4 Trends Changing the Marketing Landscape

The marketing landscape has continued to evolve with every technological advancement. This evolution offers businesses more opportunities to reach their target audiences in new and impactful ways. As you work toward your online MBA degree, it’s important to understand how the following four trends could change the way your business interacts with consumers:

Marketing Automation

Research shows that nearly half of tasks done by paid professionals can be automated. Indeed, marketing automation is the practice of utilizing software to automate these repetitive tasks. Among companies that outgrew their competitors, 63% were using marketing automation to enhance their marketing strategies.

Artificial Intelligence

Marketers are better able to dynamically automate customer interactions using artificial intelligence technologies. According to the 2017 Economist Intelligence Unit Report, nearly 80% of business executives believe their work will be made easier with AI.

Experiential Marketing

Experiential campaigns engage customers through immersive, real-world events or interactions. Marketers can implement a number of experiential strategies, including:

  • Using stars to boost attendance
  • Touring
  • Augmenting the experience with technology
  • Leveraging partner locations

Executive Branding

Executives need to brand themselves too, beyond overall company branding. Executive branding might involve having a massive online presence, using motivational quotes, and highlighting charity efforts.

To learn more about the importance of and details associated with these four trends, view the infographic below:

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