4 Ways to Increase Sales

From mobile apps to cloud-based CRM, the sales industry looks little like it did twenty years ago. Tech improvements have prompted new opportunities and challenges for business leaders. In addition to having people skills, these business leaders must possess an in-depth understanding of modern sales practices. The Maryville University Online Master’s of Business Administration program can help aspiring company leaders obtain both the management skills and the technical understanding needed to succeed in today’s rapidly changing business environment. Students may learn a variety of tools and tactics for improving
sales, including the following:

1. Integrate Mobile Tools
Today’s customers and sales professionals both demand mobile accessibility. According to Yahoo’s Aabaco Small Business, mobile apps (which allow customers to browse and purchase directly) accounted for one-fifth of recent holiday sales. Companies with dedicated apps can use push notifications to remind consumers of upcoming deals. Salespeople can appreciate the boost in credibility these apps provide, and make ample use of apps specifically designed for logging sales and other administrative tasks.

2. Choose Better CRM
According to Docurated’s State of Sales Productivity Report, the average sales rep only spends 32 percent of his or her time actively selling. Many complain that they waste valuable time in updating inefficient CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems. Common CRM issues include slow speed and inaccessibility. Sales managers should encourage staff to use CRM from the get-go, but also address issues within the system. However, in many situations, a full upgrade is warranted. Cloud-based CRM is increasingly the preferable option, as it can be easily accessed from anywhere.

3. Engage in Conflict Resolution
The most talented sales team can be equipped with the best mobile app and cloud-based CRM system and can still fail to produce as desired, purely due to interoffice conflicts or issues with clients. Effective business leaders understand how and why these problems arise, and more importantly, how they can be promptly resolved. Conflict between salespeople may not be removed altogether, but it should be handled in a healthy, productive manner.

4. Stop Over-Managing
Micromanagement remains common in the sales industry. In a notable Accountemps survey, over half of respondents admitted to having worked with over-the-top managers in the past. Taskmasters who constantly over-manage their sales staff accomplish little beyond stressing out the team. Effective leaders understand that salespeople do their best work when they feel supported, not looked down on. Demonstrate confidence in salespeople, and they’ll likely rise to the occasion.

Aspiring business leaders should develop both technical and administration skills, as well as the proper educational background, in the interest of promoting a more efficient and effective sales funnel. Maryville University’s online MBA program can help future sales and management professionals prepare for success in a challenging, but exciting industry by offering the opportunity to learn these necessary skills.






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