Online Bachelor’s in Computer Science DegreeOnline Bachelor’s in Computer Science DegreeOnline Bachelor’s in Computer Science Degree

You can build the world of tomorrow with a computer science degree.

Technology powers our world, touching every aspect of our lives. So it’s no wonder that qualified computer science professionals are in such high demand.

Now you can start your technology career strong with an online Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Maryville University. Designed with input from top employers, along with experienced instructors from our John E. Simon School of Business and College of Arts and Sciences, our flexible, state-of-the-art program can help you gain the technical, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills you need to pursue top jobs in tech.

Build your foundation in key competencies such as computer architecture, security, programming, and web design. Benefit from experiential learning opportunities so you can apply what you’ve learned in real-world professional settings. And tailor your education to your interests and goals with a choice of six computer science certificates built right into the curriculum.

When you earn your B.S. in computer science degree from Maryville, you put yourself in a position to build the world of tomorrow and embark on an exciting and financially rewarding career.

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Why Earn Your Online Bachelor’s in Computer Science Degree?

Whether you are just getting started in your computer science career or you’re looking to advance to a senior role, a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science signals to employers that you have the skills, knowledge, and professional dedication they need.

And their need is great. The tech industry is facing a shortage of qualified computer science professionals so severe that more than 600 leaders of nonprofits, universities, and tech companies — as well as 50 U.S. governors — recently signed a letter in support of updating the U.S. K-12 curriculum to include opportunities to learn computer science, according to business technology news website ZDNet.

The letter, bearing the names of companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Meta, Alphabet, Nike, UPS, and AT&T, states that employers currently have job openings for 700,000 tech workers — yet the country gains only 80,000 computer science graduates annually.

Our program is flexible, affordable, and highly personalized.

Study on your schedule with 100% online coursework, and apply with no fees or entrance exams.

Benefit from transfer credit friendly admission and explore financial aid options.

Tailor your education to your goals with one of six in-demand certificates: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Data Science, Software Development, or User Experience/User Interface.

Benefit from a program built in collaboration with our John E. Simon School of Business and College of Arts and Sciences.

Build your expertise in programming languages like C, C++, Java, JavaScript MySQL, PHP, Python, R, SAS, and Swift, and work with state-of-the-art tech like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, IBM Watson, AirWatch, CA Technologies Secure, and more.

Study with a collaborative community of dedicated learners and educators.

6 Ways to Specialize Your Online Computer Science Degree

Our computer science degree program includes a built-in certificate in one of six focus areas, allowing you to tailor your education to fit your interests and goals. Each six-class (18 credit) certificate can also be earned as a stand-alone credential if you wish.

Choose from certificates in artificial intelligence (AI)cybersecuritydata sciencesoftware development, or user experience/user interface (UX/UI). See our curriculum page for details.

What Can You Do with an Online Bachelor of Science in Computer Science?

Maryville’s online bachelor’s in computer science degree can be the credential you need to get your start in one of the best high-tech jobs available today. In fact, U.S. News & World Report’s list of 100 Best Jobs for 2022 is positively teeming with roles you can pursue with a computer science degree, from information security analyst (ranked No. 1) to software developer (No. 5), data scientist (No. 6), and IT manager (No. 13). Other computer-related jobs filling out the list include database administrator, computer network architect, computer systems administrator, and computer support specialist. And that’s not all. Should you wish to take your education further, our online computer science degree paves the way for you to enroll in any of a variety of Maryville graduate programs, including our Master of Science in Data ScienceMaster of Science in Software Development, or Master of Science in Cybersecurity.

When you earn your online Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree at Maryville University, the possibilities are practically endless.

Which programming languages are in the highest demand?

According to data compiled by, the most in-demand computer programming languages are:

  • Java
  • Python
  • Javascript
  • C++
  • C#
  • PHP
  • PERL

At Maryville, you can explore many of these as you earn your computer science degree — and dive into other coding languages like R, SAS, MySQL, and more.

