Crisis Communication Tips for PR Professionals

Table of Contents What is Crisis Management?Crisis Communications TipsCrisis Communications ExamplesHow to Write a Crisis Communications PlanCrisis Communications on Social Media A badly handled PR crisis can have a negative impact on companies for years, driving away customers and damaging brand reputation. Images like a doctor being dragged off a plane (remember the United Airlines debacle?) or hashtags like #DeleteUber tend to linger in the public’s mind. However, when a negative situation is managed with a premeditated mitigation strategy, a potential crisis can be turned into a loyalty-building marketing event. Businesses of all types and sizes must develop crisis communication strategies to prepare for […]

The Kids Become The Teachers: At-Home Tips For Students Who Are Also Parents

If Americans were asked what the typical college student looks like, it’s likely that most would describe a 20-year-old carrying a backpack. But today’s college student demographics are much different. In fact, the National Center for Education Statistics found that during the fall 2019 semester, 7.4 million college students were age 25 years or older, while data from the National Postsecondary Student Aid Study found that nearly 1 in 5 undergraduates are parents. The study also found that students who are parents have higher GPAs than those who do not have children. Student-parents deserve to be congratulated, because finding ways […]

6 Steps to Creating an Effective Study Space

According to The New York Times, at the beginning of March 2020, 30% of undergraduate students were enrolled in online classes and 13% were learning completely online. These numbers increased dramatically as most universities shifted to online learning for the remainder of the spring 2020 semester. If you’re among the millions of students who now find themselves taking classes online, or even if you’ve had a few semesters of online learning under your belt, online learning presents some unique challenges. From meeting virtually with professors and attending Zoom classes to studying for tests and writing papers, the amount of work […]

What Business Owners Can Learn From the Biggest Data Breaches

Data breaches cost organizations an average of $3.86 million in 2018, according to IBM’s 2018 Cost of a Data Breach Study. Cyber attacks and data breaches are serious threats to companies today, and business owners need to take steps to protect their companies’ data to avoid suffering crippling losses of money and resources. To learn more, check out the infographic below created by Maryville University’s Online Bachelor’s in Cyber Security program. Add This Infographic to Your Site <p style="clear:both;margin-bottom:20px;"><a href="" rel="noreferrer" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="How companies can keep their data safe from the potentially devastating effects of a data breach." style="max-width:100%;" […]

The Evolution of Social Media: How Did It Begin, and Where Could It Go Next?

Table of Contents A Brief History of Social Media ○ The Launch of Social Sites Social Media: End Users and BusinessesHow Marketing Pros Utilize Social MediaWhat’s Next For Social Media The evolution of social media has been fueled by the human impulse to communicate and by advances in digital technology. It is a story about establishing and nurturing personal connections at scale. According to Merriam-Webster, social media is defined as “forms of electronic communication (such as websites for social networking and microblogging) through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content (such as videos).” […]

A Mental Health Crisis Guide for Schools

Mental health is a combination of our emotional, psychological, and social well-being, affecting how we think, feel, and act. Our mental health also plays a factor in how we handle stress, relate to others, and make decisions. People who manage their mental health well are able to cope with the stressors of life, be productive both in and outside of work, and make meaningful contributions to their communities. Those who struggle to manage mental health may suffer from a mental illness. A mental illness is a common health condition that involves changes in emotions, thought patterns, and behavior. In fact: […]

Tips for Aspiring Mompreneurs

The term “mompreneurship” has become increasingly prevalent in the past decade. A growing number of moms are not only realizing they have what it takes to raise children and run a small business, but also doing it successfully. The statistics are compelling. For example, Funding Circle, a peer-to-peer lending marketplace, reports that approximately 1 in 3 United States-based small-business owners are mothers. A poll by 99 Designs, an online graphic design marketplace, found that 79% of mompreneurs have one to two children, and 71% are primary child care providers. An impressive 80% of mompreneurs polled said they didn’t start their […]

Never Too Late For a Degree: 11 Benefits of a College Education for Professional Advancement

Many U.S. high school graduates continue their education by attending college and completing a degree. Unfortunately, according to the U.S. census data, an estimated 46 million Americans have some college credits but do not graduate. For those who were not able to earn a college degree immediately after high school, the brave decision to enroll in a program later in life can benefit both them and their loved one. People are our nation’s greatest resource, and continuing education can open the doors to a limitless future. With the support of student services, experienced teaching faculty, and dedicated admissions specialists, students […]

6 Things to Do Before Graduating from an Online Degree Program

Whether you’ve completed a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral program, earning a college degree is a huge accomplishment and important milestone. You should be proud of the hard work and dedication you have put into earning your degree. As you embark on your next chapter in life, it is important to take advantage of the strong relationships and personal connections you have made throughout your time in school. If you’re among the new graduates who have already started to prepare for the future (e.g., you’ve updated your resume and started to brush up on your interviewing skills), you may be a […]

Turn Your College Experience into Employability: Practical Career Advice for New Graduates

If you’re graduating from an online bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree program this year, you may be wondering how to amplify your job search and find career success. Although some new graduates think that adding a college degree to their resumes will automatically lead to job offers, landing fresh-out-of-school employment isn’t always easy. Graduates who actively network, practice their interviewing skills, and understand how to write a standout resume and cover letter are likely to find this preparation can help create job opportunities. Use Your Network There is an old saying that landing a job is 10% what you know […]