Advertising vs. Public Relations: Career Options for English Majors

Brands are a ubiquitous part of modern society. Although we may not realize it, everyone is impacted by branding every day: It seems that nearly everything we interact with is branded, from the products we buy to the media we consume and the social media content we post. Take a company like Nike, for instance. The brand is synonymous with athletic prowess, associated with sports stars, fitness, and the well-known tagline “Just Do It.” Taking it a step further, we can even look at the materials that are found in some of Nike’s products. Gore-Tex, a waterproof membrane, can be […]

At-Home Workout Ideas for Students

When a growing number of states began to issue stay-at-home orders as a means of mitigating the spread of the coronavirus in March of 2020, gyms were among the first businesses ordered to close. Fitness enthusiasts were left scrambling. Many wondered if, in the absence of a regular exercise routine, they could stave off the “quarantine 15.” They also questioned whether they’d be able to work out at home and still maintain a quasi-normal exercise regime. The answer, many learned, was a resounding yes. People quickly discovered that there are numerous ways to incorporate exercise into daily life at home […]

What Is a Network Security Key? Understanding a Crucial Digital Security Concept

The evolution of the internet and technology has been swift. Online users have more access to tools and digital services than ever before, providing them a previously unimagined level of information and convenience. However, alongside the rapid development of the internet has been a growing number of cyber threats. From individuals having their credit card numbers stolen to massive corporate data breaches, the threats to online security are real, but tools are in place to keep these attacks at bay. Network security keys are digital measures that help to protect internet users when they’re online. Dive into how network security […]

Writing for the Screen: How to Write a Movie Screenplay

Tables of Contents What Is a Screenplay? A Look at the Common Screenplay Format Examples of Effective Screenplays How to Format Dialogue What Are Some Common Screenplay Writing Techniques? How to Become a Screenplay Writer: A Step-by-Step Process What ambitious professional writer has not fantasized about seeing his or her name in huge, shining letters on-screen during a film’s credit sequence: Written by [insert your name here]? Before that can happen, though, a writer must learn how to write a movie screenplay. Screenwriting has long been considered a “glamour” position among wordsmiths. Since the early 20th century, when silent movies […]

Halfway to the Top: Career Advancement for Mid-level Employees

Perhaps you remember your first job, working in the food industry, retail, or as an assistant in an office. Maybe you worked during high school or college, or started your first entry-level job after graduating. As the working world is growing more competitive, many entry-level jobs are starting to require a college degree and some type of work experience. The process of beginning a career as an entry-level employee and working up in the field by gaining experience usually takes a good amount of time. Most professionals work between 25 and 40 years, so mid-career points vary. The U.S. Bureau […]

8 Types of Digital Marketing for Promoting a Business

In recent years, digital devices and social media have transformed the field of marketing. Businesses no longer rely solely on radio advertisements, billboards, and print ads, but reach their audiences online through content, email, social media, and other types of digital marketing. How can business owners take advantage of the benefits of digital marketing if they aren’t digital marketing experts? How can they know which marketing channels would best promote their product or service? At a time when more customers are looking to shop online, digital marketing tactics have become an integral aspect of business. Let’s look at eight types […]

A Guide to Archives and How To Use Them for Research

Archives are typically used by those looking for resources to successfully and accurately conduct research about the past. First Nations peoples may use archival records to establish legal claims to both land and privileges guaranteed by federal and provincial governments. Historians and others interested in history may also use archives to get a better understanding and first look at artifacts from the past. Others who might make use of archives include: ArchaeologistsAuthorsEnvironmental engineersFilmmakersGenealogistsProfessorsProperty ownersStudents The artifact type determines how it is stored. For example, paper records are usually stored in acid-free folders and boxes that are then placed in dark spaces with […]

The Writer’s Online Toolkit

Writing is a craft that includes a variety of different individual parts. There are a number of creative jobs for those who excel in writing, reading, persuasion, research, and analysis. Today, there are more than enough resources to develop and refine writing skills in addition to getting a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. Apps can help make a writer’s current process more efficient. Below are some of the most commonly used writing strategies and tools, and a breakdown of their cost and function. Read A great way to help expand your writing skills is to read. Stephen King once […]

5 Tips for Organizing and Managing Your Busy Household

If you’re an adult learner, you often wear many hats. Along with being a student, you may be a spouse, an employee, a parent, and, in some cases, your family’s chef, personal driver, and activities coordinator. With so many tasks to manage (and the sometimes overwhelming feeling that you have half a dozen balls in the air at any given time), staying on top of everything can feel challenging, to say the least. If you’re trying to find ways to keep professional deadlines, kids’ school projects, online college coursework, and every other item you have stacked on your to-do list […]

Social Media Safety Guide for Parents

In a 2015 Pew Research survey, one in three parents expressed concerns over their children’s use of the internet, social media, and cellphones. Despite a generally held belief that kids are comfortable with social media and surfing the web, they are young and still learning. Stepping in and teaching kids how to safely navigate the web may not only address concerns, but also deter risky or inappropriate behavior. While the way a parent monitors their child’s social media activity is ultimately up to them, there are a few suggestions and pieces of information that can go along way. Below is […]