Careers in Communication: What Does a Media Strategist Do?Careers in Communication: What Does a Media Strategist Do?Careers in Communication: What Does a Media Strategist Do?

Building a successful advertising campaign takes careful planning and development. A campaign needs to not only reach the target demographic or desired customer base but also connect with its zeitgeist or defining spirit. Successfully doing so results in a strategy that engages new and current customers, which is why media strategists play such an important role. A highly skilled media strategist can help a business build effective ad strategies that grow its client base. So the question is “What does a media strategist do to help companies succeed?”

Two young professionals plan a media strategy.

The Role of a Media Strategist

A media strategist helps build ad campaigns designed to capture potential clients’ attention and keep existing customers’ loyalty. How a media strategist achieves this goal varies.

In the creation phase of an ad campaign, media strategists complete three essential tasks: figuring out the campaign’s target demographic, determining the best time to run the campaign, and deciding which medium to use. A media strategist takes deep analytical dives into data mined from surveys, television ratings, webpage visits, and other sources to finish these three tasks, building the desired customer profile. Once media strategists have built a customer profile, they design a budget-friendly ad campaign that engages targeted customers in a way that speaks to their attitudes, outlook, and interests.

Media strategists have more leeway in choosing the right medium to use thanks to the proliferation of the internet, digital media, and social media apps. They typically determine the impact a campaign’s online presence will have on its target audience, in addition to the influence of traditional media, such as TV, radio, or magazine ads. For that reason, media strategists must be aware of trends in traditional and social media, which can include keeping abreast of new apps and other forms of digital media innovation.

The Fundamental Skills of a Media Strategist

Creative ad campaigns stand out from the competition. Therefore, media strategists should have a creative mind, as well as many other skills.

For instance, media strategists need strong analytical skills that can help them properly determine the answers gleaned from gathered data. They must also be strong communicators to accurately convey the vision of an ad campaign to creative teams and executives, as well as to discuss budget concerns. Additionally, it’s vital for those in the role to apply strong critical thinking skills for efficient campaign development strategizing. It’s also crucial for media strategists to have a keen awareness of current events and trends that relate to a target audience’s interests.

A reputable university program can help aspiring media strategists develop the skills and competencies needed for success. Maryville University’s online Bachelor of Arts in Communication allows students to learn at their own pace while developing a comprehensive knowledge and skill set that can serve them well on the job.

The Media Strategist Salary

The median annual salary for what a media strategist does is approximately $52,800, according to November 2019 PayScale data. The precise figure may vary based on several factors, some of which are based on achievement, such as the level of education completed or years of experience in the position. Other factors involve metrics such as job location. For example, a media strategist working in an area with a higher cost of living will likely earn more than a media strategist working in an area with a lower cost of living.

A social media strategist is a specific type of media strategist. These professionals help build targeted ad campaigns and customer engagement strategies but focus only on social media. The median pay for social media strategists is around $51,900, according to November 2019 PayScale data.

A Terrific Career in Calculated Creativity

Successful media strategists do more than just create effective ad campaigns. They use analytics and media outlets to ensure their campaigns get in front of as many relevant people as possible. Succeeding in this endeavor can provide an individual with immense satisfaction, something that makes the position one of the most exciting jobs in marketing. Learn how Maryville University’s online Bachelor of Arts in Communication can help individuals develop the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in this vibrant profession.

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