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Obtaining an MBA can be essential for graduates who want to reach for the business world’s upper echelon, but some working professionals are hesitant to pursue an MBA due to time constraints. However, earning an MBA may take less time than you think. Many accredited MBA programs offer flexible learning options that make it possible for busy professionals to earn their degree in as little as one year.

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The MBA Defined

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) program goes beyond the foundational elements of business theory and practice. It equips students with a firm grasp of the business world from a management and leadership perspective, which can prepare them for advanced positions within the realm of business. Students can further sharpen their knowledge in a specific area of business through an MBA concentration, such as marketing or accounting.

In a sense, an MBA is defined by what it allows students to potentially achieve. The degree can carve the path to obtaining high-level leadership or management positions within a corporation. For jobs in some fields, such as investment banking, an MBA may be a prerequisite for employment.

MBA Completion Timeline

How long does it take to get an MBA? Not as long as many potential students might think. The proliferation of online programs and accelerated coursework options has made it possible for interested students to pursue an MBA on terms that meet the demands of their busy schedules.

Full-Time Online Programs

The power of the internet has made it possible to obtain an MBA from an accredited program remotely. Full-time online MBA programs exist for students who want to combine this cyberspace-fueled freedom with the traditional timeline associated with an on-campus setting. Pursuing an MBA full time typically requires a two-year commitment, however, students enrolled at Maryville University can earn a general MBA in as little as 1 year. In other words, if students choose the faster option, they’ll enter an accelerated program that packs the full-time online program into 12 months. While the shortened time frame can lead to heavier courseload, the intensity can foster a constant sense of engagement with the material. Even though the coursework time frame is tight, students can still follow a personalized schedule since the program is 100% online.

In some cases, students who have already attained an undergraduate degree in business may opt out of certain courses. Most full-time programs require enrollees to have at least three years of post-undergraduate professional experience.

Part-Time Online Programs

A part-time online MBA program may be an ideal option for those who wish to pursue an MBA but cannot commit to the rigors of a full-time schedule because of work, family, and miscellaneous commitments. These programs typically allow students to work on the curriculum periodically, as a student’s schedule allows. Part-time programs typically take at least three years to complete, and most programs may periodically accept students with fewer than three years of professional experience. Like the full-time online program, a part-time online program allows students the flexibility to personalize their academic schedules.

Full-Time On-Campus Programs

Going to school in a full-time, traditional setting typically requires a two-year commitment. It also requires attending courses in person, which can translate to about 12 hours per week in school. The courses run on a schedule set by the school; those enrolled in this program may need to adjust their personal schedules accordingly.

Part-Time On-Campus Programs

Pursuing an MBA in a part-time on-campus program has a few similarities with its full-time counterpart. It requires students to physically attend courses, which follow a set schedule that may require students to adjust their other obligations and activities. Because students are only enrolled part-time, completing the MBA degree may take at least three years.

Benefits of an Online MBA Program

As the concept of pursuing an MBA degree online becomes more widespread, the numerous advantages of doing so have gained prominence among prospective students. These benefits include:

  • No commute. Since the coursework takes place online, students just have to walk to their computers as opposed to driving across town to attend class.
  • Flexible schedule. Online programs are designed to fit around a student’s schedule, meaning the student doesn’t have to radically adjust his or her commitments.
  • Comparable completion time. Obtaining an MBA online typically takes as long as obtaining one in a traditional classroom setting. This is true in both full-time and part-time scenarios.
  • Equal value. An MBA earned through a reputable online postgraduate program carries just as much clout in the business world as one obtained through traditional on-campus means.
  • Ability to work and study simultaneously. Because of the flexibility of an online MBA program, students can pursue a degree without having to make changes or sacrifices to their work schedules.

Earn Your MBA Online at Maryville University

There is no difference between what a student learns in an online or on-campus MBA program;

however, the fundamental differences in convenience that separate the two paths are something that prospective students should consider as they look at programs. Students, for instance, can complete an online MBA program in as little as one year. Nevertheless, all MBA paths lead to one goal: the procurement of a powerful and influential advanced degree.

Find out how Maryville University’s online MBA program can help prepare you for an array of exciting, rewarding opportunities in business.


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