Master's in Nursing

Why Dual Certifications Are Growing: Demand and Benefits

It’s no  wonder a large number of registered nurses (RNs) are looking to advance into nurse practitioner (NP) roles. Nurse practitioner ranks as the No. 1 best healthcare job and the No. 2 best overall job on the U.S. News and World Report’s 100 Best Jobs of 2023 list due to strong demand, high salaries, and above-average job satisfaction. To become an NP, nurses need to select a specialization area and then obtain certification to practice in that area. Many NPs choose to earn a second certification in a different area of focus, which can offer even greater opportunities for […]

Halfway to the Top: Career Advancement for Mid-level Employees

Perhaps you remember your first job, working in the food industry, retail, or as an assistant in an office. Maybe you worked during high school or college, or started your first entry-level job after graduating. As the working world is growing more competitive, many entry-level jobs are starting to require a college degree and some type of work experience. The process of beginning a career as an entry-level employee and working up in the field by gaining experience usually takes a good amount of time. Most professionals work between 25 and 40 years, so mid-career points vary. The U.S. Bureau […]

Best Master’s Degrees for the Future: Planning Ahead

Master’s degrees can provide professionals with a competitive edge over their peers. However, the reasons to invest in a master’s go beyond landing that senior-level role or getting a nice boost in pay. A graduate education enriches a professional’s career by providing the knowledge and skills to fully embrace the challenges inherent in unique, rewarding job opportunities. It also can prepare individuals to be a trusted, authoritative voice in their respective industries. Best Graduate Degrees for the Future A graduate degree does more than prepare you for a career: it can turn you into a game changer whose knowledge and […]