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Online Master of Science in Cyber Security

When we're not stopping cyber breakthroughs, we're starting yours.

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Expert-level cyber security professionals are at a premium as public and private sector budgets soar to keep cybercrime at bay. Top dollar investment demands top talent, and now is the perfect time to capitalize on the global need for experts.

Our online M.S. in Cyber Security can help you reach areas of the industry a bachelor’s degree typically can’t, such as management and even the C-suite. Develop your technical abilities in burgeoning areas like cloud security and mobile forensics. Round out your repertoire with business concepts essential for leadership roles.

Maryville’s M.S. in Cyber Security at a glance:

Why choose Maryville for your cyber security master’s?

Your success going forward depends on details and decisions. We’re uniquely prepared to help you learn the technical intricacies of cyber security and turn them into strategies that protect precious data. The Maryville Virtual Lab is a course delivery system that doubles as a virtual training ground. From any device, anywhere, you can hone your skills in a safe and protected environment. It’s literally practice for the professional world. Our faculty members know the industry’s highest expectations because they’ve seen them firsthand in their positions in Fortune 500 companies and the FBI. Most of our faculty members still work actively in cyber security, which helps us keep a fluid line of communication open with the marketplace. The dedication to help you elevate your career, from security analyst to network architect or IS engineer to chief security officer, is what makes this program more than a set of courses.

Gain more than incentives. Gain influence.

The International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts that “by 2018, fully 75% of chief security officers and chief information security officers will report directly to the CEO, not the CIO.” Our program is part of the John E. Simon College of Business to prepare you for the changing role of cyber security professionals within business. Aspire to sit shoulder to shoulder with top decision-makers. Make your cyber security strategies an integral part of business strategy.

  • 48% Sign-on bonus
  • 48% Pay for relocation
  • 28% Free medical/dental insurance
  • 20% Company paid mobile or car plan
  • 13% Unlimited vacation

What can I do with a master’s in
cyber security?

According to technology job site, information security jobs rank No. 3 among technology jobs hiring managers are struggling to fill.

Cyber security job titles and median salaries in 2016:

$145,319 Chief Information Security Officer
$128,172 Security Director, Computing/Networking /IT
$112,670 Chief Security Officer
$112,014 Network Architect
$103,339 Information Security Manager
$88,777 Security Engineer

Why choose a master’s in cyber security over computer science?

You’re building expertise for the long term. It’s not technology that our society is struggling to better understand, it’s the data it produces. A cyber security master’s prepares you with skills to meet the changing threats as technology evolves.

Higher income potential

Cyber security workers can demand an average salary premium of nearly $6,500 more per year compared to other IT workers, according to Burning Glass Technologies, a company that specializes in job market analytics.

More opportunity

Careers in information security ranked No. 8 among U.S. News & World Report’s “100 Best Jobs” in 2015. IT manager ranked No. 21.

Meet our program’s driving force, Dustin Loeffler

Dustin Loeffler, JD, is a Maryville alumnus who spent 14 years in corporate America with IBM and Boeing. Professor Loeffler is more than an industry expert, he’s a motivator. He challenges students to embrace market-relevant technology, solve problems at every turn, and think critically in doing so. He’s responsible for integrating Apple tools and software into the program as a delivery method for the cyber security curriculum. His commitment to digital learning earned him the title of an Apple Distinguished Educator, putting him among an elite community of 2,000 innovative educators.

The Maryville Online Cyber Security Curriculum: It’s Designed For You

Our cyber security master’s offers you a robust curriculum of specialty courses to boost your technical skill set. From studying drones to wireless network security to digital forensics, you can build the specialized expertise the industry is seeking. Since our program is housed within the John E. Simon School of Business, you can develop a great business sense, too.

Required courses (30 Credits):

  • ISYS 600 Controls for Effective Cyber Defense
  • ISYS 670 Pen Testing
  • ISYS 671 Advanced Pen Testing
  • ISYS 674 Cryptography and Network Security
  • ISYS 675 Mobile Device Hacking and Forensics
  • ISYS 680 Security Log Management and Analysis
  • ISYS 681 Designing and Implementing Cloud Security
  • ISYS 684 Forensic Examination and Analysis
  • ISYS 685 Incident Handling and Breaches
  • ISYS 691 Legal Aspects of Privacy and Compliance (Capstone)