Online Certificate in Fundamentals of Artificial IntelligenceOnline Certificate in Fundamentals of Artificial IntelligenceOnline Certificate in Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence

Start building a real world powered by artificial intelligence

Want to know the future of commerce, entertainment, and media? It’s already here. Tools and technologies in the field of artificial intelligence are becoming not just desirable but essential to modern-day operations. A recent survey by machine intelligence firm Appen found that 62% of businesses surveyed reported an AI budget of more than half a million dollars, with almost 10% investing $5 million or more in AI.*

Such a large focus on artificial intelligence means businesses will need qualified professionals in the field. With your 100% online Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence from Maryville, you can build the foundational skills to meet that demand. In just five classes (15 credit hours), you can build your proficiency in areas like mathematics for AI, Python, machine learning, and ethics as you prepare to start a new career in AI — or move up in your current one.

*Appen, “The State of AI and Machine Learning”

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Apply with no GRE or application fee and choose from 3 start dates.

Access 100% online coursework with no campus visits required.

Finish your professional certificate in just 5 classes.

Build real-world skills in a collaborative, project-based curriculum.

Complete for-credit coursework that you can apply toward a future master’s degree

Learn to use in-demand tools like R, Python, C++, Amazon Web Services, and Google Colaboratory.

Why earn your online professional certificate in fundamentals of artificial intelligence?

Maryville University has a longstanding reputation of innovation and future-focused learning in higher-level education. We designed our online AI fundamentals certificate to meet your needs — and to address changing employer expectations. Education isn’t a one-size-fits-all experience, and if you want to upskill quickly, your post-bachelor’s certificate may be a more appropriate credential than a graduate degree.

Our fundamentals in AI certificate program helps you develop practical, real-world experience and knowledge you can apply dynamically to your career. Not only that, but the 100% online format means you can study whenever you want and wherever you have an internet connection. We welcome learners from all backgrounds, but you may benefit from previous experience in areas like business, computer science, data science, machine learning, or software development.

With your 100% online Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence, you can take advantage of a growing need for people with skills in the field: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that demand for computer and information research scientists — a field that includes AI experts — will grow by about 22% between 2020 and 2030, nearly three times the average for all careers.* Prepare to answer the call and fill the need for AI practitioners.

*U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Computer and Information Research Scientists”

Want to go further in your artificial intelligence education?

Do you already have the fundamentals down? We’ve got you covered. In fact, we offer several options for learners who may already know the basics of artificial intelligence. If you’re looking for a higher-level program to help you advance in your education and career, consider one of these 100% online graduate-level options we offer:

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence

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Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Advanced Artificial Intelligence (Coming in fall 2023)

If you complete your fundamentals of AI and advanced AI certificates then decide to pursue further education, we offer a streamlined path toward earning your graduate degree. Our professional certificates are for-credit, meaning you can apply the coursework you completed toward a master’s in artificial intelligence. Then, complete your full degree in just two additional classes, significantly lowering your time to completion.

Flexible, affordable, and highly personalized

Study on your schedule. Access 100% online coursework with no campus visits required.

Benefit from streamlined admission. Apply with no entrance exams or fees and choose from 3 start dates.

Get personalized support. Take advantage of personalized counseling, 24/7 technical support, and many other resources to help you thrive and maximize your education.

Gain real-world experience. Complete project-based coursework and explore practical challenges and issues in a collaborative, outcomes-focused environment.

Learn from leaders in artificial intelligence. Engage with dedicated expert faculty who help connect the curriculum and their experience to actual industry scenarios.

Pursue further education. Apply the credits you earn from your certificate to a future master’s degree and finish more quickly.

What are some of the top trends in artificial intelligence?

With your professional certificate in fundamentals of AI, you can build the foundational skills to pursue roles and opportunities across many different sectors. Employers, tech developers, and innovators understand how valuable AI skills are, and as the field evolves, their potential importance and usefulness will only increase. Here are some trends that could shape the future of this exciting field:

Growing interest and investment in AI from businesses in many sectors

Development in virtual and augmented reality spaces, including the metaverse

Enhanced focus on AI in cybersecurity measures

Focus on AI-controlled technology like roboticsdrones, and driverless vehicles

Emphasis on ethical implementation and use of AI and data

Voice and language as focal points for AI

Addressing the impending talent shortage of AI professionals

What can you do with an online artificial intelligence certificate?

Whether you’re looking for a way to break into a tech-forward, future-focused field or hoping to advance in your current career, your online post-bachelor’s certificate in fundamentals of artificial intelligence can help you learn what you need to achieve your goals.

