And when you enroll as a Maryville Online student, you can count on us staying true to what has worked so well for so long. If you’re brave enough to pursue your online degree,  we want to help you succeed.

Let’s be brave together.

What Makes Maryville Different?

We look past the status quo.

In these fast-moving times, you never know how much the world can change between applying for a degree program and graduating. That’s why Maryville Online is future-focused: to prepare you for the world that is coming. We partner with top businesses, such as Boeing and Edward Jones, to develop programs for jobs that don’t yet exist — but are waiting around the corner.

We keep students front and center.

Core to our values is maintaining a student-focused environment that puts your needs first. That means developing an online platform that considers the goals and convenience of our students before anything else. It means designing courses that deliver practical and experiential learning that will transfer directly to your time on the job. It means building and promoting an educational experience that provides you with the flexibility to live your life, with a hassle-free application process and support every step of the way in your academic journey.

We believe you deserve credit for work you’ve already done.

We know students enter our programs with various types of educational backgrounds, and we believe you deserve credit for what you’ve already accomplished. That’s why we designed our programs to be transfer credit friendly. Whether you’re transferring from a community college, moving to a new city, juggling personal and professional obligations, or seeking a fresh start, it’s our goal to streamline the process for transfer students to help you earn your degree and achieve your career goals.

We believe earning a degree should be a step toward your dreams.

Too many degree programs offer you credentials that lack any real connection to the job market, or are taught by instructors without strong ties to the industry you want to join. If you’re pursuing your online degree, you likely already know where you want to go in your career, and you want a degree that will provide the real-world skills to get you there.

At Maryville, each of our online programs comprises requirements, assignments, lessons, and opportunities designed to improve your job prospects. Our programs often include real-world projects and components that give you direct and relevant experience in your preferred career field. These experiences may include participating in internships, working with real clients, developing a portfolio to bring to job interviews, and a capstone experience.

Our Experiential Approach to Online Learning

Maryville’s commitment to experiential learning — providing the opportunity to learn by doing — impacts every aspect of a student’s time in our online program. When you earn your online degree with us, you’ll have the opportunity to benefit from a number of career-oriented educational experiences.

Photo of Nicole Diel

“Our curriculum is designed to allow you to consider your skill set and apply it to real-life settings, in real-world environments.”

— Nicole Diel, Recruitment Manager

Depending on the degree you choose to pursue, here’s a sample of some of the opportunities you might expect:

  • Immersive coursework: Our classes integrate professional perspectives into course syllabi to ensure that students can put theory into real-world context.
  • Student-managed client work: Students get to tackle real client projects by applying the lessons they’re learning in class.
  • Expansive professional portfolios: Students can compile the best work they produce throughout the program into a valuable collection to bring to job interviews.
  • Robust research opportunities: Students can perform extensive research in professional fields.
  • Internship or practicum: Participants gain real-world experience and a jump-start on resume building before they graduate.
  • Rewarding capstone experience: This culminating project enables students to identify a pressing question or challenge in their desired field and think creatively about how to solve it, with step-by-step guidance from their instructors.

Student Spotlight

When we brought our top-rated, student-centered programs online, we had the goal of making high-quality education available to any student brave enough to pursue it, regardless of location or circumstance.

Since then, we’ve helped thousands of students achieve their educational goals and change their lives. Check out what just a few of them have to say:

“The one-on-one attention that you get from your professors is amazing.”

 Jonathan Gray, Bachelor’s in Management Information Systems Alum

“I never felt lost in the system. I do think that going through the MBA program really opened my mind to different career opportunities.”

— Beth Winkeler, MBA Alum

“I started at another institution, which was a PhD program. It didn’t quite fit my lifestyle and where I was in life. Then I learned about Maryville’s cohort model — the fact that it was a shorter program, more focused, more intense — and it’s been the best educational experience of my life.”

— Dobbie HerrionOnline EdD Graduate

“Maryville’s online FNP program made it possible for me to reach a goal that I have had for many years, without having to sacrifice my job.”

– Kendra N. Hall, Online MSN-Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Alum

Maryville’s Commitment to Our Students

Our outcomes-focused approach means our students can feel confident from the moment they enroll that we are on the same page as they are in terms of what constitutes a successful outcome. We want to help you accomplish more than just earning your degree. We want to empower you to put that degree to use in a vibrant, promising, and important career. We’re not succeeding unless you’re succeeding — so let’s do this together.

Be Brave

Bring us your ambition and we’ll guide you along a personalized path to a quality education that’s designed to change your life.