Master's in Business Administration

4 Tips to Improve Your Business Reputation

In today’s digital world, a company’s brand, offering, and reputation are constantly on the line and visible to anyone, at any time. When people hear a brand name, they often form a lightning-speed association with the things that the organization has done in the recent past. The internet is the catalyst for this high-speed connection of company with reputation, and while it has given companies new ways to communicate, it has also created new venues for criticism and negative feedback. The complex interconnections between people, brands, and messages are worth exploring. The Costs of a Bad Business Reputation Are Unquantifiable A Fortune report […]

Why and how to defend business data

Business has gone digital, and it can’t go back. This state of affairs has come to pass in every industry imaginable, bringing a new set of practices that leaders will have to follow. If you’re stepping into a position of authority, you’ll have to become aware of your organization’s digital footprint – both how to use data to get ahead in your industry, and how to defend that digital content against the risk of a breach. When organizations only half-embrace the current age of IT-driven business, taking on the advantages without worrying about protecting their digital infrastructure, they make themselves […]

6 Tips for Conducting International Business

In today’s digitally empowered business climate, commerce doesn’t stop at countries’ borders. Complex, multinational arrangements are the “new normal,” which means that international best practices are more essential than ever before. From comprehending complex webs of international laws and their intersections to mastering the ins and outs of etiquette across cultures, there are ways to build up global acumen and become a more valuable member of any management team. International business optimism is at a high water mark, according to Wells Fargo’s latest annual survey. Despite the rise of protectionist policies in some countries and the possible impact of the […]

4 Ways Brand Identity Can Help Your Business

Brand identity is more than a logo or a catch phrase. For business owners, brand identity is a confluence of things. It is the intersection of commerce and psychology, of communication and design, of intent and reality. In this instance, brand identity can be defined as the outward-facing value and mission a given business promotes through descriptive language, organizational tone and visual illustration. Here are 5 ways brand identity can help your business: 1. Consumer perception Aside from their own experiences, today’s consumer has the ability to learn about an organization through digital opinions, perceptions and feedback provided by others. […]

Understanding the Importance of Marketing Data

The competitive nature between businesses in the existing digital era demands the utilization of data to accurately pinpoint audiences with the right messages. By using analytics to deploy targeted campaigns for specific market groups, organizations can potentially increase awareness, among the right individuals, of their products and services. The acquisition of data continues to grow, and proper utilization of the analyzed information can significantly impact marketing efforts. Businesses continue to employ marketing data to improve the success of their campaigns. In fact, in a recent survey, Forbes found that 58% of businesses are generating value with the use of data; […]

Surprising Facts: Online and On-Campus Degrees

Of higher education’s many transformations during the COVID-19 pandemic, one positive outcome has been the enhanced perception of the quality of remote learning and the value of online degree programs. Prior to the pandemic, some students and employers questioned the rigor and worth of online degrees when compared to those earned on campus. Now, more prospective students are enthusiastically enrolling in online degree programs, while employers are hiring their graduates at a pace that will accelerate the growth of online learning and help realize its full potential. Prospective students and individuals interested in advancing their education and exploring the differences […]

4 Ways to Increase Sales

From mobile apps to cloud-based CRM, the sales industry looks little like it did twenty years ago. Tech improvements have prompted new opportunities and challenges for business leaders. In addition to having people skills, these business leaders must possess an in-depth understanding of modern sales practices. The Maryville University Online Master’s of Business Administration program can help aspiring company leaders obtain both the management skills and the technical understanding needed to succeed in today’s rapidly changing business environment. Students may learn a variety of tools and tactics for improving sales, including the following: 1. Integrate Mobile Tools Today’s customers and […]

Exploring 8 Concentrations for the Maryville University Online MBA

A Masters of Business Administration (MBA) forms the foundation for success in a variety of fields. MBAs made up four of the top 10 highest-paying graduate degrees in 2016 as shown by a recent survey. Yet it is a concentration that can ultimately determine where a graduate will take root professionally. Although Maryville University Online offers a general concentration, the school also offers specialized concentrations, with prescribed courses aimed at teaching industry-specific skills. Why an MBA concentration is important For MBA students, choosing a concentration means declaring a focus. While this may make some wary, experts like Stacy Blackman, […]

Five Positive Leadership Traits

Leadership can impact employees, customers, and ultimately the success of the company. Leaders should set an example for others to follow by consistently reinforcing their commitment to the values of the organization. Here are 5 positive leadership traits to adhere to: Provide guidance and motivation. Leaders need to stay on top of their game to provide clear guidance and keep their attitude positive, as employee motivation is a direct reflection of the boss they work for.Nurture rising talent. A great leader is always open to seeing the gold in everyone. When special talents are spotted, a leader can encourage the […]