Solving the Cyber Security Skills Gap

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Cyber criminals pose a risk to organizations large and small, local and across the globe. More and more, these organizations need qualified cyber security analysts and specialists with the skills and experience to mitigate this risk. As you take the first step toward helping meet this need by pursuing an online Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security, read more about what it will take to solve the gap:

About Cyber Crime

There are several different types of cyber crime. The motives behind them can be anything from money to hactivism or espionage. The most popular types of cyber crime include:

  • Phishing attacks
  • Malware
  • Ransomware
  • Encryption Blind Spots
  • Cloud Threats

Lack of cyber security system maintenance and employee training is often to blame for companies being attacked.

What Can Be Done

Those pursuing their cyber security degree online right now are going to enter a job market ripe with opportunity, as there is more demand than supply right now.

The Benefits of a Cyber Security Career

Cisco estimates that there are currently one million cyber security job openings worldwide. Demand is predicted to rise to six million, with Symantec predicting that, by 2019, the shortfall will be 1.5 million.

We’ll show you why this matters in the infographic below:

Solving the Cyber Security Skills Gap Infographic

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