Online Bachelor’s in Computer Science Degree Career Paths

Earn your online bachelor’s degree in computer science from Maryville, and you can begin or prepare to advance your career in one of these roles:

Put your computer science degree to work in any of a variety of settings, including:

  • Advertising/public relations/marketing firms
  • Colleges/universities
  • Computer system design services
  • Data processing/analytics services
  • Federal, state, and local government offices
  • Finance and insurance agencies
  • Hardware development companies
  • High schools/private education settings
  • Nonprofits
  • Office/business environments
  • Research and development firms
  • Software development firms
  • Software publishers
  • Technology and computing firms
  • Telecommunications companies

What Is the Typical Computer Science Bachelor’s Degree Salary?

With your online bachelor’s in computer science, you can build a foundation to pursue any of a number of careers in the field. Here are a few examples and their median salaries:

Computer Programmer


Blockchain Consultant


Algorithm Developer


Network and Computer Systems Administrator


UI/UX Developer


Data Processor


*U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2021; **Payscale, December 2022

Computer Science Degree Job Outlook

Command a high salary.

With your computer science degree, you can qualify for a number of exciting and high-paying careers in a forward-focused field. While salaries vary depending on factors like an individual’s experience, location, and additional certifications, many computer science roles have high earnings potentials. These include computer network architect (median salary: $120,520), computer systems analyst (median salary: $99,270), database administrator (median salary: $101,000), and information security analyst (median salary: $102,600).*

Build a career in a growing field.

Employment in computer and information technology occupations is projected to grow 15% from 2021 to 2031 — three times faster than the average rate for all occupations (5%), according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This increase is expected to result in about 682,800 new jobs over the decade.*

Some occupations that stand to see particularly high job growth include information security analyst (35%), operations research analyst (23%), software developer (26%), web developer (30%), and computer and information systems manager (16%).*

Discover exciting opportunities.

Computer science is a fascinating field. If you enjoy working with technology and staying on the cutting edge, then you may find a career in computer science to be endlessly rewarding. Whether you’d like to help companies and organizations shore up their technology infrastructures or explore the frontiers of artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, or natural language processing, the computing field offers myriad opportunities for creativity and innovation.

*Salary and growth data collected by the BLS.
**According to data compiled by and Computer Science Education Week.

Why Choose Maryville for Your Bachelor’s in Computer Science Online?

We designed our program to meet your needs. Not just for today — but over the course of your career. Our online bachelor’s in computer science features a dynamic curriculum and a focus on the real-world challenges and opportunities you’re likely to face, and we built it with input from top employers in the field.

Here you can enhance your soft skills in critical thinking and problem-solving as you develop hard skills with access to top technology and in-demand resources. Build your expertise in programming languages like C, C++, Java, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, Python, R, and SAS, and work with state-of-the-art tech like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, IBM Watson, AirWatch, CA Technologies Secure, and more.

Maryville University was founded in 1872 and has been helping brave, motivated professionals launch or enhance their careers with industry expertise ever since. Ninety percent of our full-time faculty holds a doctorate or terminal degree, and our computer science faculty comprises experienced practitioners and experts in the field. We’re proud of our reputation for quality academics, accelerated growth, and affordability because it demonstrates our commitment to advancing students like you.

Prepare for the future in a dynamic, modular environment.

Computer science is continuously evolving, and so is our online computer science degree. We designed our program with a modular curriculum based on industry demands, built for the future, and ready for modification, so we can stay on top of trends and ahead of changes in the field. When you choose the online bachelor of science in computer science program at Maryville, you will have the opportunity to use the most state-of-the-art technology and learn the latest tricks and techniques — so you can focus on landing a great job and preparing for what comes next.

We’re recognized for excellence. So you can be, too.

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Online Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Curriculum

Our 128-credit bachelor’s program is highly flexible, so you can tailor it to your career aspirations. In addition to core computer science courses, the program comprises your chosen electives, certificate courses, a capstone, and general education requirements.

