Bachelor's in Cyber Security

Genomics Cybersecurity Issues

In 2011, former Apple CEO and pancreatic cancer victim Steve Jobs paid about $100,000 to Illumina, one of the world’s leading genomics firms, to sequence his DNA in an effort to further the fight against cancer. A mere three years later, the same company offered a complete DNA sequence for only $1,000. In 2017, sequencing costs less than $200, and the price includes a laundry list of data analytics results that are both fascinating and incredibly insightful. Such a dramatic price drop in such a short period of time has resulted in a massive influx of genomics requests. Consumer-facing companies […]

Blockchain and Bitcoin Cyber Security Risks

Cyber security breaches and violations are increasingly on people’s minds and in the news as new threats appear more and more often, compromising our personal data and causing economic damage. Currency manipulation, identity theft and fraud, and web-based espionage are all among the possible calamities that “black-hat hackers” — hackers with bad intentions — can bring about if given the opportunity. In the financial arena, certain alternative techniques can help reduce the chances of costly security breaches. The cryptocurrency bitcoin now has a global presence as a result of its highly secure nature, which stems from the use of information […]

The Difference Between Cybersecurity in Hollywood and Reality

Computer hacking isn’t a new concept in the real world or popular culture. According to a retrospective piece in CNN, one of the earliest high-profile hacking incidents occurred in 1983 and involved a group of teenagers calling themselves “the 414s.” As described by Timothy Winslow, one of the group’s members, they broke into several computer networks housing extremely sensitive information: the Los Alamos National Laboratory, Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City and the Los Angeles-based Security Pacific Bank, among others. The 414s didn’t steal anything or cause serious damage – they were motivated by curiosity – but the […]

The Broadening Dimensions Of Data Governance

If to govern something means to bring order to it, then data governance involves the ordering and management of data. In its early stages, data governance was viewed as an inconvenient,regulatory mandate devised to ensure that private information didn’t fall into the wrong hands. Today, the scope of data governance not only protects data, it also manages business intelligence, content, and security, and is instrumental in analytics, modeling, and quality control. With business intelligence and analytics revenues predicted to skyrocket in the near future, employers are going to be in need of well-trained, experienced workers in any and all fields […]

Cybersecurity and Risk Assessment

Company leaders recognize the risks for businesses operating in the digital space. As a result, management-level professionals need to be mindful of cybersecurity and risk assessment — and the various threats presented through the internet. If you’re an IT and information security professional — or are considering a graduate degree in the cybersecurity field — read on to learn about high-end cyber threat assessment measures. These numbers show a significant improvement from the state of cybersecurity in businesses about a decade ago, when hacking was a known issue but not taken quite as seriously. However, fewer organizations use in-depth cybersecurity […]

Creating a Strong Password: Guidelines for Securing Your Accounts

In cybersecurity, passwords must serve as the first line of defense for individual users and massive corporate networks alike. It can be easy to underestimate them with high-level encryption methods like SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and its successor TLS (Transport Layer Security), advanced firewalls, and antivirus software that can eradicate the most intricately built malware and Trojan scams available. But without the initial barrier that passwords provide, recent history has borne out the fact that malicious hackers with enough determination and the right coding and exploit-creation experience can find their way into most network infrastructures. These days, because of how […]

Tailored For Cyber Security Graduate Program Admittance

Students pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Cyber Security have chosen their career path wisely. And those who continue their studies to obtain a Master’s of Science in Cyber Security could hardly be positioned better for job prospects. Cybercrime damage is predicted to reach $6 trillion by 2021 and, consequently, cyber security spending will reach nearly $1 trillion between 2017 and 2021, according to Cyber Security Market Report Editor-In-Chief Steve Morgan in his 2017 article, “Top 5 Cybersecurity Facts, Figures, And Statistics For 2017.” Consequently, cyber security graduates are going to become a hot commodity over the next several years […]

Viral Surveys On Facebook Are Fraught With Risk

In late April 2017, a seemingly innocuous Facebook post went viral. To partake in the fun, Facebook users simply list the names of 10 musical events/concerts they had attended in person at some point in their lives. Nine of those concerts should be true, and one is supposed to be a lie. Once posted, friends could comment on which concert they believed to be false. The problem with the “10 Concerts I’ve Been To, One Is A Lie” post is that it provides a wealth of information that hackers can use to log into personal accounts and steal the identities […]

A Career In Cyber Security May Provide Job Security

As more and more companies fall victim to cyber attacks, the demand for employees who can manage and prevent these digital infringements are in extremely high demand. Cisco, the worldwide leader in information technology and networking, estimated the number of cyber security job openings at one million, according to a 2015 report. Moreover, the demand for cyber security professionals is expected to climb to six million by 2019. “Cyber security hiring challenges will be impacted by the Internet of Everything (IoE), which represents an unprecedented opportunity to connect people, processes, data, and things,” the same report explains. “While IoE will […]

What We Learned From Infamous Hacking Incidents

As undeniably advanced cyber security has become, in many respects, it’s equally impossible to refute the idea that it still has quite a way to go. This has been made evident to business, financial and tech security breaches, hacking incidents and mass identity thefts that have been documented. From consumer retail and payment processing to health care and software, virtually no commercial sector has gone unaffected by this phenomenon. In order to fully understand what vulnerabilities may need to be faced in the future, it’s important to examine the circumstances regarding some of the biggest and most damaging hacks and […]