Financial Analyst vs Accountant

A business’s finances are often complex. Even small businesses have multiple revenue streams, different employees to pay, bills to manage, and taxes to file. While entrepreneurs and other business executives might be competent in many business disciplines, managing finances often falls to a team of specialists. It takes a special education to be able to navigate legal guidelines, bookkeeping, and investment decisions. Financial analysts and accountants know how to track, evaluate, and understand intricate financial landscapes. Though they serve different functions, similarities in their educational backgrounds and skills tie them together. Continue reading to learn more about financial analysts vs. […]

Career Guide for College Students with Disabilities

Finding a career after graduating college can be a daunting prospect for many students, but it can be especially challenging for students with disabilities. Students with physical or emotional disabilities may face greater challenges, including: Discriminatory hiring practicesFear of disclosing disabilities during the application or interviewing process for a jobInadequate education regarding disability rightsLack of career counseling or mentors As a result, recent graduates with disabilities are approximately 40% less likely to find employment after graduation than those without disabilities, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Career counselors can help students throughout each stage of the job application and interview […]