Master's in Data Analytics

How Predictive Analytics in Healthcare Saves Lives

Wouldn’t it be great if your doctor could anticipate changes in your health before they happened? With predictive analytics, a doctor could look at your charts and anticipate if you would get the flu, develop psoriasis, or have a stroke. With that kind of information, you could mitigate threats to your health. The potential exists for doctors to test babies at birth, reading their genes to develop a picture of their health throughout their entire lives. Though some of the applications of data in healthcare haven’t come to fruition yet, many doctors and researchers are utilizing predictive analytics to improve […]

Future of Big Data in Business: How Data Analytics Provides Insight

Data collection worldwide is rising at an unprecedented rate. Alongside this massive growth is a need for talented professionals who can analyze the data and draw inferences from it. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), the collective sum of the world’s data could add up to 175 zettabytes by 2025. To put that in perspective, if you were to download all 175ZB using the largest hard drive available today, it would take 12.5 billion hard drives to complete the task. The future of big data points to more digital growth, and almost every industry depends on how information is […]

Smartphone Apps And Permissions: Big Data And Mobile Data

The endless stream of apps available on mobile marketplaces, whether for iPhones, Androids, or Windows phones, need user permission to access device capabilities or files. Usually, these permissions are pertinent to the app’s intended purpose, such as a map app needing access to GPS data. Sometimes, though, a flashlight app will require permission to access contact lists, cameras, or microphones. A Masters Degree in Business Data Analytics will prepare a student to use data mined from smartphones, web browsers, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and other connected devices, in a productive, insightful way while maintaining the privacy and security of […]

Data Anonymization: What It Is And What It Is Not

For data to be used effectively and shared between business entities, it must be stripped of all identifiable characteristics in a way that does not render it useless to analytics algorithms. The practice of data anonymization and de-identification walks a thin line between data that can be used for analysis and data that divulges too much personal information and violates privacy rights. Unfortunately, we have learned through experience that there is no such thing as “completely secure” when it comes to computers and the internet. Companies that take advantage of data analytics must continually refine and adapt data procedures for […]

Genome Analytics: The Battle Between Science and Privacy

The application of deep-learning data analytics to genomics (the study and mapping of gene sequences) can achieve amazing feats that were impossible just a few years ago. Genome analytics can allow doctors to spot life-threatening diseases long before they become a threat, farmers to engineer better crops, and nutritionists to fashion precise diets tailored to a person’s specific dietary needs. But there’s a rub — privacy rights. Healthcare, pharmaceutical, and agricultural industries now hire data analytics specialists to study massive amounts of genome data to derive insights that will revolutionize almost every aspect of research and development – all while […]

Social Data – Using Valuable Insights To Target Marketing Efforts

Social data is a broad term that covers the amassed sum total of all data generated through user interaction on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. The data generated has as many applications as social media users have interests, ranging from spending habits to cultural trends and political leanings. For the sake of brevity, the business implications of social data will be enough to tackle for now. A person would be hard pressed to find a marketing department in corporate America that does not employ an active social media team. Students and recent graduates with a masters in […]

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence: How They Work Together

The world was entrenched in big data before it even realized that big data existed. By the time the term was coined, big data had accumulated a massive amount of stored information that, if analyzed properly, could reveal valuable insights into the industry to which that particular data belonged. IT professionals and computer scientists quickly realized the job of sifting through all of that data, parsing it (converting it into a format more easily understood by a computer), and analyzing it to improve business decision-making processes was too much for human minds to tackle. Artificially intelligent algorithms would have to […]

Demand Is High For Data Analytics Grads

Corporate America is just beginning to realize the full potential of data analytics in day-to-day operations. At first, Big Data seemed to be applicable only to marketing departments and, to a lesser extent, product development. In 2017, data is fueling everything from artificial intelligence (AI) to human resources and recruitment, public utilities, healthcare, education, manufacturing, transportation, banking and finance, insurance, and cyber security. Students enrolled in a masters in business analytics or a masters in data analytics program can be very well positioned when they either enter the job market or apply for a higher position at their current place […]

Online Master’s in Data Analytics Program: What To Expect

The business world needs data analytics experts to help keep up with the exponential growth of Big Data. Today, predictive analysis and data modeling are desperately needed in departments ranging from marketing to business intelligence, product design, inventory control, and customer service if a business wishes to remain competitive. Obtaining a masters in business analytics, masters in data analytics or a masters in business data analytics can help prepare students to enter the workforce in the versatile capacity of data specialists, ready to derive compelling business intelligence from previously unsifted data. Because many grad school applicants may already be employed full-time, […]