Master's in Artificial Intelligence

History of AI: Timeline and the Future

The concept of artificial intelligence (AI) dates back several decades and has roots in the origins of modern computing. The history of AI includes the many ways television shows and movies use it as a simplistic catchall for the fear that technology is taking over our lives. This is a misleading depiction, of course, especially the stories where humanlike robots fight back against their creators, such as in “Blade Runner” and “2001: A Space Odyssey.” Setting aside the anxieties that the technology may provoke, AI now offers many benefits to our lives. They include: Increasing efficiency of transportationLimiting the need […]

What Is Tiny Machine Learning (TinyML)?

Machine learning is part of our everyday life. That’s because the concept exists at the core of a wide number of tech-driven innovations. Speech recognition devices use machine learning, as do chatbots that assist you on a website. Machine learning can also help detect fraud to keep your finances safe and enable computers to help connect you with online ads relevant to your interests. It’s become increasingly difficult to go through a day without having a machine learning-based interaction. However, machine learning hasn’t just arrived — it’s evolving. A prime example is the emergence of tiny machine learning. Also known […]

AI in Business: Ethical Considerations

Around 77% of all companies use or are exploring the use of artificial intelligence (AI), according to a recent IBM survey. AI tools can help companies boost efficiency, reduce expenses, and increase productivity. In healthcare, AI can find patterns in patient data to help clinicians develop customized care plans. In finance, AI can detect fraudulent activities to protect banks and customers. In transportation, AI can improve traffic flow and reduce congestion. And the list goes on. Though AI innovations can deliver many exciting results, business professionals should consider AI ethical concerns alongside the technology’s potential benefits. Earning an advanced degree […]

AI vs. Machine Learning vs. Deep Learning: Understanding the Differences

Not too long ago, you had to know a programming language to be able to interact with a computer. Today, you can talk to digital devices using human language. Just say, “Alexa, what’s the weather today?” or “Siri, where’s the nearest coffee shop?” and you’ll get answers — usually accurate ones. This transition has been made possible by artificial intelligence and its components: machine learning and deep learning. They’ve enabled computers, smartphones, TVs, and other electronic devices to comprehend human speech and acquire a wealth of other skills Other examples of AI at work are: Streaming video services such as […]

How AI Advances Will Reshape the Future Workplace

Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) are creating new possibilities for employers. While AI can increase efficiency and decrease costs, it can also change the traditional workforce model, potentially eliminating jobs. As the use of this technology expands, its effects are still the subject of scrutiny. Opponents question the benefit of AI to society and demand answers to how this technology will be regulated. Proponents see a future in which AI, overseen and managed by skilled professionals, brings overwhelming benefits to society. To learn more, check out the infographic below created by Maryville University. Add This Infographic to Your Site <p […]

The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Work and Everyday Life

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already a part of everyday life, from wearable health technology like smart watches and voice assistants to self-driving cars and chat bots. And this trend is only expected to continue growing. In fact, according to the Brookings Institution, in just over a decade, AI will outperform humans in a variety of tasks, from writing essays to retail work. The future of AI will feature a shift of traditionally human-driven operations to work performed by automated computers. The predicted impact of artificial intelligence on people, business, and industry in coming years is profound, and while some may […]

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence: How They Work Together

The world was entrenched in big data before it even realized that big data existed. By the time the term was coined, big data had accumulated a massive amount of stored information that, if analyzed properly, could reveal valuable insights into the industry to which that particular data belonged. IT professionals and computer scientists quickly realized the job of sifting through all of that data, parsing it (converting it into a format more easily understood by a computer), and analyzing it to improve business decision-making processes was too much for human minds to tackle. Artificially intelligent algorithms would have to […]

AI And The Evolution Of Software Development

A quick glance into the respective futures of data science, information technology, business, and industry would reveal a common thread – artificial intelligence. 2016 alone saw substantially increased activity in the realm of AI in the form of machine learning acquisitions by major tech corporations, the launch of several AI platforms by companies such as Amazon and Google, and significant levels of investment in AI startups. Students currently enrolled in a software development degree program are in an advantageous position to develop the skills and experience that will make them attractive to tech companies looking to fill AI development, data […]