Digital Tools in Higher Education: Empowered Learning

The future of higher education is digital — something that Dr. Mark Lombardi, president of Maryville University, recognized long before many other university leaders. “Maryville is leading the revolution because we understand the way students engage with learning and information is fundamentally different than it was in the past,” Dr. Lombardi told Maryville Magazine. With its comprehensive approach to leveraging digital tools in education, Maryville University is leading the charge. “The demands of a rapidly evolving digital world, the democratization of knowledge, the availability and access of content, and the fierce market demands of demographic change combined with price sensitivity and public scrutiny […]

Shaping the Cybersecurity Leaders of Tomorrow: Insights from Maryville Online Students

The Maryville Online Master’s in Cybersecurity can equip students with the most sought-after technical skills, business acumen, and valuable certifications such as CISSP, ECSA, ECES, CISA, CCSP, and Splunk Core Certified Power User. Enrolled students can gain expertise in auditing, troubleshooting, risk analysis, governance, pen testing, and credentials required for management and C-suite positions in the cybersecurity field. Three Maryville Online students – Brandy Gordon, Tina Lampe, and Ayesha Akhtar – share their graduate cybersecurity program experiences. Why did you choose to obtain your degree online instead of on campus? What made you choose Maryville Online over other online colleges to pursue […]

Guide to Small Business Grants in Missouri

Types of Small Business Grants The main grant types in the U.S. are federal, state, local, and corporate. These grants often focus on a specific group of people or industry or are general funds awarded through a contest. Sometimes grants are only offered once, but they are often awarded annually. Federal grants come directly from the U.S. government. They may be given to a state, region, or county that will then choose individuals to award. These grants may also be awarded directly to an individual or business. For some federal grants, only nonprofit or community-run organizations are eligible, so it’s […]

The Value of Different Perspectives in Professional and Learning Environments

“We don’t get harmony when everybody sings the same note.” These words from author Steve Goodier speak to the value of being open to different perspectives. Often the richest learning and discoveries happen when people listen to the varied and unique perspectives of co-workers, fellow students, and other people they encounter. When you open yourself to new ideas, you expand your perspective and view of the world. Expand Your Thinking Learning about the experiences of others can expand one’s thinking and scope of experience. Kathryn Funk shares an experience she had as an online Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) […]

Maryville University’s online Bachelor of Social Work Program Earns CSWE Accreditation

ST. LOUIS (April 18, 2023) — Maryville University today announced that its online Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree program has received accreditation from the Council of Social Work Education (CSWE). As the sole accrediting body for social work programs in the United States, accreditation from the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) Commission on Accreditation (COA) allows BSW graduates to apply for advanced degrees and licensures. In addition to future BSW graduates being recognized as graduating from an accredited program, the accreditation also is applied retroactively for students who entered or graduated from the program during its 2020 candidacy period. […]

How to Stay Healthy in College: Tips for Students

Staying healthy in college is an important component of success. Getting enough sleep can help ensure you’ll remain mentally alert during class and while working on homework assignments. Eating whole, nutritious foods (as opposed to a diet of pizza, potato chips, and meal replacement bars) can help you remain focused and energized. The benefits of staying healthy while learning aren’t just anecdotal. A significant association has been documented between students’ dietary behaviors, health, and academic performance, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Staying on top of your health can help you ward off illness and maintain […]

Best Productivity Tools of 2023

Adult learners trying to be parents, partners, employees, and students simultaneously can find that staying on top of their various responsibilities is difficult. If you’re among the millions of adults who aren’t highly organized, some of your must-do tasks like finishing homework assignments, finalizing work projects, hiring a plumber, picking up the dry cleaning, or baking cupcakes for an event at your child’s school can get lost in the mix. The good news is that several apps and websites are now available that can help you manage your time, your finances, and other aspects of your life. Below are a […]

How to Stay Relevant in Today’s Job Market

The nation added an impressive 517,000 new jobs in January 2023, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) — more than twice what economists had predicted. Not only were job gains in the first month of 2023 robust, the BLS further reported that the unemployment rate fell to 3.4%, its lowest level since 1969. Professionals interested in increasing their ability to advance in areas where job growth is strongest, such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and healthcare, may be interested in learning more about how to stand out in today’s competitive job market. Anyone concerned about staying relevant, […]

AI in Business: Ethical Considerations

Around 77% of all companies use or are exploring the use of artificial intelligence (AI), according to a recent IBM survey. AI tools can help companies boost efficiency, reduce expenses, and increase productivity. In healthcare, AI can find patterns in patient data to help clinicians develop customized care plans. In finance, AI can detect fraudulent activities to protect banks and customers. In transportation, AI can improve traffic flow and reduce congestion. And the list goes on. Though AI innovations can deliver many exciting results, business professionals should consider AI ethical concerns alongside the technology’s potential benefits. Earning an advanced degree […]

The Role of Motivation in Employee Retention

Taylor is late to work every day, calls in sick once a week, and feels unheard and unappreciated. At the same company, Hayden volunteers ideas at team meetings, goes the extra mile for clients, and feels part of a meaningful mission. Hayden is engaged and motivated, and is therefore more likely than Taylor to work hard, stay with the company, and champion it to others. Lack of engagement and motivation, like Taylor’s, typically leads to high employee turnover, which costs companies time, money, and talent. On the other hand, strong engagement and motivation, like Hayden’s, leads to high employee retention. […]