Bachelor's in Cyber Security

Industries Still Lagging Behind in Cyber Security

With the increased threat of cyber crimes, industries across the country are becoming more aware of the need to increase cyber security efficiency. While some are making large steps to become more secure, there are still large industries lagging behind. By gaining an understanding of the ever increasing threat, there is hope for improvement in the years to come. United States Government After a major security breach last year in the Office of Personnel Management, the United States Government is doing its best to increase cyber security. Despite improvements, a new report from risk assessors SecurityScorecard shows the government still […]

Two Technologies Changing Cyber Security

As individuals, corporations and government agencies increasingly store and transmit digital information, the ability to protect this valuable data becomes more important. Unfortunately, cyber theft and cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated and prolific each year meaning cyber security is more important than ever. Luckily, breakthroughs in cyber security are also happening at an increasing rate, which allows these organizations to stay one step ahead of those who attempt to commit cyber crimes. Single Photon Generation A research team at the University of Sydney has solved an issue that could cause a major breakthrough in the way information is transmitted, […]