Revive Janitorial

Commercial Janitorial and Cleaning Services

Maryville University is proud to support Revive Janitorial as part of our Digital Development Project. As a member of the St. Louis community ourselves, we’re here to contribute toward the growth and development of local businesses through online education and skills development. Because when services like Revive Janitorial thrive, we all benefit.

Revive Janitorial at a Glance

Business Type: Commercial janitorial and cleaning services

#DigitalDevProject Representative: DaYonne Reed, CEO

Neighborhood: St. Charles, MO

Mission: To provide consistent delivery of first-class customer service and safe, clean environments for customers

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Certified as an MWBE, DBE, and ACDBE business, Revive Janitorial focuses on quality services.

In addition to that, as an advocate in the St. Louis community, Revive Janitorial also partners with the affiliated non-profit organization Revive Outreach to conduct community service projects to prompt individuals to take greater responsibility for their local environment and engage volunteers, local businesses, and civic leaders.

Part of the work is to revitalize and restore one neighborhood at a time. We help put single families, veterans, and families coming out of distressed situations into homes. Relatedly, we have a work program that supports individuals with incarceration history the opportunity to learn hands-on skills and work at Revive Janitorial to help with living expenses.

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