Build your foundation in computer science.

Computer science is a broad field with many facets, so you’ll need a strong foundation. Build yours here with courses in key subjects such as computer programming, logic, algorithms, operating systems, computer architecture, artificial intelligence, and web design.

Specialize your computer science knowledge.

What aspects of computer science interest you most? What are your career goals? Here, you can customize your education with one of six in-demand, future-focused certificates: artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, cybersecurity, data science, software development, or user experience/user interface (UX/UI).

Put your knowledge to work.

Your education extends beyond the classroom. Each of our courses will give you the opportunity to expand your understanding of computer science through projects, case studies, and experiential learning opportunities. Plus, participate in an optional internship and demonstrate what you’ve learned in a final capstone project.

Start with your online certificate

If you want to earn a computer science credential more quickly, or if you’re not yet ready to pursue a full bachelor’s degree, you can get started with one of our online certificates. Choose from certificates in artificial intelligence (AI)cybersecuritydata sciencesoftware development, or user experience/user interface (UX/UI).

These programs are streamlined to allow you to focus specifically on an area you choose, so you can earn your certificate by taking as few as six courses (18 credit hours). These are for-credit courses, so if you decide to pursue further education, you can apply your completed coursework toward your bachelor’s in computer science.

For more information about our core courses and certificate programs, see our curriculum page.

Take Your Education Further with Early Access

Are you planning on pursuing graduate studies after you earn your Bachelor of Science in Computer Science? Pair your bachelor’s with one of our popular graduate degrees, like our Master of Science in Data ScienceMaster of Science in Software Development, or Master of Science in Cybersecurity.

With Early Access, you can earn up to 12 credits toward your master’s degree as you complete the requirements for your bachelor’s. You can begin graduate studies with as much as a third of your master’s course requirements already completed — saving you time and money. Graduate-level courses take the place of undergraduate electives during the last phase of your bachelor’s degree.

If you’re a qualified undergraduate student and you have not yet completed your elective requirements, we invite you to explore Early Access as an option. To qualify for Early Access, you must have earned at least 75 credits toward your undergraduate degree (with at least 20 credits completed at Maryville) and have at least a 3.25 GPA. You can learn more on our Early Access page, or contact an advisor if you have any questions.

When you’re ready to take your education even further, consider these online graduate program options:

Master of Science in Data Science, featuring a curriculum developed with input from employers and partners that use big data across various industries so you can build proficiency in the most in-demand areas of the modern data science world.

Master of Science in Software Development, with four coding classes, five management courses, and one culminating capstone experience so you can grow into a capable and confident leader in the field.

Master of Science in Cybersecurity, with your choice of three focus areas — Technical, Leadership, or General — and a curriculum designed to prepare you for industry-relevant certifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Maryville’s online computer science degree graduates may pursue any of a wide variety of jobs, including computer programmer, database administrator, blockchain consultant, security analyst, and network engineer roles. Find out more about career opportunities for online Bachelor of Science in Computer Science graduates.

  • The median annual salary for professionals holding a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from a U.S. higher education institution was about $90,000 as of December 2022, according to Payscale.

  • Most students complete our online Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program in four years or less. Full-time students with eligible transfer credits may be able to complete the program sooner.

  • Maryville’s online Bachelor of Science in Computer Science curriculum includes a built-in certificate in one of six high-demand areas. Earn the certificate on its own, or apply its credits toward the completion of your bachelor’s degree. Choose from certificates in artificial intelligence (AI)cybersecuritydata sciencesoftware development, or user experience/user interface (UX/UI).

  • Students in our computer science degree program gain a broad foundation of skills with courses in key subjects such as computer programming, logic, algorithms, operating systems, computer architecture, artificial intelligence, and design. Graduates are prepared to pursue any of a wide variety of professional and academic paths, including graduate studies in data science, software development, cybersecurity, or another computer science field.

    Bottom line, graduates of our Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program enjoy many paths to personal and professional satisfaction in roles that are in demand around the globe.

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