This technology has potential uses and applications across a wide range of industries in areas like business, commerce, entertainment, media, learning, and social interaction, and employers are ready to invest. The International Data Corporation projects the global market for AI solutions could grow by 18.8% in 2022 and exceed half a trillion dollars by 2024.*

We designed our online Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Fundamentals of AI to help you prepare to push boundaries and explore the endless opportunities available in this growing field. With your online AI certificate, you can:

  • Learn the skills to become a practitioner of cutting-edge techniques and technologies relating to artificial intelligence and data science.
  • Understand and explore applications of artificial intelligence and other disciplines across many industries and businesses.
  • Develop independent learning and research skills to support a love of lifelong learning.
  • Become a responsible steward of data and an ethical artificial intelligence practitioner.

*International Data Corporation, “Worldwide Semiannual Artificial Intelligence Tracker”

Top careers in artificial intelligence

  • AI analyst
  • AI data scientist
  • AI developer
  • AI engineer
  • AI interaction designer
  • AI solutions architect
  • Computer and information research scientist
  • Cloud solutions engineer
  • Data analyst/curator/engineer
  • Digital knowledge manager
  • Intelligence designer
  • Machine learning engineer/data scientist
  • Natural language processing (NLP) specialist
  • Robotics analyst/engineer

You can work in a variety of settings, including:

  • Colleges and universities
  • Communication and data firms
  • Government agencies
  • Financial companies and firms
  • Insurance agencies
  • Large corporations
  • Manufacturing firms
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Security companies
  • Small businesses
  • Technology firms

What’s the market outlook for online professional certificate in artificial intelligence graduates?

Businesses stand to invest heavily in AI.

In 2021, businesses worldwide invested $342 billion in AI solutions.* Artificial intelligence is already a priority for many businesses, but that commitment to the field — and the AI professionals who make it work — is only going to grow in the coming years.

Businesses are investing in AI like never before, and that means there’s plenty of opportunity. It’s part of the reason the AI practitioner role was featured among LinkedIn’s 2021 list of “Jobs on the Rise.”** Your AI professional certificate can help you build the skills to take advantage of the field’s explosive growth.

*International Data Corporation, “Worldwide Semiannual Artificial Intelligence Tracker”

**LinkedIn, “LinkedIn Jobs on the Rise: 15 opportunities that are in demand and hiring now”

Employers face a shortage of qualified AI talent.

The AI field is set to expand rapidly in the coming years. But employers face a potential talent shortage. Projections show that there may not be enough qualified, educated AI professionals to fill all the positions that become available. That isn’t just a problem for staffing, but for the field as a whole — the talent shortage could hamper innovation and even pose risks in areas like cybersecurity and national security.*

Our goal is to help you meet that demand — so you can thrive in a growing and lucrative field. While salaries vary depending on location and experience, your fundamentals in artificial intelligence professional certificate can help you qualify for financially rewarding jobs like AI analyst ($108,777)**AI engineer ($164,769)**natural language processor ($123,974)**, and computer and information research scientist ($126,830)†.

*The Hill, “The reality of America’s AI talent shortages”

**Mean salary based on data compiled by for 2022

†Median salary based on data compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for 2020

Discover a rewarding career that extends beyond tech.

Artificial intelligence can be as emotionally rewarding a field as it is financially. Some of the fields that could benefit the most from your skills as an AI practitioner include security, healthcare, and even environmental sustainability, meaning you can pursue a career that gives you the chance to make a real impact. In fact, the UN reports that about 93% of its stated environmental goals can be impacted or achieved with AI solutions.*

At Maryville, our program can help you prepare for this side of AI. Our professional certificate curriculum even features a course on AI ethics, so you can learn to build, deploy, and operate this powerful technology responsibly. That will be important going forward: Most or all AI practitioners will likely be required to have an understanding of responsible and ethical use of AI by 2023.**

*, “Can AI Help Achieve Environmental Sustainability?”

**Gartner, “Gartner Identifies Four Trends Driving Near-Term Artificial Intelligence Innovation”

Why choose Maryville University’s online fundamentals in artificial intelligence certificate?

At Maryville, our goal is to help you prepare for today’s state-of-the-art careers — and for careers that don’t even exist yet. We understand that the best way to accomplish this is through practical, project-based coursework. Here, you can participate in collaborative, hands-on learning that is highly relevant to the field of AI. Our program focuses on areas of personal, professional, and educational development like technical expertise, problem-solving, and implementing AI in society.

Maryville is a leader in tech-forward, future-focused education. We designed our online post-bachelor’s certificate in fundamentals of AI to help you develop and operate artificial intelligence and machine learning tools, apply critical thinking and leadership skills, and build your proficiency in tools like R, Python, C++, Amazon Web Services, and Google Colaboratory.

