Bachelor's in Cyber Security

Women in Cybersecurity: Closing the Gender Gap

For over three years, Ann Barron-DiCamillo led the charge to protect the internet infrastructure throughout the United States, defending against cyberattacks and data breaches. As the chief of the Department of Homeland Security’s U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) from 2013-2016, Barron-DiCamillo was uniquely positioned to fortify the country’s cybersecurity network. The demand for cybersecurity professionals has far outpaced the supply, and salaries are on the rise. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics found the median wage in information security to be about $99,730 in 2019. Employment opportunities in the field are also expected to increase nearly 31% between 2019 […]

Ten Time-Management Apps For Adult Students

For students pursuing an online degree, time is of the essence. Deadlines are apparent and, often times, consequential whether in class, work or everyday life. Time management can help cyber security students studying for bachelor’s or master’s degrees successfully organize school, work and home. App Prerequisites Among the many options, choosing the right apps for your needs is key. Start by determining where you need help: adding items to a calendar, checking the calendar in advance, breaking projects into more manageable tasks, avoiding distraction, setting priorities, or motivating yourself. Time-management apps fall into three broad categories: those that help users […]

The IoT And Rising Video and Audio Hacking Threats

The term “cyber security” typically calls to mind images of IT professionals furiously typing lines of gibberish into a command line terminal on a computer, setting up firewalls, defending against viruses, and building secure wireless networks. But there’s more to cyber security than just code, permissions, and settings. The practice of covering webcams with a piece of tape requires no knowledge of IT procedures. At first, as far back as 15 years ago, those who covered their webcams with tape were viewed as paranoid. But now FBI Director James Comey and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg actually encourage the practice. Simply […]

Why Companies Everywhere Are Boosting Cyber Security Efforts

In the fairly recent past, some companies treated cyber security like a buzzword and didn’t take it seriously enough. Multinational corporations might have viewed their existing security resources and their overall scope as too big to fail. And on the other end of the spectrum, smaller businesses may have thought they were too small to gain the attention of black-hat hackers or identity thieves. However, events of the last several years have made it clear that neither of those conclusions is true – not as a matter of course. Cyberattacks have proven more crippling to businesses than early hackers likely […]

Device disposal and defending personal information

With each passing year, our personal and professional lives become more dependent on digital electronic devices. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, netbooks, and PCs are just some of the electronics that have become crucial to our daily lives. With new technology being developed so quickly, devices become outdated and sometimes obsolete within months. We are upgrading our digital appliances faster than ever to stay current with the latest and greatest technology and the result is cabinets, closets, and garages filling up with used electronic junk. Disposing of portable electronic devices isn’t as simple as tossing a candy wrapper into a trash can. […]

The Increasing Focus on Cyber Ethics Issues

Since the internet’s inception, hackers have labored to exploit it for everything from sophomoric mischief to theft and espionage. Accordingly, cybersecurity methods and solutions have grown more advanced and wide-ranging over time. This metaphorical arms race shows no signs of stopping as interconnected technologies become further ingrained in the fabric of professional life. Within the corporate sphere, some of the methods used to help ensure the safety of organizational data — everything from customer and employee information to financial records and product specifications — will provoke ethical questions. As IBM points out in its SecurityIntelligence blog, IT and information security […]

Best Tools for Identity Management

Identity theft continues to be a rapidly growing crime in the United States despite industry efforts to improve security measures, according to a new study by Javelin Strategy & Research, a California-based consulting firm. Incidents of identity theft jumped by 16 percent to affect 6.15 percent of U.S. consumers in 2016, for a total of $16 billion, Javelin Strategy & Research found. By comparison, 13.1 million consumers were targeted for a total of about $15 billion in 2015, researchers said. Identity theft comes in many different forms, including financial, medical, social media, criminal, and Social Security. It can affect anyone, […]

The rise of mobile attacks, and what that means for you

Mobile devices keep the world more connected than ever. That said, smartphones and tablets can be incredibly effective delivery systems for the most dangerous malware attacks, data breaches, and cyber thefts. Not long after Apple’s iPhone and the first Android phones entered the market, potential weak points in these devices were being sought out by cyber attackers. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s US-CERT cybersecurity division noted that by 2010, the number of exploitable entry points in smartphone operating systems had jumped 42% from the previous year. Consider, then, how much more advanced smartphones, tablets, and other devices have become. […]

Public WiFi Protection Against Ghost Phishing (And Other Threats)

Public WiFi is a convenient way to stay connected wherever you go, but it can also provide easy access for unscrupulous hackers unless proper security measures are taken. And even with appropriate protection, a determined hacker can still gain access to private information. Wireless access points are not always what they seem. Experienced hackers can emulate a WiFi access point on their own computer and force you to connect to the internet through them rather than through the public WiFi router. Malicious hackers can even force your computer to switch to their access point without you even noticing. The process […]

Common Cybersecurity Issues That Organizations Face

Cybersecurity is a top concern for today’s business owners and technology executives, and with good reason. In the first half of 2020 alone, 36 billion records were exposed due to data breaches, according to a report generated by the firm RiskBased Security. Hackers are aware of common vulnerabilities that plague businesses and organizations, keeping cybersecurity professionals constantly on their toes. As the ability to access cyberspace expands due to tech innovations, the number of cybersecurity issues organizations may face also grows. Organizations and cybersecurity attacks Cybersecurity attacks can happen to any organization at any time. In 2020, established organizations such […]