Frozen Tuition and More Choices Open Maryville to More Students

Maryville University Campus

Students aren’t just returning to Maryville University’s campus this fall. They’re also firing up their WiFi connections nationwide  and enrolling in the university’s online programs, too. The reason for this growth? The university’s unwavering commitment to making higher education as accessible as possible.

Accessibility starts with affordability.

Graduates cannot thrive if saddled with a crushing debt load upon receiving a degree, which is why Maryville extended a tuition freeze for the 2018-2019 academic year. The freeze holds costs steady for all undergraduate and most graduate programs offered by the university.

The decision to continue the freeze comes at a time when most universities across the country have announced tuition increases of 3 to 10 percent.

“By every measure, earning a degree is the single best investment individuals can make in their future success,” says Dr. Mark Lombardi, president of Maryville University.  “The tuition freeze is a direct response to the rising cost of higher education. We want to ensure deserving students have the opportunity to achieve their academic and career goals.”

Affordability opens doors to higher education, and flexibility helps students charge through them.

In November 2017, the university announced 10 new online degree programs starting this fall and will soon announce an additional expansion. By making career-relevant education more flexible via online connections, Maryville provides a valuable alternative to students whose life circumstances may not permit a traditional on-campus experience. Information about Maryville’s online programs is available here:

“Allowing students to connect to a Maryville education from wherever they are is a natural extension of what this university has done for nearly 150 years: put students’ needs first and give them the access, knowledge and support they deserve to succeed,” says Lombardi.

It’s an approach that promises to serve the university and its students well for another 150 years.

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