Charlene Lopez Young and Family of The Fattened Caf

The Fattened Caf

Filipino BBQ Pop-up Restaurant

Maryville University is proud to support The Fattened Caf as part of our Digital Development Project. As a member of the St. Louis community ourselves, we’re here to contribute toward the growth and development of local businesses through online education and skills development. Because when restaurants like The Fattened Caf thrive, we all benefit.

The Fattened Caf at a Glance

Store Type: Filipino BBQ pop-up restaurant

#DigitalDevProject Representative: Charlene Lopez Young, COO

Neighborhood: South City, St. Louis (with a residency at the Earthbound Beer Brewery)

Mission: To celebrate and share Filipino cuisine and culture with the greater St. Louis area.

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The Fattened Caf is a pop-up restaurant in South City, St. Louis. We specialize in Filipino BBQ and have a residency at the Earthbound Beer Brewery on Cherokee Street.

As a transplant from Los Angeles, I went from being surrounded by places like the Historic Filipino Town and hundreds of Filipino restaurants to suddenly feeling unseen and unheard in St. Louis.

It started with game nights. My husband and business partner, Darren, would cook feasts of Filipino BBQ, and we would invite our friends over for game night and a meal. It was such a hit that our friends and their friends started asking us to cook for their events.

Eventually, The Fattened Caf was born. This year, we were named one of 2021’s Rising Stars by Feast magazine. During the pandemic, we had to pivot our business model to include consumer goods, so last year we began selling our house-made smoked Filipino sausages at Schnucks grocery stores. Today, our products are available in 67 Schnucks locations.

When I first moved here, I had a running joke that I was the only Filipino within a 10-mile radius from wherever I stood. … Filipino food was my way to introduce myself and my culture to St. Louis.

Why did you decide to participate in the Digital Development Program with Maryville University?

As a small business owner, my husband/business partner and I wear many hats. One of the biggest hats I wear is the social media/marketing manager. I run all our social media pages and our website.

The more we grow, the more we need to advance and develop our digital marketing strategies. Part of what I want to develop in digital marketing is how to use it for customer acquisition and retention.

Food from The Fattened Caf

Food from The Fattened Caf

Food from The Fattened Caf

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