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Data Science vs. Data Analytics: Understanding the Differences

As more organizations recognize the need to understand and manage the data they produce, demand for data scientists and data analysts continues to grow. Students who are interested in a career that makes use of data modeling, statistics, programming, and other analytical skills have likely seen data science bachelor degree online and job listings that focus on data science or data analytics. However, while the data science and data analytics fields both involve working with and manipulating data, they are not interchangeable. When it comes to data science vs. data analytics, what are the differences, and how can a student choose the […]

Interpreting Analyst Careers: Comparing Business and Data Analysts

For students with an aptitude for numbers, a love of digging into data to discover patterns, and the ability to recognize trends that others miss, a data-related degree may be a worthwhile pursuit on the path to a career as a business analyst or a data analyst. Business analysts use data to help companies make the best decisions for efficiency and returns. While data analysts may work for businesses, they don’t necessarily bring a business perspective to their work; instead, they gather, analyze, and share data, leaving the resulting decision-making to others. Let’s unpack some other differences between a business […]

Machine Learning Engineer vs. Data Scientist: Which Option Is for You?

Today’s business world is increasingly data-driven, with modern companies turning to large volumes of digital information to support corporate operations and guide decision-making. Amazon, for example, offers a compelling example of how data can be used to successfully target consumers — and maximize sales. The company pioneered the use of so-called recommendation engines, which suggest products to shoppers based on their purchase and browsing history, as well as on purchases made by others with similar buying histories. It’s thanks in some part to such cutting-edge and profit-maximizing innovations that Amazon has become the success it is today. The recommendation engines spearheaded […]

Data Science Degree vs. Statistics Degree: Analyzing the Difference

Data rules the modern world. It’s collected everywhere and used in countless applications, from recommending products to online shoppers to suggesting the next binge-worthy Netflix series. Companies, governments, and organizations use data to drive critical decisions, and they depend on it to make informed decisions about future investments, product development, and improved systems and services. Data science and statistics both help make these decisions easier. Data Science Degree Overview Data science degrees focus on data analysis, machine learning, statistical theory, and advanced programming skills. These programs teach students how to create new forms of data modeling and data processes. Students […]

Actuary vs. Financial Analyst: Crunching the Job Numbers

Modern computers have immense processing power. They can run algorithms that contain millions of data sets, produce complicated results as spreadsheets or 3-D graphics, and simplify the most complex information. But no matter how powerful computers may be or how intelligent their calculations become, human interpretation remains important. There is still the need for educated, trained individuals who can analyze data-focused information and understand its real-world impact. Actuaries and financial analysts are two professions that are at the heart of data interpretation. Both careers rely on smart, analytical problem-solving with a background in data and statistics. Let’s learn more about […]

Careers in the Digital Age: Actuary vs. Data Scientist

From a non-specialist’s point of view, distinguishing between an actuary and a data scientist can be difficult. Both rely on in-depth data processing. The results that both generate are used to better understand the present and predict future circumstances. Even given their commonalities, these two professions exist as distinct specialties, each with their own career paths and requirements. What Does an Actuary Do? Actuaries are common in any field that relies heavily on risk management. An actuary uses statistics and mathematics to determine the risk level of a particular prospect or circumstance. Assessing risk is an integral part of many […]

Careers in Data: Data Analyst, Scientist, vs Engineer Professions

The amount of data we produce daily grows each year. According to Forbes, in 2018, we generated 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day, through millions upon millions of social media posts, news stories, financial transactions, and more. As corporations become more entrenched in data, they increasingly rely on data professionals to help them analyze it so they can use it to make crucial decisions. There are several key types of professionals who do this work. Data analysts, data engineers, and data scientists make a major impact in various industries. They all love numbers, analytics, and problem-solving but apply their […]

5 Winning Data-Driven Marketing Strategies

Tables of Contents What Is Data-Driven Marketing?5 Data-Driven Marketing StrategiesWhat Do Marketers Use to Analyze Big Data?Data-Driven Marketing BenefitsHow to Use Data-Driven Insights Ads permeate all media channels, causing people to pay for ad blockers and subscribe to ad-free services. However, consumers still respond favorably to some ads, and marketing and advertising budgets continue to grow, albeit more slowly than in the past. The key is to know which ads and ad channels will click with the consumers that the marketing campaign is targeting. To achieve this goal, advertisers apply data-driven marketing strategies that reach a campaign’s intended audience with […]

SQL Guide for Beginner Data Scientists and Developers

Tables of Contents What Is SQL? What Are Common SQL Commands? What Are SQL Data Types? SQL Careers The Importance of SQL to Data Scientists and Developers Businesses thrive by making good decisions based on relevant, up-to-date information about market and industry trends, competitors, and partners. One of the main ways companies access business intelligence to help them make those decisions is by extracting data from databases using the Structured Query Language (SQL, pronounced “sequel”). This SQL guide presents the language as the primary tool for querying databases to generate the reports that business managers rely on to make decisions. […]

Making a Positive Impact: How Data Science is Being Used for Social Good

When people hear the term “data science,” they think of how insight from data analytics is being used to create new technologies, target ads to consumers, and maximize profits and sales in business. However, data science and analytics can serve another purpose – one that sparks social good. To learn more, check out the infographic below created by Maryville University’s data science bachelor degree online program. What is Data Science for Social Good? All types of organizations can use data for social good. Nonprofit organizations have a particularly strong interest in getting the most out of their data. What is “Data […]