Maryville University Online EdD Program


Kelnita Pierson: When I looked at the program, I looked at the coursework, I looked at the structure of the program and this, by far, was the best for me.

Jill Lane: And I stalled for a while shopping around programs. Then, I landed on Maryville and everything I read about the program and everything I learned, I was like this is exactly what I want and what I need.

Dobbie Herrion: I started at another institution which was a Ph.D. program. Didn’t quite fit my lifestyle and kind of where I was in life. And when I learned about Maryville’s cohort model, it’s been the best education experience of my life.

Jill Lane: I had over 20 years of work experience, what do I need to learn? And I entered in the program and I’m like oh my gosh. I have so much to learn.

Susan Bartel: We had a very successful on campus program. And so this gave us an opportunity to take what we perceive to be a very unique and quality program to those people who would not have access to it otherwise. What we wanna do is to build leaders for the future, not for now. So, it isn’t about teaching them the skills of today, it’s about how are you gonna handle the complex leadership challenges that we’re all gonna be faced with that we don’t even know about?

Robin Grebing: The process is unique for a couple of reasons, for several reasons. One is that students are writing their dissertation as they’re doing their doctoral coursework.

Dobbie Herrion: The work is real, the work is intense, but the faculty support, in my opinion is second to none.

Susan Bartel: Having the support of the cohort so that everyone’s success is important. People don’t drop out. Our attrition rate is very, very low and our graduation rate is very high.

Robin Grebing: These are courses developed – utilizing the technology to enhance the learning.

Susan Bartel: It’s my personal focus to make sure that we have a quality program that prepares students at least, if not better, than they would be prepared if they were in the on ground.

Jill Lane: It is a life changing commitment. You will never regret having done the program.

Dobbie Herrion: It’s such a worthwhile journey, especially if you’re gonna stay in higher education and you wanna do this and it’s necessary for what you wanna do. Everyone doesn’t need a doctorate. But if you’re gonna get one, get one from here, the level of support they give you, anyone can get through this, anyone can get through this.

Jill Lane: I came in wondering is this gonna be just jumping through hoops? And I’m leaving the program 2 ½ years later saying I am a different person than I was when I started this program. And I’m better at my job because of it.

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