An Interview with Professor Amy Quarton

“Maryville is student-centered. We’re truly focused on the students. We’re not worried about publications.”   Maryville University has always been different from other schools. In fact, we’ve been challenging the status quo in education for nearly 150 years. But what is it that makes us unique? We sat down with Amy Quarton, an associate professor in our BA in Organizational Leadership and our MA in Management and Leadership programs, to get her take on why Maryville and our online programs stand out. She says it all starts with our faculty’s dedication to our students and their success. “I am available […]

An Interview with Professor Brenda Bouse

“Sometimes when you’re online, you might feel like you’re out there by yourself. If students aren’t getting [feedback and responses] from their professor, they really don’t know if they’re meeting expectations or not.”   Maryville University has always been different from other schools. In fact, we’ve been challenging the status quo in education for nearly 150 years. But what is it that makes us unique? We spoke with Brenda Bouse, an adjunct professor in our John E. Simon School of Business, to get her take on what makes Maryville such a great option for students. She says our success starts […]

Dr. Lombardi: College admission and SAT/ACT scandal shows importance of access

In the wake of a highly publicized federal investigation into college admission, there’s renewed focus on inequity in the entry process. But the national approach to college admission is evolving — and Maryville University is ahead of the curve. Dr. Mark Lombardi, president of Maryville, spoke recently on the admission scandal, discussing the future of college entry, the viability of SAT and ACT scores, and Maryville’s philosophy on accessibility. “The reality is, every young person, if given the opportunity at different colleges and universities around the country, can be successful,” Dr. Lombardi said in a recent appearance on the Carney Show […]

Maryville University Announces Expansion of Online Degree Programs

Twelve new programs will launch this fall, opening higher education pathways to more students locally, nationally and globally The expansion of Maryville’s online degree portfolio aligns with the university’s student-centered approach, which aims to meet the higher education needs of all adult learners, regardless of location, age or circumstance. Working to create greater access to higher education, Maryville features convenient online programs, accepts transfer credits and does not require application fees or entrance exams. The new online degree programs include: Online Master of Arts   Strategic Communication and Leadership Online Master of Science   Data Science Online Bachelor of Arts   English  Sociology  History  International Studies […]

Frozen Tuition and More Choices Open Maryville to More Students

Students aren’t just returning to Maryville University’s campus this fall. They’re also firing up their WiFi connections nationwide  and enrolling in the university’s online programs, too. The reason for this growth? The university’s unwavering commitment to making higher education as accessible as possible. Accessibility starts with affordability. Graduates cannot thrive if saddled with a crushing debt load upon receiving a degree, which is why Maryville extended a tuition freeze for the 2018-2019 academic year. The freeze holds costs steady for all undergraduate and most graduate programs offered by the university. The decision to continue the freeze comes at a time […]

An interview with Maryville University’s Somer Anderson on the online Bachelor of Science in Accounting

With nearly 7,000 enrolled students across all 50 states and 55 countries, Maryville University in St. Louis has become a prominent destination for higher education. However, not all students need to be on campus to go to class. Maryville offers a number of online programs as part of its 90-plus degrees, and today, online learning is as valuable and desirable as on-campus courses. As interest in online degrees grows, so too do the questions from prospective students. To shed some light on distance learning at Maryville, let’s look at the 100% online Bachelor of Science in Accounting (BSACC) program and […]