Careers in Corporate Connection: Strategic Communication vs. Public Relations

The written and spoken word has become more important than ever. The ability to communicate thoughts, ideas, and messages through various media outlets has become key to doing business in the 21st century. In the United States’ consumer-driven economy, the way businesses, organizations, institutions, and public figures communicate their images to the public has a massive impact on their success. A creative advertising campaign can propel a new product to the top of the market, a strong PR campaign can win a bid to host the Olympics for a major city, and a bold marketing effort can bring extra acclaim […]

UX Designer vs. Graphic Designer: Breaking Down the Difference

Both user experience (UX) designers and graphic designers work with the primary elements of visual design to bring the digital world to life. However, it is important to note the differences between the two roles when considering a career as a UX designer versus a graphic designer. The former creates an experience for the audience through design, while the latter communicates a message through design. UX Designer Overview The primary goal of a UX designer is to shape the experience an audience feels when interacting with a piece of software, a website, an application, or other product. UX designers must […]

UX vs. UI Designers: Creating the Future of Digital Products

When a new app hits the market and goes viral, it’s not by accident. Application designers need more than a good idea to ensure a product gets noticed; they need a highly functional product that inspires users to tell their friends about it. A great look, feel, and experience provides the spark that can take an app from a few dozen downloads to thousands or millions. Many different elements of the user experience could interfere with the success of an app, from unclear buttons or text to a slow interface or confusing layout. UI Designer Overview UI designers are specialty […]

The Path to Becoming a Web Developer vs. Front-End Developer

You’re reading this article on a webpage that was designed to host images, video, and text. It’s connected to others in a network of webpages that form a web domain, more commonly known as a website. While you may find the website easy to navigate and understand, it’s built on a complex framework of coding in multiple programming languages — the result of hours upon hours of hard work by computer science professionals who know how to turn code into valuable content. These developers build websites from the ground up or on existing code, adding personal touches to increase speed, […]

Exploring Services: Human Services vs. Social Services

Human services is a diverse, far-reaching field driven by a singular goal: to help meet people’s basic needs. Social services is a subset of human services, and its primary mission is to create a more equitable society by enhancing the well-being of individuals in need. Social services workers often target the underrepresented, disadvantaged, and underserved — such as homeless and poverty-stricken populations. Both human and social services professionals ultimately aim to help people. Entering the human services and social services fields requires a distinct desire to serve and a profound empathy for other human beings. This article will examine the […]

Careers in Data: Data Analyst, Scientist, vs Engineer Professions

The amount of data we produce daily grows each year. According to Forbes, in 2018, we generated 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day, through millions upon millions of social media posts, news stories, financial transactions, and more. As corporations become more entrenched in data, they increasingly rely on data professionals to help them analyze it so they can use it to make crucial decisions. There are several key types of professionals who do this work. Data analysts, data engineers, and data scientists make a major impact in various industries. They all love numbers, analytics, and problem-solving but apply their […]

Computer Systems Analyst vs. Business Analyst: Looking at Two Distinct Careers

Leaders who make decisions based on facts run the business world. Consider this scenario: A CEO at a multinational tech corporation decides his business needs to launch a new product to stay ahead of the market. That CEO turns to his production team, which decides what type of product to pursue. That team then enlists designers and programmers to determine what the product will look like and how it will function. At every level, business professionals make decisions that impact their organization’s success. In the digital era, business executives, directors, and managers, as well as their employees, benefit from data […]

Humanitarian Aid Worker: How to Craft a Career Assisting with Global Issues

Tables of Contents What Is a Humanitarian? How to Become a Humanitarian Aid Worker Humanitarian Aid Workers Salary Human Rights Issues Today Best Humanitarian Organizations There is no greater calling than to work saving and protecting human lives. The number of people in need will explode in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. David Beasley, executive director of the World Food Programme, states that the crisis has created a “hunger pandemic” that amounts to a “humanitarian and food catastrophe.” Farmers’ organizations and the largest food companies in the world warn that food supplies across the globe will be “massively disrupted” […]

5 Winning Data-Driven Marketing Strategies

Tables of Contents What Is Data-Driven Marketing?5 Data-Driven Marketing StrategiesWhat Do Marketers Use to Analyze Big Data?Data-Driven Marketing BenefitsHow to Use Data-Driven Insights Ads permeate all media channels, causing people to pay for ad blockers and subscribe to ad-free services. However, consumers still respond favorably to some ads, and marketing and advertising budgets continue to grow, albeit more slowly than in the past. The key is to know which ads and ad channels will click with the consumers that the marketing campaign is targeting. To achieve this goal, advertisers apply data-driven marketing strategies that reach a campaign’s intended audience with […]

SQL Guide for Beginner Data Scientists and Developers

Tables of Contents What Is SQL? What Are Common SQL Commands? What Are SQL Data Types? SQL Careers The Importance of SQL to Data Scientists and Developers Businesses thrive by making good decisions based on relevant, up-to-date information about market and industry trends, competitors, and partners. One of the main ways companies access business intelligence to help them make those decisions is by extracting data from databases using the Structured Query Language (SQL, pronounced “sequel”). This SQL guide presents the language as the primary tool for querying databases to generate the reports that business managers rely on to make decisions. […]