Doctorate in Education

Online EdD Student Experience

Transcript Chris Gearin: Thinking about a Doctorate for a long time and looking for a program that would fit into my needs, my schedule. As an administrator, I’m pretty busy. I finally found this and it’s just been a perfect match. I was very impressed by the faculty that I met first off. The program’s design, I know what trips up a lot of doctoral students is the once they finish the coursework then the dissertation work begins. In this program, you’re doing it concurrently, so I think that solves one of the biggest problems in doctoral programs. Kelnita Pierson: […]

Trends in Higher Education

A number of challenges and opportunities are arising as new trends enter the higher education landscape. As you pursue your Online Doctor of Education – Higher Education Leadership, consider how the following trends may impact your growing career: Online Learning Online learning options are growing and fundamentally changing the higher education industry. Higher education leaders are finding that more and more students appreciate the flexibility as well as the time and money options that are associated with online classwork. Further, institutions are able to grow through online course options by increasing enrollment and securing long term success. Accountability and ROI […]

A Day in the Life of a College Administrator

There’s no such thing as a “typical day” for college administrators, because much of what they do is determined by the needs of their college or university. That means that as a college administrator, you may be interacting directly with students during the first half of the day and participating in policy meetings during the second half. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the duties of a college administrator generally fall into four categories: admissions, registration, student affairs, and academic policy. The day-to-day responsibilities for some administrators may only focus on one of these areas, but it’s not unusual for them to be involved in all of them. In fact, the BLS projects that employment in this field will increase 4% […]

3 Solutions to Challenges in Higher Education

A career in higher education can be an enriching work experience, not only from a professional development perspective, but a sense of belonging as well. When everyone under the academic umbrella – administrators, faculty and students – is working toward the common goal of success, the fruits of labor-intensive efforts can be realized and shared. At the same time, though, as administrators can attest, higher education can also have its challenges. The following are some of the biggest demands in the higher education sphere and what leadership can do to accomplish them. Challenge No. 1: Payments associated with college attendance […]

As more students attend college, higher education roles should adapt

The educational system continues to present new challenges for higher education administrators. More students are enrolling in college, according to a recent report from the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. This enrollment increase will affect multiple roles in higher education, starting with admissions. The changing role of admissions Individuals interested in working in admissions may have to create a new way of measuring student achievement. Private high schools lead the charge for a change in the process. Inside Higher Ed reported that this new approach, known as competency-based education, measures analytical and creative thinking, leadership and teamwork and digital […]

How to Become a College President

If one were to compare the variety of positions in post-secondary education with the great peaks of the Earth, college president is akin to Mount Everest: it’s the highest, most prestigious of them all. Furthermore, also much like the magnificent landmass, few have ascended to the top of the post-secondary education world without a tremendous amount of effort and exertion along the way – both in the mental and the physical sense of the term. Fortunately, with a Doctor of Education in Higher Education Leadership from institutions such as Maryville University, graduates may be more prepared for this position. At […]

How Technology is Changing Access to the College Experience

Twenty years ago, most students installed a desktop computer in their dorm room to complete coursework. If they needed to use a computer while on campus, they went to a computer lab or the library. Cell phones were far from “smart” and didn’t have apps, and texting was relatively new. More connected students today than ever before Today’s college students are much more invested in technology than those of two decades ago. For example, according to survey data from the Pew Research Center, roughly half of all Americans own a tablet device or some form of screen reader. Today, college students bring multiple devices with them everywhere they go, and information is at their fingertips 24/7. When […]

What Higher Education Administrators Can Learn About Addressing Social Issues on Campus

Engaging with social issues is an integral part of higher education for students and administrators alike. Colleges can bring people together from across the world that share the same concerns, which can translate into activism through change. Students often become more active in social issues during their college careers. “There’s a renaissance of political activism going on, and it exists on every major campus,” Harold Levy, a former chancellor of New York City’s public schools, told The Atlantic. Administrators can offer opportunities for students to discuss current political events, helping to enrich their lives as community members and prepare them […]

Maryville University Online EdD Program

Transcript Kelnita Pierson: When I looked at the program, I looked at the coursework, I looked at the structure of the program and this, by far, was the best for me. Jill Lane: And I stalled for a while shopping around programs. Then, I landed on Maryville and everything I read about the program and everything I learned, I was like this is exactly what I want and what I need. Dobbie Herrion: I started at another institution which was a Ph.D. program. Didn’t quite fit my lifestyle and kind of where I was in life. And when I learned […]

Online EdD Application Personal Essay Tips

Submitting an essay is one of the items required to complete your application for the Online Doctor of Education (EdD) in Higher Education Leadership program. This tool is to provide clarity regarding what the content of that essay should be, as well as some helpful tips in order to submit a scholarly essay that addresses all elements the review committee looks for in an EdD application essay. Writing plays a significant role within the program and it requires a high level of writing aptitude. It is important to note that your essay will act as a representation of your ability […]