Bachelor's in Business Administration

How to Determine the Best Online Bachelor’s Degree

A quick look at job openings today makes it easy to see why a bachelor’s degree is so important. Many jobs that only called for a high-school diploma a decade ago are now requiring a bachelor’s degree. This phenomenon, called degree inflation or credential creep, has sent workers scrambling back to school to keep pace with the job market. The advent of online education has made tackling degree inflation more manageable. Students have more options than ever to earn a bachelor’s degree. In fact, so many choices are available that students might have difficulty determining the best online bachelor’s degree […]

Leaders in Two Different Worlds: Business Degree vs. Nursing Degree

Higher education in the 21st century is incredibly diverse. College students can choose from a multitude of majors, minors, concentrations, and certifications. But two degree programs remain consistently popular. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, business and health are two of the most sought-after degrees. In 2017, they combined for 31% of all bachelor’s degrees issued. What’s more, according to news outlet MSN, nursing is the sector of healthcare that is projected to have the largest number of job openings in the coming years, making it a popular degree path within the field of healthcare . Read on […]

Understanding How Business Loans Work

Business loans are crucial, whether they’re to get a business up and running, help it grow, or smooth out a rough patch. But getting a loan isn’t always easy. To learn more, check out the infographic below, created by Maryville University’s online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program. What to Know Before You Apply for a Business Loan Nobody should sign for a business loan without being absolutely clear what the terms are. Even before signing on the dotted line, ask yourself a few key questions: Is a loan even the right choice for me? There might be alternative […]

Ethics in International Business

Tables of Contents Importance of ethics in international businessInternational business laws and regulationsInternational communication and cultural barriers in businessWhat are cultural barriers in business?Outsourcing and offshoring for business Ethical standards establish trust between parties doing business together, including both partners and customers. Organizations earn this trust by demonstrating a pattern of ethical behavior over time, gaining a reputation for fair dealing and respect for human rights and social responsibility. First and foremost, ethics are their own reward, in business and in our private lives. Living ethically reflects good character and concern for the well-being of others. This leads to a […]

Organizational Leadership vs. Business Administration Degree

To find a niche in the business world, it’s helpful to examine how you can best contribute to a business’s success. Some individuals’ strengths are in organizational leadership — bringing employees together, guiding them through challenges such as change or conflict, and helping them fulfill the business’s mission. Others have strengths in a specific aspect of business administration — for example, finance, accounting, marketing, or management — and they make their best contributions to the fulfillment of the business’s mission by applying their skills directly to those functions. Both organizational leadership and business administration expertise are critical to a business’s […]

Maryville Online Bachelor’s in Business Administration Information Session

This recorded webinar provides an overview of the online Bachelor’s in Business Administration program at Maryville University. Faculty guest speaker: Dr. Christopher Gourdine, Assistant Dean for Business Administration This includes: An overview of the program including curriculum informationThe Maryville Online learning and student experienceAdmission and tuition informationQ&A with Dr Gourdine and enrollment advisors Transcript Sofia Angelov: Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Maryville online bachelor’s in business administration session. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to participate. We’re very excited to have you here. Before we begin, there are a few logistics to cover. You are in a […]

Guide to Running Your Remote Business: Challenges, Strategies, and Tools

The remote workforce continues to grow as technologies emerge to connect people across the world and demand for flexible working conditions increases. According to data from GetApp, remote work rose by nearly 400% in the past decade. Global Workplace Analytics reports that, compared to five years ago, 40% more U.S. employers offer flexible workplace options. The COVID-19 pandemic further pressured companies to go remote this year due to safety concerns. According to Gallup, 63% of employed U.S. adults worked from home at some point during the early stages of the pandemic, pointing to the need for work options that can […]

Entering the Financial World: Comparing Economics vs. Business Degrees

While modern technology can make the world feel smaller, the global economy keeps getting bigger — soaring from $70 trillion in 2015 to more than $85 trillion in 2018, according to the World Bank. Each day, billions of dollars change hands, in purchases at local businesses and trades on global markets. New markets can go global overnight, transforming the financial landscape. It takes the specialized knowledge of economists, market analysts, business executives, and investment specialists to successfully navigate today’s complex marketplace. Students who want to work in finance, economics, or business usually must have a college degree to enter the workforce. […]

Digital Marketing Strategy: Key Components & Tips to Get Started

Tables of Contents What Is Digital Marketing Strategy?What Is Life Cycle Marketing?What Are the Components of Digital Marketing?Market Research Tools for Digital MarketingMeasuring Success Through Digital Marketing MetricsThe Future of Digital Marketing In 2000, 52% of Americans used the internet on a regular basis, according to Pew Research. The digital age was just getting started. By mid-2019, 90% of Americans were internet users. A generation had reached adulthood knowing only a world shaped by digital technology. The first 20 years of the 21st century have been a period of rapid digital growth. Computers and internet connections have gotten much faster. […]

Exploring Entrepreneurship: Starting and Operating a Small Business

Launching a business takes time and effort, but self-motivated entrepreneurs are capable of transforming a small idea into a lucrative operation. Facebook serves as an excellent example. In early 2004, Mark Zuckerberg began to work on a dorm room project, aimed at providing Harvard students with a way to share photographs and personal information. The website Zuckerberg launched as a hobby is now the largest social media network in the world. Who Are Entrepreneurs? Entrepreneurs are people who find opportunities to create demand and make money off a concept or idea that enriches life or fulfills a need. For example, […]