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What Are Soulbound Tokens?

While the idea of a digital currency may seem simple, “crypto” and the blockchain infrastructure are about more than digital dollars. A digital currency is built on a network dispersed over many computers on a digital registry known as a blockchain. Like blockchain-based currencies, nonfungible tokens (NFTs) are entries onto the blockchain that act as representations of a physical or digital asset. Each NFT has a unique identification, making it unable to be replicated. Cryptocurrencies are now commonly used to pay for goods and services. Similarly, ownership of an NFT, even if it represents a replicable digital item such as a video or […]

How to Build a UX Portfolio

In the digital age, the first point of customer contact isn’t usually with the physical storefront of a business, it’s with the company’s website. Engaging with a business online prior to making purchasing decisions has become the standard for most potential customers. About 78% of adults in the U.S. shopped online in 2020, according to market and consumer data provider Statista. Companies that want to keep visitors engaged — and convert website traffic into sales — rely on the experience users have on their websites. For UX designers trying to land freelance or permanent positions, it’s not just their resumes […]

6 Types of Engineers: What They Do, Outlook, and Salary

Table of Contents What Are the 6 Types of Engineers?  Chemical EngineerCivil EngineerElectrical EngineerMechanical EngineerAerospace EngineerProduction EngineerOther Types of Engineering CareersPreparing for a Career in Engineering Engineering is part of everyday life — from the cars we drive to the water we drink. Engineers around the globe design, develop, and maintain the technologies and systems that drive modern society. Cellphones, bridges, agricultural equipment, and household appliances are just a few examples of products that were conceived of and designed by engineering professionals. Students interested in working in an industry that’s driven by design and innovation — such as chemical engineering, […]

Cyber Terrorism: What It Is and How It’s Evolved

The 10 most wanted cyber criminals on the FBI list.

Tables of Contents What is cyber terrorism?History of cyber terrorismExamples of cyber terrorismEffects of cyber terrorism on businesses and individualsCyber terrorism prevention tipsJoining forces to combat the growing cyber terrorism threat In May 2021, gasoline supplies to the East Coast of the United States were reduced by 45%, causing cars to line up for blocks to fill their tanks. The cause: a cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline that carried gas and other fuels to the East Coast from Texas. The attack was traced to the international ransomware group DarkSide, as the Guardian reports. In June 2021, meat supplies were threatened by a ransomware attack on meat […]

Guide for Women in Computer Science: History, Roles, and Resources

A programmer tests code.

Women such as Ada Lovelace, the English mathematician often recognized as the first programmer in history, and Katherine Johnson, whose calculations helped ensure safe NASA space missions, have played a critical role in advancing computer science. More recently, leaders such as YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki and IBM CEO Ginni Rometty continue to drive technological innovation. The achievements of these and other women throughout history have pushed the boundaries of computer science. But significant disparities remain between men and women in the field. Paying homage to women who have made significant contributions to computer science is a critical first step in […]

How Blockchain Is Used in Education

Tables of Contents How is blockchain used to keep student records?Blockchain and a digital student diplomaUsing blockchain for university curriculaBlockchain’s role in lowering education costsBlockchain in university researchChallenges to using blockchain in educationExploring the role of blockchain in educationA way to streamline education Blockchain is most commonly associated with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Data entered on a blockchain is stored in blocks that are linked together in chronological order, making tracing the data’s origins and verifying its authenticity relatively easy. These features, in addition to its decentralized nature, have led to the technology being embraced across several industries, most notably […]

Computer Science vs. Electrical Engineering: Exploring the Difference

Society’s reliance on computers and electronics has never been more apparent. Whether we’re using GPS to find a new restaurant or taking a class via Zoom, technology is omnipresent in our lives. Careers that rely on and develop that technology, such as computer science and electrical engineering, impact a range of fields, from healthcare and manufacturing to finance and the arts. However, while computer science and electrical engineering roles are similar in some aspects, including the use of programming and mathematics, their work is very different. Definitions: Computer science vs. electrical engineering Computer science and electrical engineering are both rooted […]

The Role of Blockchain Technology in the Sports Industry

The sports world was just waiting for data analytics to come along. Teams long sat on a trove of statistics that measured player performance, but available analytical tools revealed little knowledge. Now, sophisticated data analysis methods have enabled teams to exploit data in new and far-reaching ways, changing how sports are played and coached and how teams operate. The new tools, which computer scientists and data analysts provide, enable teams to extract meaningful information to improve on-field performance, get a more accurate picture of player value, and expand strategic alternatives on the field and in the front office. Teams want […]

Big Data in Education

Big data is a term that is used to describe the large and continuously growing sets of data being collected by all types of organizations. Scientists and engineers use quantitative and qualitative approaches to extract, analyze, and structure this data to gain insights that enable leaders to make better decisions. Those insights allow organizations to predict tendencies, learn people’s behavior, and develop new solutions that deliver improvements. Big data in education can help universities and colleges transform their business models, students’ academic outcomes, and professors’ effectiveness. Additionally, insights derived from big data can help educational institutions improve their technology systems. […]

Designing Our Daily Lives: Computer Science vs. Mechanical Engineering

Science and math are at the core of every creation — from the world’s tallest buildings to the latest video game. The design, development, and invention of the most innovative digital and physical products and services come from computer science and engineering. As technology advances, there are more and more opportunities for new developments through the application of computer and engineering fundamentals. The professionals behind these evolving fields are computer scientists and mechanical engineers. While these two fields might encompass different job titles, each discipline requires distinct skills and education, though they both involve a passion for science and math. […]