Digital List of Biology Resources

Biology, simply put, is the science of life and living things. Mastering biology and health science is important to understanding how the human body works and how humans interact with the plant and animal kingdoms to form the environment in which we live. Down to the tiniest cell, every part of a person is explained by biology. There are lots of interactive and fun activities online that can help you learn about biology. Online resources can help you complete your homework, study for the big test, and improve your grades in a way that feels like playing. Between cell biology, anatomy, zoology, and plant biology, there are lots of exciting lessons to build skills and make learning fun. There are also lots of experiments and science fair ideas you can try out at home, with no special lab equipment required!

Biology Junction Games

On this page, you will find an assortment of biology-related games. Topics covered include biochemistry, cells, biodiversity, and genetics.

Bioman Biology Games

The Bioman site provides games and virtual labs about a variety of biology topics. Some examples include physiology, cells, evolution, genetics, and the scientific method.

Games and Simulations From Ask a Biologist

This page has biology and anatomy games about bugs, lizards, venomous snakes, and humans.

Biology Games From Play Science Games

Practice your biology knowledge with games about anatomy, ecology, acids, and plant biology.

CellCraft Biology Games

Find a biology game for just about any topic!

Human Body Games

Here, you will find quizzes and games about the human body and health science.

Anatomy Arcade

Explore the inner workings of the human body with fun games and puzzles.

Reasoning in Science

Any student of biology or health science should start with an understanding of the scientific method. Read about it here!

Branches of Biology

An important part of understanding biology is understanding the different branches that make up the science. Read about all of the components of biology and what each type of scientist does.

Five Biological Experiments You Can Do at Home

Extract your own DNA, cultivate bacteria, create color-changing flowers, create a ball out of an egg, and learn to cook an egg with no heat.

Grow Your Own Mold

Ready to be grossed out? Learn how foods become moldy by growing mold in your kitchen!

Cell Mitosis Puzzle

This interactive game will help you learn how cells divide by the process known as mitosis.

Digestive and Endocrine System Game

This game is modeled after the television show “Deal or No Deal” and includes questions on human digestion and hormones.

Penalty Shootout: The Circulatory System

Answer questions about the human circulatory system to advance in this soccer game.

Cells Alive! Cell Model

This 3D model allows the viewer to examine the organelles of a plant or animal cell up close.

Khan Academy Biology Lessons

Improve your biology knowledge at home with these guided modules.

Your Brain Is You (video)

Dr. David Eagleman from the Baylor College of Medicine presents a video series on the health science of the human brain.

Biology Hangman

This classic Hangman game will help develop a biology vocabulary.

Test Your Dominant Side

People are not just left- or right-handed but have a dominant foot and eye, too! Perform this experiment at home to test which of your eyes, hands, and feet are strongest.

Learn the Skeletal System

Label and assemble the skeleton to help memorize the names of human bones.

Immune System Defense Forces

This interactive game explains how the immune system fights off germs.

Inside the Cell (PDF)

For further reading about cell biology outside of class, consult this workbook.

3-D Animations of the Human Cell

Get an up-close and personal look at each organelle that makes up a cell.

A Brief Guide to Genomics

Read about DNA, genes, and the Human Genome Project.

Bacteria in the Cafeteria

This game explores several types of microbes, some helpful and some harmful.

The Six Kingdoms

This helpful chart is a great reference for remembering the six classifications of organisms: archaebacteria, eubacteria, protists, fungi, plants, and animals.

The Effect of Video Games on the Body

Video games can help you learn about science in this fun experiment on the nervous system.

Heroic Ants

Answer health science questions about enzymes and buffers to launch an ant as far as you can!

Organelle Word Search

This site features a word search of cell organelles to test your memory of vocabulary words.

DNA Crossword Puzzle (PDF)

Do a classic crossword and quiz your knowledge of DNA.