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Online Master of Science in Software Development

Learning to code takes time. Mastering it takes skill.

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Code For Career Growth

There's always something new to learn in the computer software industry. Companies need tech experts who can keep track of the trends — in apps, agile systems, interface design — and use it to their strategic advantage. Earn your Master of Science in Software Development online, and develop your own functionality to take advantage of the growing opportunities.

Online Masters in Software Development at a Glance

  • No GMAT, GRE, or application fee
  • 100% online curriculum
  • 3 start times per year (Spring, Summer, and Fall)
  • 4 coding classes, 5 management courses, 1 capstone
  • Graduate in as few as 10 months
  • No experience required

Why Choose Maryville for Your Master's in Software Development?

With a Master of Science in Software Development (MSSD) from the John E. Simon School of Business at Maryville University, you can be on the leading edge — the person coming up with the big ideas, developing them, then managing them to launch and beyond. Your online degree will carry the distinction of a university respected worldwide for its quality, value, and affordability.

Our history of academic excellence dates back to 1872.

Our history of academic excellence dates back to 1872.
  • Named an Apple Distinguished School through 2018.
  • Listed among the "Best National Universities" for 2017 by U.S. News & World Report
  • Made the Forbes "Top Colleges" list for the past three years
  • Listed as a "Best College Values 2017" school by Kiplinger's
  • Accredited by ACBSP and the Higher Learning Commission

Top Jobs for Software Development Graduates

Mobile technology continues to expand globally. Apps, games, and virtual reality are the new norm. And everything from laptops to home appliances are more advanced than ever before. Amidst all this innovation, it’s easy to see why demand for software developers remains high. With a Master’s in Software Development, you can build a solid foundation for career growth in positions like these:

Software Consultant

Median salary of $75,000

UX Designer

Median salary of $90,000

Web Software Developer

Median salary of $90,000

DevOps Engineer

Median salary of $91,000

Employers for these positions usually require a degree OR equivalent experience.

Note: job growth and salary data is from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and PayScale

Online Software Development Curriculum: It's Designed for you

As a student in Maryville’s online MSSD program, you’ll receive broad-based instruction in software design and development, coupled with deeper, vertical studies of more complex and specialized applications. The result is a curriculum structured for long-term success in a growing industry. You can complete the program 100% online in as few as 10 months.

  • SWDV-600 Intro to Programming 3 credit hours
  • SWDV-610 Data Structures 3 credit hours
  • SWDV-620 Web Applications 3 credit hours
  • SWDV-630 Object-Oriented Coding 3 credit hours
  • SWDV-640 User Interface Design 3 credit hours
  • SWDV-650 Agile Analysis and Design 3 credit hours
  • SWDV-655 Database Management 3 credit hours
  • SWDV-660 Applied DevOps 3 credit hours
  • SWDV-665 Advanced Topics in Software Development 3 credit hours
  • SWDV-691 Software Development Capstone 3 credit hours

Online Software Development Course Descriptions

SWDV-600: Intro to Programming (3 credit hours) This course covers the concepts of the object-oriented approach to software design and development using the Python programming language. It includes a detailed discussion of programming concepts starting with the fundamentals of data types, control structures methods, classes, arrays and strings, and proceeding to advanced topics such as inheritance and polymorphism, creating user interfaces, exceptions, and streams. Prerequisite: None
SWDV-650: Agile Analysis and Design (3 credit hours) Previous system analysis and design methodologies are being replaced with iterative approaches such as Agile. This approach leads to faster product deployment at a lower cost with less rework due to missed requirements. This course reviews the development of well-written requirements, analysis, and design in an Agile environment, and enhances student critical thinking skills. Prerequisite: CODE-600
SWDV-610: Data Structures (3 credit hours) This course covers and relates fundamental components of programs. Students use various data structures to solve problems and implement data structures. Basic algorithms are created and decomposed. The running time of various algorithms and their complexity are analyzed. Prerequisite: CODE-600
SWDV-655: Database Management (3 credit hours) This course examines the design, development, and management of relational databases and the integration of these databases with applications across the enterprise. Topics include database tools, basic Structured Query Language, design trade-offs, middleware, database server architectures, web-enabled technologies, security issues, and emerging database technologies. Prerequisite: CODE-600
SWDV-620: Web Applications (3 credit hours) This course covers the foundational elements of a modern web application. Students will learn basic web languages and professional web developer tools, preparing them to eventually work on either front-end or back-end applications. Prerequisite: CODE-610
SWDV-660: Applied DevOps (3 credit hours) This course will cover object-oriented methods of analysis and design. Specific topics include system feasibility, requirements analysis, software system architecture, design and implementation, management and project control, testing, and quality assurance. Prerequisite: CODE-600
SWDV-630: Object-Orientated Coding (3 credit hours) This course covers essential skills for back-end Java developers who write Java code that runs on the server. Students will learn in-demand Java technologies including Hibernate and Spring MVC to build full-stack Java web applications. Prerequisite: CODE-620
SWDV-665: Advanced Topics in Software Development (3 credit hours) This course will cover timely advanced topics within software development. Potential topics include mobile application development, machine learning, secure coding, etc. Prerequisite: CODE-640
SWDV-640: User Interface Design (3 credit hours) This course covers front-end programming, which refers to the code running on a user’s computer, with a focus on design and user interface (UI). This teaches the most powerful language for front-end development, Javascript, to allow students to create multi-featured front-end applications from scratch. Prerequisite: CODE-630
SWDV-691: Software Development Capstone (3 credit hours) Prerequisite: Taken as the last course in the program.

Meet Our Program's Driving Force: Dustin Loeffler

Dustin Loeffler

Dustin Loeffler, JD, is a Maryville alumnus who spent 14 years in corporate America with IBM and Boeing. Professor Loeffler is more than an industry expert — he's a motivator. He challenges students to embrace market-relevant technology, solve problems at every turn, and think critically in doing so. His commitment to digital learning earned him the title of an Apple Distinguished Educator, putting him among an elite community of 2,000 innovative educators.

Enrolling in the Online Master's in Software Development: Admission Requirements

The following criteria are considered during the admission process for the Master of Science in Software Development: