Information Security Analyst vs. Database Administrator

Humans generate a mind-boggling amount of data each day, and the numbers keep growing. According to the World Economic Forum, by 2020, there will be 40 times more bytes of data stored around the globe than there are stars in the observable universe. That data can come in the form of emails, social media posts, or internet searches — all generated by apps, financial transactions, store purchases, and more. Every click, GPS ping, and Spotify stream is data. All this information is then kept on servers and in cloud storage around the globe. As the amount of data grows, so […]

Healthcare Management vs. Healthcare Administration

Healthcare facilities don’t run themselves. Hospitals, outpatient operations, psychiatric institutions, and other organizations rely not only on doctors, nurses, and technicians but also on business-minded professionals who handle personnel and financial management. Healthcare professionals learn how to treat patients and manage illnesses, but it’s not their responsibility to balance budgets, run information systems, or lead these organizations, some of which employ hundreds of people. It takes managers and administrators, whose education combines business principles with knowledge of the healthcare landscape, to fill those roles. Healthcare management and healthcare administration professionals have similar work environments but different duties in the healthcare […]

Content Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

Without marketing, even the best products and companies can struggle to make an impact. If consumers don’t hear about the product, they’ll never buy it. If companies don’t market themselves, no one will know about them. With effective marketing strategies, businesses can shape how people perceive them and their products. Modern marketing has gone digital, extending beyond the old standbys of television ads, billboards, and radio spots. Today’s tools enable companies to “micro niche”: target specific demographics and track the actions of potential customers. Two popular forms of online advertising are content marketing and digital marketing, which need specialized professionals. […]

Community Manager vs. Social Media Manager

Careers in communication involve interaction. Whether a position relates to media outlets, business tactics, or matters of public interest, high-quality audience engagement is foundational to any successful communication-based strategy. Controlling this engagement is also important; with the proliferation of online and web-based platforms giving customers a stronger voice, steering the conversation to foster strong public relationships and place an entity in a positive light is more important than ever. Because of this, community managers and social media managers can be crucial players in a business’s growth strategy. While they share some similarities, it’s important for students interested in a communication […]

Business Analyst vs. Financial Analyst

The business and financial world continues to grow every day. Large corporations merge with others, acquiring new workers, systems, and revenue streams. New companies enter existing markets, potentially affecting the value and direction of their rivals. Stock markets fluctuate second by second as a result of interactions with one another or global events. Corporations employ skilled specialists in many different fields. Such specialists include business analysts and financial analysts who help determine a company’s future, but what’s the difference between a business analyst and a financial analyst? Business analysts and financial analysts help organizations gain a greater understanding of operations, […]

Business Analyst vs. Data Scientist

Big data is at the forefront of discussions concerning business performance. While it isn’t a cure-all for a business’s woes, the proper use of analytics can help a company understand its customers’ needs and meet them efficiently. Business analysts and data scientists are both crucial to turning a company’s data into useful, actionable advice. These professions share similarities and differences, and individuals interested in a career in data should have a solid grasp of each before choosing to invest time and effort in one. What Is a Business Analyst? Business analysts use data to bridge the gap between information technology […]

BA vs. BS Psychology

Psychology is the study of the mind, a discipline that encompasses topics such as cognition, emotion, human development, and the biological and social aspects of behavior. If you’re interested in the field, you may want to pursue a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology or a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Psychology. Explore the similarities and differences of the two degrees, from curricula and career paths to job outlook, so you can choose the best program for your goals. An Overview of the Two Degrees A Bachelor of Arts in Psychology usually features courses in social psychology, psychology and ethics, […]

Digital Marketing Strategy: Key Components & Tips to Get Started

Tables of Contents What Is Digital Marketing Strategy?What Is Life Cycle Marketing?What Are the Components of Digital Marketing?Market Research Tools for Digital MarketingMeasuring Success Through Digital Marketing MetricsThe Future of Digital Marketing In 2000, 52% of Americans used the internet on a regular basis, according to Pew Research. The digital age was just getting started. By mid-2019, 90% of Americans were internet users. A generation had reached adulthood knowing only a world shaped by digital technology. The first 20 years of the 21st century have been a period of rapid digital growth. Computers and internet connections have gotten much faster. […]

Organizational Change Management Guide for Developing Innovators & Leaders

Tables of Contents What Is Organizational Change Management?Organizational Change Management StrategiesOrganizational Change ExamplesHow to Change Organizational CultureResources for Organizational Change Management Organizational change can range from a digital transformation to a new CEO. When a major transition occurs — whether with tools, processes, or people — businesses must ensure that operations run smoothly and employees are on board with the change. If companies aren’t prepared for potential disruptions in the process, organizational change goals may not be achieved. When organizational change management techniques are applied, companies can more easily navigate complex transitions. For instance, if employees resist change, companies can […]

Tips from the Dean: Get to Know Your Student Support Services

At some point as you earn your degree, you’re going to need support or guidance. Rather than wait for that moment to arrive, often unexpectedly, it’s wise to research the types of available services that are designed for your well-being. Whether you’re looking for counseling, career advice, academic support, or tutoring, you have many options. Katherine Louthan, dean of the School of Adult & Online Education at Maryville University, is here to explain common and innovative student support services. Be early. Build an advantage. One of the bravest things you can do for yourself as a student is to think about your personal needs, Louthan advises. […]