Maryville University’s online Bachelor of Social Work Program Earns CSWE Accreditation

ST. LOUIS (April 18, 2023) — Maryville University today announced that its online Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree program has received accreditation from the Council of Social Work Education (CSWE). As the sole accrediting body for social work programs in the United States, accreditation from the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) Commission on Accreditation (COA) allows BSW graduates to apply for advanced degrees and licensures. In addition to future BSW graduates being recognized as graduating from an accredited program, the accreditation also is applied retroactively for students who entered or graduated from the program during its 2020 candidacy period. […]

Opportunity Gap in Higher Education

The opportunity gap in education refers to the way that capable students become derailed from their educational pathways through factors outside of their control. In addition to forces outside the school system itself — such as student socioeconomic barriers and family turmoil — higher education routinely fails students who, if given the right support, would have the ability to attain the educational and career achievements they aspire to. Maryville University President Dr. Mark Lombardi views higher education as an industry in crisis — but also as one ready for an “access and opportunity revolution.” Universities need to do more to […]

Data Analytics in Higher Education

In a university setting, data analytics is a largely untapped source of value for students, professors, and companies looking to hire and train graduates. Given its immense potential, data analytics in higher education plays a central role in the vision of creating a student-centered learning environment at Maryville University. The term “data analytics” is suddenly everywhere, but what does it mean? And why is it crucial for student-centered universities to embrace it? Data analytics is an expertise dedicated to examining data to find trends and draw insights. It’s an emerging field capable of revolutionizing healthcare, business, and even higher education […]

Maryville University is focused on the future with its latest tech-focused online programs in Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain

Beginning Fall 2022 Maryville University to Offer Credentials in Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. Additional credentials will be offered to create deep tech-focused educational options for students interested in high-demand computer science careers. Monday, May 16, 2022 — Maryville University is launching three new high-tech online academic programs for the fall 2022 semester. All three credentials are geared toward preparing learners to design, implement, operate and maintain tools and technologies that will impact the future of businesses and organizations across industries. The programs are: Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Fundamentals of AI Undergraduate Certificate in Blockchain […]

Maryville University and Monster Worldwide Reveal New Data on Upskilling and Reskilling Needs In The Workforce

In collaboration with Monster Worldwide, Maryville University is releasing new data from Monster Worldwide’s 2022 Future of Work poll, and a Maryville University poll conducted among active students and pending graduates. Amid the fast paced and ever-changing work environment, upskilling and reskilling to meet the shifting demands of the professional world is top of mind for both employers and employees alike. New insights from polls conducted by both Monster and Maryville illuminate the massive need for significant skill-based learning options for job seekers and employers. To learn more, check out the infographic below created by Maryville University and Monster Worldwide. Upskilling […]

Dr. Lombardi at SXSW Edu 2022: Access and Opportunity in Higher Education

His presentation, “Access and Opportunity in Higher Education,” will cover Dr. Lombardi’s vision of a revolutionized higher education model. In a discussion on topics like building stronger communities for students (both on campus and online), leveraging technology that enables them to learn where and how they prefer, and streamlining administrative processes through AI and blockchain, Dr. Lombardi takes more cues from startups and Amazon than from the Ivy League. Throughout the session, Dr. Lombardi will explore a “New University” model post-pandemic, which centers around personalized technology-centric learning services to drive effectiveness and align outcomes with industry and commercial interests. This […]

PanelPicker voting has begun for SXSW Edu 2022: Cast your vote for Maryville

SXSW EDU 2022 is one of the most influential conferences for educational thought leadership and innovation. Maryville University President Dr. Mark Lombardi is in the running to host a panel at this prestigious event. Now you can help decide if he gets the opportunity. PanelPicker voting for SXSW 2022 is underway, and we need your help. We’re excited to have Dr. Lombardi lead our panel discussion, and your vote can help him shine a spotlight on the future of personalized learning. In his discussion, titled “Is College Worth It? A University President’s Take on How to Close the Student Dissatisfaction […]

Maryville University prepares students for tomorrow’s careers with its new tech-focused online certificates

With huge growth projected across most computer science fields, the university offers students a quick and convenient way to build the skills and knowledge these future-forward industries require. Maryville University is launching nine new technology-centered online certificate programs to help students prepare for some of the most in-demand and lucrative career opportunities on the market. These standalone credentials represent a parallel path for students who aren’t necessarily seeking a full college degree but want to upskill, reskill or advance in their careers. “We’ve spoken with employers and employees across industries, and it’s clear that the workforce is changing,” says Jennifer Yukna, PhD, Dean […]

Check out our new online degree programs coming this fall

Being brave just got even easier. Starting in the fall of 2020, Maryville University will be offering several new, fully online undergraduate degree programs, giving students even more opportunities to have a positive impact on their world and achieve their career goals. We developed these programs to help meet the need for qualified professionals in exciting, rapidly growing fields. Graduates will be able to pursue a wide range of career paths, so whether you’re aspiring to help create a more sustainable future, innovate in computers and tech, or help people lead healthier lives, your Maryville degree can help turn your […]

An Interview with Professor Suzanne Jones

“That’s something I hear from all students: that faculty at Maryville are available. Students don’t send a message and then never hear back ― they get responses really fast.”   Maryville University has always been different from other schools. In fact, we’ve been challenging the status quo in education for nearly 150 years. But what is it that makes us unique? We sat down with Suzanne Jones, an adjunct professor in our psychology department, to discuss what makes Maryville’s online programs perfectly suited to accommodate our students. She says the key that makes our programs so tuned in to the […]