At Maryville University, we know you’re brave, and we’ve got your back. We’re here for you from application through graduation — and beyond. We believe student outcomes are the only true measurement of a university’s success, so we’re focused on being in your corner to ensure you get what you need to maximize your educational experience and your career potential. We do it because it works:

98% of our online master’s graduates report positive career outcomes within six months of graduation.

With Maryville Online’s professional certificate in AI fundamentals, you can:

Earn a streamlined credential that can help you build your foundation in AI in less than a year.

Build your advanced skill set and prepare for careers in AI through a real-world, project-based curriculum.

Learn in a collaborative environment with expert faculty who can help connect classroom theory with what you’ll see in the real world.

Benefit from a dedicated student support advisor from application through graduation.

Access your coursework 100% online and on your time through Canvas, our intuitive, easy-to-use online learning platform, with technical support available 24/7. As you build your skills in artificial intelligence, you can easily connect with classmates, colleagues, and professors at your convenience through discussion boards, emails, and other collaborative environments.

Maryville University was founded in 1872 and has been dedicated to providing accessible, top-quality education ever since. We have a demonstrated, 150-year history of service to and care for our students, and we judge our success by yours. We’re proud of our reputation for quality academics and affordability, because it demonstrates our devotion to meeting the highest possible standards in data science education.

We’re continually recognized for excellence:

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Online Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence curriculum

Our online post-bachelor’s certificate is designed to give you a streamlined path toward your career goals in artificial intelligence. The project-based curriculum allows you to learn by doing, so you can build practical skills to apply to your current career or prepare for your future. Best of all, you can earn your professional certificate in fundamentals of AI 100% online in about 1 year.

Our curriculum comprises five classes (15 credit hours) that cover the basics of artificial intelligence, as well as vital areas of knowledge and in-demand skills. The central class, Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence, helps you build your foundation in concepts like history of AI, logic, game theory, search algorithms, knowledge representation, and automated planning. Then, other classes feature more in-depth discussions in areas like:

  • Mathematics for artificial intelligence
  • Python programming
  • Machine learning
  • Ethics in artificial intelligence

Core Courses (15 credit hours)

  • This course provides students with the necessary mathematical background to understand algorithms encountered in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and related fields. Topics covered include probability theory, statistics, calculus, calculus, linear algebra, and optimization.

  • This course covers data types, statements, expressions, control flow, top Python core libraries (NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, and Seaborn) and modeling libraries (Statsmodels and Scikit-learn). Project based learning is used to help students develop effective problem solving skills and effective collaboration skills. Note: This course is for graduate students only. Related Courses: DSCI 303

  • This course provides an introduction to machine learning. Topics include: supervised learning; machine learning algorithms; learning theory; reinforcement learning and adaptive control; neural networks, and applications of machine learning to data mining, autonomous navigation and web data processing. Note: This course is for graduate students only. Related Courses: DSCI 408

  • This course provides an introduction to the field of Artificial Intelligence. Topics covered may include, but are not limited to: History of Artificial Intelligence, logic, game theory, search algorithms, knowledge representation, and automated planning. Prerequisite: DSCI 503

  • This course introduces students to a range of potential ethical issues related to the current and future use of artificial intelligence. Topics discussed will include the role of artificial intelligence in society, as well as the use of artificial intelligence in areas such as manufacturing, finance, healthcare, government, and law enforcement.

Students who complete the Fundamentals of AI and Advanced AI certificates can take an additional 6 credit hours of courses to earn the M.S. in Artificial Intelligence degree.

A student who completes two or more post-baccalaureate certificates in Machine Learning, Big Data, or Artificial Intelligence may apply some courses toward the requirements of multiple certificates. However, at least 9 credit hours of coursework leading toward the completion of any certificate must be used solely to meet the requirements of that particular certificate.

All course requirements for completion of either certificate must be completed within two years of enrollment into the certificate program.

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What comes next in your AI education?

Once you complete your certificate in AI fundamentals, you can choose to apply your knowledge in a career in the field, or you can pursue further education. If you choose the latter option, Maryville University can help you complete the next step more quickly.

We offer two AI credentials more advanced than the fundamentals in AI certificate. Both can be completed 100% online: Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Advanced Artificial Intelligence (Coming in fall 2023) and Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence.

You can complete the advanced AI certificate in just four additional classes (12 credit hours), adding many more in-depth and in-demand skills to your portfolio. Then, if you decide to take the next step and dive deeper in your AI education, you can apply the credits you’ve earned and complete your master’s in artificial intelligence in just two additional classes instead of the standard 11 courses. That means you can potentially complete your master’s degree in just one additional academic term.

Whatever you decide, we’re here to help you from application through graduation and beyond.

Learn more about the online data science certificate at Maryville University.

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