Problem Solving Games for Students

Problem-solving is an important skill to learn and work at. Every problem has a solution and there are skills you can practice in order to come to those solutions easily and quickly. Through critical thinking, logic, and consideration, you’ll be able to solve many problems every day. Use this collection of problem-solving links to help you practice your problem-solving skills specific to reading, math, puzzles, and more.

General Problem Solving

  • Knowledge Adventure – Pick an exciting game that builds science, math, or word skills for students in preschool through sixth grade.
  • Kaeru Jump – Can you make all the stones disappear by helping the frog hop on each one?
  • FunBrain Junior – Build your brainpower while you play Beach Ball Balance, Beaker Bonanza, Deep Letter Dive, and lots of other fun games.
  • Smarty Games – Choose from a variety of fun, educational games that challenge kids’ math, logic, and reading skills.
  • Brain Den – Kids can challenge themselves to solve logic riddles, matchstick puzzles, and more.
  • Topmarks Reading and Math Games – Kids ages 3-14 can choose from a variety of reading and math games that build their problem solving skills as they count sea creatures, spice up a scary story with adjectives, match animals to their sounds, and more.

Puzzles and Patterns

  • Pattern Quest – Are you ready for a challenge? Put on your thinking cap and find the secret car pattern, one tricky clue at a time!
  • Shape Sequences – Figure out which shape completes the pattern in this interactive, colorful game with fun sounds and animations.
  • Pattern Matcher – Look at the silly pictures to discover their repeating patterns!
  • Memorize Patterns – Memorize each pattern, but be quick! It’s your job to repeat it when it disappears.
  • Pattern Games – Kids can learn to recognize patterns as they play a number sequence game or help a dog cross the pattern bridge.

Math Problems and Games

  • Fast Math in Outer Space – You can solve math problems to shoot down enemy ships and win the space battle.
  • Math Playground – Choose your math skill level from first through sixth grade and then race your pony in the Division Derby, compete in the Math Millionaire game show, play with the animals of Fraction Forest, and more!
  • Math Zone – Want to learn about number lines with Cake Monster or win in MathCar Racing? Check out the Math Zone!
  • Interactive Math Games – Improve your math skills with Monkey Drive, practice multiplication in Fruit Splat, or try the Animal Rescue Number Line.
  • The Kidz Page – Try the Math Race or solve the Pirate Picture Math Puzzle!

Reading Games

  • Alphabetter – Can you match each letter to the word it begins in this colorful, animated game?
  • English Language Arts Games – Young readers with a range of ability levels can try the School Bus Spelling Game or play Sentence Spinner to add goofy adjectives to sentences.
  • Greek Word Roots – Play the It’s Greek to Me game to strengthen your knowledge of Greek word roots as you represent your country in the Olympic Games.
  • Starfall – Would you like to practice forming words and sentences while hearing them spoken aloud? Check out the cute, animated reading games at Starfall!
  • Teach Your Monster to Read – Kids preschool age and beyond will love this engaging series of games that build reading skills. Whether children are learning letters and sounds or reading sentences, Teach Your Monster to Read can help them grow and thrive.
  • ABC Countdown – Can you help the monkey practice his alphabet by picking coconuts in the right order?
  • Room Recess – Use context clues to help Sir Readalot make his way through the castle or practice letter sounds with fun, animated characters.

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