Master's in Business Administration

Halfway to the Top: Career Advancement for Mid-level Employees

Perhaps you remember your first job, working in the food industry, retail, or as an assistant in an office. Maybe you worked during high school or college, or started your first entry-level job after graduating. As the working world is growing more competitive, many entry-level jobs are starting to require a college degree and some type of work experience. The process of beginning a career as an entry-level employee and working up in the field by gaining experience usually takes a good amount of time. Most professionals work between 25 and 40 years, so mid-career points vary. The U.S. Bureau […]

A Guide to Corporate Wellness Programs: Why Employee Health Matters

Corporate wellness is no longer a semi-obscure benefit offered by a small percentage of companies. According to a study backed by Rand Corp. and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 80% of businesses with more than 50 employees feature a benefit linked to corporate wellness. These benefits are not just employee perks. Corporate wellness programs can help reduce absenteeism and increase production and employee well-being. They can also deliver a positive impact on various aspects of a business’s bottom line, such as its medical costs. For instance, wellness programs implemented at the Los Alamos National Laboratory have reduced […]

Business Ideas of the Future: Emerging Entrepreneurs

As many businesses struggle to adapt to fast-changing market conditions, their leaders will need to keep an open mind and remain flexible to stay innovative and responsive to new trends. Successful business managers and emerging entrepreneurs must combine creative thinking about markets with business solutions that use new tools and techniques to extract useful intelligence from the massive data pools being generated. For instance, business planning and market forecasting tools based on artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and other advanced technologies are allowing entrepreneurs to be more creative when it comes to reaching their target audience. According to a 2022 PwC […]

Technology Trends in the Future of Manufacturing

The future of manufacturing is irrevocably bound to technology. “Cheaper, more capable, and more flexible technologies are accelerating the growth of fully automated production facilities,” a McKinsey & Company article explains. Already, robotics, digital twin technology, and the industrial internet of things (IIoT), among other trends, are driving best practices in the manufacturing industry and significantly shaping the future direction of manufacturing. As technology shifts aspects of manufacturing, the roles of project managers and other business professionals will need to evolve as well. In particular, advanced skills in business administration — with a focus on communication, intricate knowledge of processes, […]

Future of Online Shopping: Evolving E-Commerce Trends

The ubiquity of internet access has leveled the retail playing field, making it easy for individuals and businesses to sell products without geographic limitation. In 2020, U.S. e-commerce sales, receiving a boost due to the COVID-19 pandemic, grew 44% and represented more than 21% of total retail sales, according to e-commerce information source Internet Retailer. The growth of e-commerce has not only changed the way customers shop, but also their expectations of how brands approach customer service, personalize communications, and provide customers choices. The future of online shopping depends on savvy professionals who can create a personalized, engaging virtual shopping […]

Best Master’s Degrees for the Future: Planning Ahead

Master’s degrees can provide professionals with a competitive edge over their peers. However, the reasons to invest in a master’s go beyond landing that senior-level role or getting a nice boost in pay. A graduate education enriches a professional’s career by providing the knowledge and skills to fully embrace the challenges inherent in unique, rewarding job opportunities. It also can prepare individuals to be a trusted, authoritative voice in their respective industries. Best Graduate Degrees for the Future A graduate degree does more than prepare you for a career: it can turn you into a game changer whose knowledge and […]

4 Trends Changing the Marketing Landscape

The marketing landscape has continued to evolve with every technological advancement. This evolution offers businesses more opportunities to reach their target audiences in new and impactful ways. As you work toward your online MBA degree, it’s important to understand how the following four trends could change the way your business interacts with consumers: Marketing Automation Research shows that nearly half of tasks done by paid professionals can be automated. Indeed, marketing automation is the practice of utilizing software to automate these repetitive tasks. Among companies that outgrew their competitors, 63% were using marketing automation to enhance their marketing strategies. Artificial Intelligence Marketers […]

Soft Skills: Why Businesses Crave Them

Companies today are thinking in new and innovative ways about what makes a qualified and valuable employee. On the surface, the definition seems obvious: Someone who fits a list of professional and educational characteristics is the right fit for a particular role. That narrow view disregards the way a modern office works, however. Someone with all the technical, “hard” knowledge to complete day-to-day duties may still fail to make a positive impact due to an inability to communicate effectively, or work productively with teammates. Interpersonal abilities and compatibility with a workplace’s unique practices and culture – these are “soft skills,” […]

Can an MBA help leaders harness the power of digital disruption?

Digital business is the order of the day in nearly every field today. To rise to the top of an industry, a company needs to be on the cutting edge of technology. Instead of fitting in with their peers, the most ambitious and effective organizations are disrupting their respective industries. This is the playing field executives have to compete on. The new state of affairs raises an important question: Does a Master of Business Administration degree still matter? Can this longtime mark of business knowledge still hold weight in a world that has changed so radically in recent years? Any […]

LLC, DBA and corporations: What Do Business Types Mean?

Founding a company can be thrilling, exciting, and overwhelming at the same time. The small-business world is an exciting place to be, with fresh ideas and company strategies leading to unbounded innovation. Taking the proper steps to create a stable and viable young firm starts with many decisions. One is determining whether the organization is a “limited liability company” (LLC), “corporation,” or “doing business as” (DBA). Corporation is a common term, but what is an LLC? And what does DBA mean? Taxation is the crux of the matter when it comes to how companies define themselves. Getting properly registered with the […]