Nurse Practitioner Programs

Going Back to School for Nursing

It takes someone special to become a nurse. Someone who is compassionate, empathetic, and kind but who is also calm under pressure, detail-oriented, and able to think critically. Someone like you. If you’re thinking about going back to school for nursing, you’ve taken the first step in the direction of an exciting and rewarding education that can help you begin a career in nursing or excel in your current practice. This guide is designed to help you understand what sorts of degrees are available for nurses like you who want to go back to school. Discover the following sections of […]

Autonomous Practice an Option for Many of Today’s DNPs

A DNP, or Doctor of Nursing Practice, is one of the two terminal doctorate degrees available in nursing. While the PhD is ideal for those interested in research or teaching, a DNP can help nurses advance on the clinical side or reach a manager or executive-level job. Plus, in a society that is seeing an increasing shortage of doctors, nurses who hold DNPs are filling a critical role. Discover more about the autonomy some states are now offering DNPs and how this degree can help further your career. Filling an Important Need Anyone who has visited a doctor’s office recently […]

Nurse Volunteering Opportunities: Making an Impact Overseas

Nurses and nursing students who study, intern, and work close to home have countless opportunities to learn and build relevant skills. However, those who take their experience overseas to participate in nurse volunteering opportunities have the chance to enhance their abilities while providing medical care in locations that need it the most. Nurses looking to advance their careers through a nursing degree such as an online Bachelor of Science in Nursing to Doctor of Nursing Practice (BSN to DNP) can gain unique capabilities and make an impact on global healthcare by volunteering overseas. What Is Volunteering for Nurses? From participating […]

Your Role as a Key Stakeholder

Hospital resources can be subject to intense competition, especially in non-profit hospitals with limited budgets or hospitals in smaller counties. This means nurses need to appeal for budgets to improve their working conditions and make patient experiences better. Nurse leaders are typically appointed as key stakeholders to attend board meetings and help finance departments allocate their budgets. Here are some reasons why nurse leaders’ involvement in hospital planning is crucial for patient success: Nurse Leaders Highlight Workplace Problems Image via Flickr by karlhans Nurse leaders serve as the main voice of the staff during board meetings and budget reviews. When […]

Nursing in the Media

A Look at Nurses in the Media Here you are looking for information on earning your nurse practitioner degree online, only to stumble across another subject that intensifies your passion for nursing … Television Stereotypes From Hot Lips Houlihan on MASH in the 1970’s to the modern Nurse Jackie, nurses are played by women. They are typically the ones who help the male doctors, so they can be the heroes in every episode. It’s 2014 – shouldn’t television catch up with modern times? We know there are ER nurses who work tireless hours in the inner cities of America, patching […]

A Call for Health Promotion for Nurses

Studies have shown a direct link between staff wellbeing and patient care. Where staff wellbeing is greater, patient experience also increases. Explore why this happens, how we can work to improve the wellbeing of our nurses, and how you can take steps to improve your overall health while completing a nurse practitioner degree in the infographic below.