Bachelor’s in Marketing

Bachelor’s in Marketing and Bachelor’s in Business Administration Information Session

Transcript Michael Lis:  Hello everyone. Hopefully you can hear me now, I apologize. Hopefully everybody can hear me. I am going to go back and backtrack for a minute here. I do apologize, as it appears that my technology was not working. Welcome to the Maryville online program information session. Today we’ll be discussing the Bachelor’s of Science, and business administration, the Bachelor’s of Science in marketing as well. I apologize for the brief technical issues we were having. But before we begin, let me discuss some laundry items with everybody today, some housekeeping agendas. Michael Lis: First of all, […]

11 Modern Marketing Skills for Business Innovators to Master

Technology and social media have made a profound impact on marketing over the past few years. So much so, that small business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers may need to update their skill sets to properly engage with he next generation of consumers (Gen Z) while effectively leveraging progressive technologies. Want to learn new marketing techniques to help you speak to GenZ? We can help. Get Program Details Gen Z’s Purchasing Power Gen Z is currently one of the largest consumer groups. 73.6 million Americans fit this group, defined by those under 18 that were born after 2000. This represents 22% […]