Bachelor's in Exercise Science

NSCA Exam Prep Tips

Students interested in pursuing a career in athletics should look into the benefits of higher education in exercise science and NSCA certification. In addition to improving students’ postgraduation job prospects, certification demonstrates that an individual possesses advanced knowledge and expertise in the field. Below are tips that students can use to prepare for an NSCA exam, as well as information on how Maryville University helps its students gain NSCA certification. What Is the NSCA? The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1978 with the purpose of advancing sports science, and strength and conditioning professions. […]

What Is Human Performance?

Human performance is a measure of what people can achieve with their bodies. It refers to physical and mental readiness to tackle challenges. Exercise science teaches future trainers, health educators, wellness managers, and physiologists how to assess and improve human performance. Earning a degree such as an online Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science can prepare students for a career helping athletes, students, patients, and others achieve their potential in human performance. Components of Human Performance What is human performance? Answering this question can start with considering who uses the concept and why. Different domains have different reasons for measuring […]

The Future of Virtual Health Coaching

An online health coach can help individuals identify and address physical and mental health conditions to improve their overall quality of life. Complementing traditional forms of healthcare, health coaching empowers the client to create goals and strategies to improve their well-being and prevent illness. As a $7 billion service market in the U.S. alone, health coaching is on its way to a bright future. To learn more about virtual health coaching, check out the infographic below, created by Maryville University’s online Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science. The Rise of Virtual Health Coaching In the U.S., an estimated 128,000 health […]

Psychology of Exercise: Improvements in Mental Health

Tables of Contents What Is Exercise Psychology?Positive Effects of Exercise on Mental HealthExercise Tips for Improving Mental HealthHow Can an Exercise Psychologist Benefit You?Finding Balance in Your Exercise Regimen According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 15% of adults in the U.S. are physically inactive. Lack of physical activity is a contributing factor to chronic diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, various forms of cancer, and obesity. An additional risk of physical inactivity includes increased feelings of anxiety and depression, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine. Most people know about the physical benefits of exercise, but […]

Growth of Virtual Exercise: The Fitness Industry After Coronavirus

As recently as 2018, according to the Global Health & Fitness Association, the fitness industry was worth an estimated $94 billion — a valuation that fluctuated wildly with the emergence of COVID-19 in 2020. Since then, fitness brands and gym chains have scrambled to adapt to a new reality where digital, remote exercise options replaced traditional in-person workouts. ClassPass, one of the world’s largest distributors of remote class options to fitness clubs, currently has over 30,000 club partners in the U.S. alone, with a presence in over 27 other countries, demonstrating the demand for the ability to work out from […]

Maryville Online Bachelor’s in Exercise Science – Program Overview

This video provides insight about the online bachelor’s in exercise science program at Maryville University. Program director and assistant professor of exercise science Victor Kizer explores topics like: How this program prepares you for a future in the field of exercise scienceThe technology and resources available in the exercise science programFaculty support, engagement, and expertiseWhy should you choose Maryville? Transcript My name is Victor Kizer, and I’m the program director for exercise science. So the thing that we like to focus on the most is providing every single opportunity we can to give you some hands-on experience. As early as […]

Types of Coaching Styles for Athletes

Bobby Knight, longtime head basketball coach of the Indiana Hoosiers, is famously quoted as saying, “To be as good as it can be, a team has to buy into what you as the coach are doing. They have to feel you’re a part of them, and they’re a part of you.” In sports, different individuals and teams flourish under different types of coaching styles. Some athletes perform best under high expectations, others require a more hands-off approach, and still others thrive under a balanced style that calls upon team input. Successful coaches match their leadership style to players’ skills and […]

College Student Wellness Guide for Remote Learners

The typical college life portrayed in movies and on TV became anything but in 2020. Whether living on campus or attending classes remotely, college students faced new challenges as federal, state, and local authorities reacted to health threats due to the spread of COVID-19. Going off to college has always been a time for traditional students to revel in their independence and discover who they are. These are a college student’s most social years, where they make contacts in their field and friends that can last a lifetime. Staying healthy — both mentally and physically — during the pandemic has presented […]

Check out our new online degree programs coming this fall

Being brave just got even easier. Starting in the fall of 2020, Maryville University will be offering several new, fully online undergraduate degree programs, giving students even more opportunities to have a positive impact on their world and achieve their career goals. We developed these programs to help meet the need for qualified professionals in exciting, rapidly growing fields. Graduates will be able to pursue a wide range of career paths, so whether you’re aspiring to help create a more sustainable future, innovate in computers and tech, or help people lead healthier lives, your Maryville degree can help turn your […]