Bachelor's in Accounting

History of Accounting: How It’s Evolved Over Time

Tables of Contents History of AccountingHistory of Financial AccountingHistory of Forensic AccountingModern Accounting MethodsHistory of Accounting TimelineAccounting: From Clay Tablets to Computers Accounting has come a long way from its infancy, both in its practices and in the ways that it’s helped shape society. Accounting’s earliest days may have come 12,000 years ago, when people likely traded resources while primarily surviving by hunting animals and gathering fruit. By comparison, accounting today involves various electronic processes and is responsible for billions of dollars in sales. The Business Research Company reports that the market size of the global accounting services industry was nearly $588 billion in […]

Cryptocurrency for Accounting: Keeping up with the Future

Tables of Contents What is cryptocurrency?The rapid evolution of cryptocurrencyCryptocurrency accounting: How we account for cryptocurrenciesCryptocurrency bookkeeping: How is it different?The future of cryptocurrency accounting Since the first Bitcoin transaction in 2009, the cryptocurrency market has exploded. Over a decade later, the cryptocurrency market is valued at more than $2 trillion, with around 4,000 different cryptocurrencies. Industries such as healthcare and government have adopted blockchain, the computing technology that validates and secures cryptocurrency, to secure their data. As cryptocurrency becomes a common option for transactions and investments, the accounting profession needs to understand cryptocurrency and how these assets are classified […]

Uses of Data Analytics in Accounting and Finance

Tables of Contents The role of data analytics in accounting and financeBig data in accountingBig data in financeApplications of big data analytics in financeData mining in accountingAccounting and data scienceHow accounting data analytics benefits accountants Since their inception, the accounting and finance industries have proven their worth to businesses by delivering new forms of value, whether through higher revenue or more efficient operations. No technology offers more promise for delivering innovative sources of value to businesses than advanced data analytics. In particular, the use of data analytics in accounting and finance has been a major factor in boosting profitability and […]

Tax Planning Strategies: Tips, Steps, and Resources for Planning

Taxes are a necessity. Just as you wouldn’t want to overspend on other necessities like food and housing, you don’t want to spend any more than you have to in taxes. The key to frugal shopping is to conduct research and have a spending plan. The same goes for minimizing your tax bill. Tax planning strategies are made more important by the tax code’s complexity. First-time taxpayers may struggle to understand unfamiliar areas such as liabilities, deductions, and financial solutions for protecting assets and saving for the future. Fortunately, a little time spent devising tax planning strategies offers many benefits […]

Accounting Matters: CPA vs. Accountant

Every business, no matter how big or small, needs to stay on top of its finances. Profit and loss sheets, or P&Ls, are basic summaries of the money that businesses obtain and spend, but financial records can become much more complex. Even small companies have multifaceted investments and revenue streams. They often also have debts and other considerations, all of which frequently require a financial professional to manage. Accountants and CPAs Defined All CPAs are accountants, but not all accountants are CPAs. CPAs are accountants who have gone through special training, certification, and licensure to be able to file tax […]

Bachelor’s in Finance and Bachelor’s in Accounting Information Session

Transcript Kyle Brown:  All right, everyone. I think we can get started. Before we begin, I just want to go over a couple of items and just hit a couple of points. First off, participants are in listen-only mode, so if you have any questions throughout the webinar, you can feel free to type into the question and answer box, and we’ll try to address them on the fly, or certainly at the end of the presentation we’ll have a full question and answer session and we can circle back to them. We will also send out a link to […]

Business Careers

There are many dimensions to business and commerce. At any scale, successfully operating a business requires a diverse group of educated professionals who have the knowledge necessary to take their organization to the next level. As such, there are a range of different business degrees that professionals can earn in order to elevate their expertise. Before pursuing one, aspiring business students should determine which will lead them to rewarding business careers that match their personal and professional goals. Human Resources Specialist Human resources specialists are responsible for recruiting and hiring employees for organizations, which makes them important assets in any […]

Going Back to School for Accounting: Advance in Your Career

Accounting is an important aspect of running a business, big or small. It is often considered the language of business, providing a measure of how well a company is doing. Both for-profit companies and nonprofit organizations can benefit from accountants to help make their operations more cost-effective, manage their budgets, and provide financial reporting. If you’re thinking about going back to school for accounting, you’re setting yourself up for potential success in a variety of industries. An online master’s in accounting can provide you with the educational foundation to develop your career in many different directions. Why go back to […]

Blockchain – the Future of Accounting

For students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, keeping a finger on the pulse of the industry is key to future success. One important factor driving change in the accounting industry is technology, from cloud computing to automated accounting, blockchain and more. Blockchain is specifically poised to create enormous change in the accounting industry. What is Blockchain? A blockchain is a public ledger that is transparent, constantly updated, and nearly impossible to alter via unauthorized means. It is decentralized, aggregating and authenticating every transaction from anywhere in the world. Why Blockchain Matters Blockchain has the potential to make disruptive […]

An interview with Maryville University’s Somer Anderson on the online Bachelor of Science in Accounting

With nearly 7,000 enrolled students across all 50 states and 55 countries, Maryville University in St. Louis has become a prominent destination for higher education. However, not all students need to be on campus to go to class. Maryville offers a number of online programs as part of its 90-plus degrees, and today, online learning is as valuable and desirable as on-campus courses. As interest in online degrees grows, so too do the questions from prospective students. To shed some light on distance learning at Maryville, let’s look at the 100% online Bachelor of Science in Accounting (BSACC) program and […]