Benefits of Becker CPA Exam Prep
Benefits of Becker CPA Exam Prep
Benefits of Becker CPA Exam Prep

The accounting industry continues to evolve based on a number of key factors. These include the evolving technologies that are available to it, the changing accounting needs of business organizations, and advancements in education and credentialing. The accounting landscape saw a major shift with the introduction of computers and accounting software platforms, and educators have adapted accordingly.

One of the prime requirements of becoming a certified public accountant (CPA) is obtaining the proper education and certification, including passing the CPA Exam. First introduced in New York in 1896, the CPA Exam is offered through the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). It tests candidates’ knowledge of accounting to confirm they meet the minimum requirements to become a CPA.

The CPA Exam is long, extremely rigorous, and has a pass rate of around 50%. As far as accounting certification exams go, it is the most challenging, but also the one that holds the highest value in the accounting industry.

Naturally, accounting students are keen to discover the best method to pass the test. One important piece of the puzzle is investing in a quality degree program that is mindful of CPA exam content, such as the online Master of Science in Accounting program offered at Maryville University. When it comes to the different exam preparation options available, none has a better reputation or higher exam pass rate than Becker’s CPA Exam Prep.

Why Becker Exam Preparation Is Critical in the Accounting Program Curriculum

One of the main reasons Becker holds a sterling reputation in the accounting industry is that it has such a high success rate in preparing students to take the CPA Exam. According to Becker’s data, its “Exam Day Ready” students pass the CPA exam with a 94% success rate, which is much higher than average. Considering that all four sections of the CPA Exam must be passed within 18 months, and must be taken one at a time, a successful first attempt is ideal.

Becker CPA Exam Prep provides one of the most comprehensive exam training programs, designed to appeal to a variety of different learners. It offers approaches that range from flashcards to practice tests. In addition, Becker regularly consults with the AICPA for guidance and information pertaining to any exam changes. As a result, the program uses the most current exam-matching materials, which are directly relevant to the contents of the exam.

The following are some of the top features of Becker CPA Exam Prep:

  • Personalized learning enabled by adaptive AI technology
  • A variety of practice exams that mirror the actual exam
  • Smartphone app and video game for enhanced learning experience
  • Different package types to accommodate a range of abilities and costs

How Maryville’s Online Accounting Degree Program Integrates Becker Exam Prep

Exam preparation is important, of course, but it needs to be built on a solid educational foundation. The Becker CPA Exam Prep will only be effective for students who have mastered all the main accounting concepts taught in an advanced degree program, such as Maryville University’s MS in Accounting. Maryville’s accounting program consists of a variety of courses that incorporate Becker preparation material.

Students will learn about core and advanced accounting concepts, such as generally accepted auditing standards (GAAS), generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), business structures as they relate to accounting, and pertinent accounting laws and regulations.

However, it’s important to note that the AICPA has recently announced some upcoming changes to the CPA Exam, referred to as the CPA Evolution initiative. The update will go into effect on Jan. 1, 2024, and consists of a variety of amendments to the exam’s infrastructure, delivery, content, and methods of assessment. The most noteworthy changes include the following:

  • The current CPA Exam requires four sections. The CPA Evolution CPA Exam will cover three core areas: Accounting, Auditing and Attestation, and Taxation, plus a discipline of the student’s choice.
  • CPA candidates will be able to choose between the following discipline areas: Information Systems and Controls (ISC), Business Analytics and Reporting (BAR), and Tax Compliance and Planning (TCP).
  • The current CPA Exam uses an adaptive model of multiple-choice testing. The new version will use a linear multiple-choice model.
  • The current CPA Exam features a written component. The CPA Evolution CPA Exam will not have one.

Considering these developments, it’s important for students to invest in a degree program that is future-focused and ready to adapt. In response, Maryville has redesigned its master’s in accounting program curriculum to ensure it aligns with the CPA Evolution initiative. Students will build their basic accounting competencies via the new accounting core coursework.

Maryville will continue to offer the following four Becker-informed courses through the Fall 2023 semester:

  • Advanced Auditing
  • Advanced Financial Accounting and Reporting
  • Advanced Accounting Regulation
  • Advanced Business Environment and Concepts

The above core courses will be replaced by the following classes beginning in Spring 2024 to align with the CPA Evolution changes:

  • Advanced Accounting, Not-For-Profit and Data Analytics
  • Advanced Audit and AIS
  • Advanced Tax Foundations

Along with one of the following discipline courses:

  • Advanced Business Analysis and Reporting
  • Advanced Information Systems and Controls
  • Advanced Tax Compliance and Planning

Additionally, students will be able to choose one of three new degree specializations to align with their discipline focus:

  • Business Analytics and Reporting
  • Information Systems and Controls (coming Spring 2023)
  • Tax Compliance and Planning (coming Fall 2023)

Students in the Master of Science in Accounting program will be able to apply with no GRE/GMAT requirement, enjoy the flexibility and convenience of taking courses in an online environment, and graduate in as little as 10 months.

An accounting degree graduate prepares for the CPA exam.

How Becker CPA Exam Prep Readies Students for Accounting Careers

Becker CPA Exam prep is pivotal to boosting the career prospects of accounting students who are thinking ahead to the future. Although the core principles of accounting remain the same, the accounting industry has seen drastic transformations thanks to the internet and other new technologies.

Big data is making accounting more transparent, and software platforms now have the ability to collect large datasets and analyze them in real time. This means people experienced in data analytics and the most current analytical tools are in high demand. Additionally, technology has enabled accountants to automate many of their processes, such as balancing books and tracking expenses. For today’s modern accountant, this means spending less time on manual tasks and more time on higher-level projects and strategies.

Software and technology are critical in processing data and generating reports, but human intelligence will remain an essential element to analyze the data and identify trends and opportunities. Becker CPA Exam prep courses help produce creative accountants who are capable of critical thinking and problem-solving. The future of accounting will rely on skilled accountants who know how to effectively use the latest tools and technology to their advantage.

Curriculum Designed for Accounting Success

For aspiring CPAs who want to enter the workforce as soon as possible, the CPA Exam is perhaps the largest barrier to tackle. As it’s been reported, roughly half of those who take the CPA exam fail. This means starting the process all over again, which effectively lengthens the timeline to finding gainful employment.

The best course of action is to do everything possible to pass the exam the first time. The combination of Becker CPA exam prep along with Maryville University’s recently updated online MS in Accounting degree program is a proven path to success.

Our accounting program is one of the first in the country to adapt its curriculum to the CPA Evolution initiative. That means students receive the type of accounting education the AICPA envisions for the next generation of certified public accountants.

Begin pursuing your professional goal of becoming a CPA with Maryville University. 

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