A Guide to Women in Business

Women are a force to be reckoned with in the business world and the reach and influence of women in business is growing with every generation. They continue to break down the barriers that have kept past generations from joining and enjoying the workforce, but there are still many hurdles to overcome, including the right to equal pay and acceptable workplace standards of propriety and respect towards women in all industries. Take control of your career as a woman entrepreneur using the online resources provided below. Learn more, innovate more, and succeed more.

Millennial Women: The Future of Entrepreneurship

This publication focuses on the role of millennial women as the future of independent entrepreneurship and how they are portrayed in the media. With new and growing methods of employment, these young women entrepreneurs have a bright and influential future.

The SBA’s: Women’s Business Center

The U.S. Small Business Administration offers women entrepreneurs a variety of resources based on the location of their business. Find state-specific business resources all in one convenient resource.

Women Impacting Public Policy

WIPP is a political organization made up of driven, innovative women interested in making a big difference in the political landscape. Women business owners may choose to take advantage of the resources and join WIPP to better their community.

Association of Women’s Business Centers

AWBC offers a variety of resources, webinars, and development tools for women entrepreneurs. From business planning to lasting success and spreading one’s influence, they make learning about business management more accessible for women.

How Will the Workplace Change for Women in 2018?

Explore the ways in which the workplace will change for women this year. With big changes on the horizon and more leadership roles opening up for women, there are lots of opportunities to take advantage of.

Entrepreneurial Advice from Six STEM Women

Young women entrepreneurs interested in STEM can take a word of advice from these innovative women in business.

Tackling the Gender Gap: What Women Entrepreneurs Need to Thrive

Women entrepreneurs often find themselves facing many unique challenges in the workplace, regardless of the industry they work in, they all share some commonalities. Learn more about how women entrepreneurs are bridging the gender gap and succeeding in the business world.

Celebrating Women Entrepreneur

Whether or not it’s National Women’s History Month, it is important to celebrate women entrepreneurs and the wonderful and innovative things they’ve brought to our communities.

Three Tips for Women Entrepreneurs

This video features three key tips for women entrepreneurs. Daphne Koller, the co-founder of Coursera speaks to women entrepreneurs in search of guidance and advice.

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: Understanding Success, Addressing Persistent Challenges and Identifying New Opportunity

Review a Senate hearing regarding the issues facing women entrepreneurs.

Women in Business

TED Talks presents a variety of videos featuring and about women in business. Watch and learn from these successful women entrepreneurs.

The 19 Most Powerful Women in Business 2017

CEOs and ambitious go-getters make up the 19 most powerful business.

Being a Female Entrepreneurship Can Be Lonely: This Woman is Changing That

There is a growing and supportive network out there for women entrepreneurs. Find out how this innovative entrepreneur is helping women entrepreneurs.

The Growing Power of Women in Business

Learn about the importance of and power of women in the business world. These women are making a difference and impacting the future of women in entrepreneurship.

Black Women in Business

The AABM is an organization dedicated to motivating and supporting strong black women to succeed in the business world.

Advice from the Boldest Women in Business

Forbes Inc. columnist and Likable Media co-founder Carrie Kerpen is rocking the business world. Find out what this bold woman in business has to say.

Top 15 Young Female Entrepreneurs and Their Rising Companies

These women are making their mark and building influential companies that may inspire future female entrepreneurs.

Readers’ Advice for Young Women in the Workplace

The New Yorker offers a wealth of advice to women interested in breaking into business for themselves.

Business Ideas for Undecided Women Entrepreneurs

Tips for women entrepreneurs on coming up with a new business idea.

Young Women’s Alliance

Connect with young women entrepreneurs and empower other women in business.